Friday, November 27, 2009

Quick Update: Tsuya-Tsuya At Beauty & Spa Show '09

I was at the Tsuya-Tsuya booth at Beauty & Spa Show '09 this afternoon.

Just wanna update on the prices of the 2 Tsuya-Tsuya products which I have reviewed recently.

Angel Eyes Pack (White fiber + Black fiber + Long lasting mascara) plus some additional free gifts....NOW at the Expo is only RM180 (Usual price: RM217)

Gel Eyeliner Pack (Gel eyeliner + Eyeliner brush).....NOW at the Expo is only RM49 (Usual price: RM79)
Colors available: I saw Cedar Brown and Tanzanite Purple there. Tanzanite Purple is a dark purple shade with black undertone......could be your new black!!

Do check out their booth at the Beauty & Spa Show at Midvalley Exhibition Hall! The Expo is on till 29th November 2009 (this Sunday)!


Anonymous said...

wah.....tmrw go.......or sunday lei.........kekekkee.....tq tq very very much for telling me ....luvvvv u.....muackssss....
u got buy anything or not?? show haul pic kekkeke
tutu J

With Love, Elle said...

any review on this? is the mascara good? there is a booth here at plaza damas sri hartamas! >.< genuine?

xoxo elle

Vonvon said...

Hi tutu,

No problem. You are welcome. I remember in your comment saying you were interested in the gel eyeliners, and now they are having some just thought wanna share with you and others who may be interested.

I didn't buy anything today yet.

Vonvon said...

Hi Elle,

Click on the hyperlink "Angel Eyes" in the post, which will bring you to the review I made on the mascara a few days ago.

Sorry, I can't say about the booth you are talking about as I haven't seen it myself.

But do check out their booth at the Expo in Midvalley. They have lots of nice stuff there, including BB Cream (buy 2 and get a free brush), masks, stuffs for nails, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

tengkiu tengkiu.....

tutu j

Zoe said... fast~~really quick update^^geng ar!!

Pigita said...

I liked their nail buffer : 2 for RM10.

But i already have nail buffers otherwise i would have bought, good price.

Vonvon said...

Hi Pigita,

Actually, they have lots of nice stuff there, and so many things I want also...but in just this week, I bought too many stuff already.

Vonvon said...


You are welcome.

Vonvon said...

Hi Zoe,

Thanks. Just wanna share good stuff with you and my dear readers. :)