Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy November - A Month Of Beauty Workshops And Shopping Marathon

In a few minutes, it will be December and I would like to round up the busy month of November with a short summary of why November has been such a busy month for me!

Let's see.....starting from the eve of November, that was on Halloween, I had been attending workshop(s) every weekend, be it makeup and/or skincare workshops.

So here's a list of the workshops which I have attended but the lazy me, had yet to blog about them:

1) HELLO Magazine-Good Skin Labs Workshop;
2) Malaysian Women's Weekly-Clinique Workshop;
3) Cleo-MAC Colorview Workshop;
4) Estee Lauder The Ultimate Party Makeover Workshop (which included a section on Party
Etiquette by Wendy Lee, an internationally trained and qualified image consultant in Malaysia);
5) REN Skincare Workshop;
6) Laneige Power of 4 Workshop; and
7) Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Workshop (this one was a private workshop).

Huh!!! That was quite a record-breaking feat for me, as I have never attended so many workshops in a month.

And I still have workshops from the Summer months which I haven't even blogged about. Yea, I am lazy....that's 1 reason. But for me, to blog about a workshop is not merely posting photos taken during the workshops and some short bla-bla-bla. The perfectionist in me with a bit of OCD always want to write about these things in details and especially to make sure that whatever I learned from these workshops, I can also incorporate into my blog posts for the benefits of my dear readers. For me, reporting/reviewing these workshops is not only to share with my readers, but also a way for me to express my appreciation for the organizers and brands(companies) which have made the effort to organize such events. Hence, it's not fair to just write for the sake of writing and come up with some mediocre post(s) on any workshop. So, please bear with me if I am taking a long time to blog about the workshops which I have attended.

Then....let's go on to shopping.............Definitely, did quite a lot of retail therapy for the past month, what with the Christmas/Holiday Collections of many brands are already out. Some have been posted up. As for the retail therapies, I will do photo posts on them with captions for each photo and may be short reviews on certain items. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

OK, enough said....I am going back to editing the many photos of the workshops and of my retail therapies......

Stay tuned!

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