Monday, November 23, 2009

Reviews: Tsuya-Tsuya Long Lasting Mascara And Angel Eyes

I have received from Tsuya-Tsuya the following items for review purposes:

-Tsuya-Tsuya Long Lasting Mascara
-Angel Eyes Volume (black fiber)
-Angel Eyes Length (white fiber)

The 3 items received from Tsuya-Tsuya for review purpose

Angel Eyes treatment set

Angel Eyes for Volume
(Black fiber)
It comes with a little brush to brush off excessive fibers around the eye area and cheeks.

Angel Eyes for Length
(White Fiber)

The instruction on the Angel Eyes Volume and Angel Eyes Length are the same, but I have taken the photo of the instruction from the Angel Eyes Length box as it's white background.

Precaution on using the product, and its ingredient list

Tsuya-Tsuya Long Lasting Mascara

So I have decided to review this in a step-by-step guide (with photos on each step) on how to use these 3 products together based on the instruction provided.

Firstly, let me show you how long (or rather, short) my eyelashes are......

My short eyelashes - approximately 4mm long only

I applied the mascara on my eyelashes.


I applied Black Fiber (Angel Eyes Volume) on the inner eyelashes, that is nearer to the roots for more volume.

While applying the Black Fiber, I experienced some fallout around my eyes and cheeks.
Note some of the Black Fibers on my cheeks in the lateral view photo.

I applied another coat of mascara again to hold the Black Fiber in place.

I applied White Fiber on the tips of my eyelashes for more length.

I applied only to the tips of my lashes, but somehow the fibers have some affinity for one another and start to stick to the areas near the roots.

I finished off with another coat of mascara.

After applying another coat of mascara, I swept off the excess fallout of fiber with the little brush provided.

My lashes were lengthened by approximately 3 times, from the original of ~4mm to the final result ~12mm.
That was just 1 time following STEPS 1-5.

I decided to test how long can my eyelashes 'grow' by repeating STEPS 1-5 another 2 times.
And the result.......

After repeating STEPS 1-5 2 more times, my lashes lengthened to ~15mm.

Despite its long lasting and waterproof properties, the fibers were easy to remove with an eye makeup remover for waterproof eye makeup and so was the mascara. All I needed to do was saturate a cotton pad with the eye makeup remover and then gently rubbed onto my lashes in a downward stroke following the length of my lashes. The fibers were the first to come off, followed by the mascara.

Some things to consider prior to and while using this set of products.......

-This is definitely a very long lasting and waterproof mascara! I wore it for the whole day, was out in our humid tropical weather, walked in some slight drizzle without an umbrella, and yet at the end of the day, there is NO PANDA EYES! No smudging at all!!

-Due to some fallout of the fibers no matter how careful one can be, it is advisable to start putting on your makeup from the eyes first. I don't see the reason to start off with foundation and powder first, because you will have to clean up some of the fibers on your face after application and then touch-up your foundation and powder again.

-As I am wearing glasses, the extended lashes tend to touch the lenses of my spectacles and transfer some fibers onto them. So you might want to consider how long would you like to extend your lashes if you are planning to put on your glasses after.

-I do wear contact lenses for certain occasions, but I haven't tested this while wearing my contact lenses. However, 1 thing to note is that some of the fibers might go into your eyes. It's claimed to be safe, but if you are used to wearing contact lenses, you would understand how it feels like when there is even a speck of dust fell on your contact lens. Hence, I would advise contact lens wearer using this to be extra careful while using the fibers to prevent fibers from getting into your eyes. Just as a precautionary measure.

Angel Eye Set: White Fiber + Black Fiber + Mascara - NP: RM217

For more information, visit Tsuya-Tsuya website.


Sherry said...

I am thinking if put mascara first or last, as if put eye shadow worry fall on the lashes.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Good question. But it's quite a tricky situation.

I tried this on without any eye makeup. In my personal opinion, I think I would prefer to put on eyeshadows 1st before putting on the mascara and fibers. The logic is even if the mascara and/or fibers do get on your eyeshadows, it's not really too difficult to clear it off with a cotton bud/Q-tip, and then do some touch-up.

I will try them with eye makeup soon and make an update.

Have a good day.

Pigita said...


I see a difference even with the black fibre + mascara alone.

Step 4 with the white fibre looks a bit scary - i would be worried about the fibres getting into my eye. It looks like the white fibre scatters everywhere, more than the black fibre - does it?

good tip about doing the eye makeup first too.

Vonvon said...

Hi Pigita,

Yea, I find that the white fibers are probably lighter compared to the black fiber, hence its ability to scatter more and clump together. I was worried at first, but just need to be extra careful, and be prepared with lots of cotton buds to dab off fibers that get into the eyes.

Actually, the mascara alone already shows some result, and the best thing is it doesn't smudge at all! Not on me, at least.