Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review & EOTD: Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette #408 Green Design

I have read and heard raves on Dior cosmetics and its superb quality, texture and colors. But personally, my experiences with Dior cosmetics have been limited to testing and swatching them at the counters and during makeovers whereby I was made up by Dior makeup artists.

Recently I received the Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette #408 Green Design for review purpose. There are 5 palettes in total from this collection, which was already launched early this year. Though I just received it recently, I'm happy to review it! And I had read that #408 Green Design is Asia Exclusive(?). At the Dior counters here, I saw 4 palettes - #208 Navy Design (dark blue/navy colors), #508 Nude Pink Design, #708 Amber Design and of course, the Green Design #408. On Dior website, there is another palette #008 Smoky Design.

From Dior website:
Dior has created 5 COULEURS DESIGNER, an ultra-professional and totally new version of the mythic 5 COULEURS palette. Five different textures have been brought together in a single case to create eyeshadow styles through layering.

1-BASE light, 2-COLOR iridescent, 3-SHADE satinity, 4-SHINE pearlescent, 5-LINER mat represent the 5 essential steps used by professional makeup artists to draw attention to the eyes and create ultra-graphic eye makeup looks.

Dior innovation: Pigments are blended into a liquid phase rich in emollient compounds. As a result, the powders are extraordinary soft, transparently drap the skin, perfectly bind and allow every layering.

Light yet intense, the four 5-shade palettes created by Tyen are truly sublime. Resolutely Couture, these four new harmonies have been designed to resemble the palettes of professional makeup artists: based on a central color, each palette lets you create customized makeup looks with absolute precision.

Review of the
Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette #408 Green Design

The palette has 5 different shades of green, ranging from the lightest as a base, a similar shade but in glitter form as a highlighter to a dark green shadow color to the darkest shade with creamy texture which is the liner. It comes with 2 brushes - a dual-ended sponge applicator and another with a sponge tip on one end and a hard-angled slant brush on the other end which is for the application of the liner. The dark blue casing of the palette has the word 'Dior' etched in the middle in silver, and is housed in a black velvet pouch.

On the back of the box was printed a label of the shades and also a simple guide on how to apply the colors.

Swatches of the
Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette #408 Green Design

1 - It's the base color(light) and I had to swipe 3 times before getting the color on my finger for the swatch. It is smooth and soft to touch. The color is slightly creamy white with some shimmer.

2 - It's the main color(iridescent) which is a light teal shade. This shade is quite pigmented and swatched easily. It has quite good color pay-off. This is my favorite shade of the lot. :)

3 - It's the shadow color(satinity) which is a dark forest green with metallic finish. It is also pigmented as you can see from the swatch. I had just swiped my finger over the color once and swatched it on my arm.

4 - It's the shine color(pearlescent). It's quite similar to the base color (1) but this has more glitter in it. Nevertheless, the 'glitter' did not give any fall out. In fact, the 1st 3 colors, though in powder form, had almost nil fall out. It feels smooth to the touch and has none of those coarse gritty feel usually associated with glitters. And I got complimented on this color which I applied on my upper outer eyelids (based on the guide).

5 - Liner(matte). A very dark green shade with a smooth creamy texture. Though initially I had trouble using the hard-angled slant brush provided to apply the liner, on 2nd try, I managed to draw a smooth line on my upper lash line and lower lash line as well.

Eye Of The Day

I used the Green Design palette with Diorshow Iconic Mascara for the EOTD.

I decided to do an EOTD based on the guide, but using different tools. On my right eye, I applied the colors using the sponge applicators that came with the palette. The sponge applicators provided were indeed very small that even my small fingers had problem handling them and I did notice some difficulties in depositing the colors on my lids (I didn't have good control of the small handle and couldn't apply the colors properly). Nevertheless, I did it. Though you will see the difference later with my left eye.

On my right eye, based on the guide, using the applicators which came with the palette.

While on my left eye, I used my own makeup brushes but still following the same guide. These are my normal makeup brushes which I use every time when I apply my eyeshadows. With the brushes, I felt that I had better control of the amount of colors I wanted to apply on my lids and I could do a better job with layering the colors to get higher intensity and also with blending.

On my left eye, also based on the guide, but using my own makeup brushes.

Eye Of The Day
Note the difference in the color intensity and distribution of colors on my lids.
On my right upper lash line, the liner smudged a little due to my 1st time clumsiness ;P
On my left upper lash line, I managed to draw a smooth line across! Yay!
On the lashes of both eyes, I used Diorshow Iconic Mascara and note the slightly longer and more volume lashes. And the mascara is waterproof and smudge-proof. Tried and tested as I was out in the sweltering heat in the afternoon, went with Hubby to his car workshop, then was caught in some slight drizzle at dinner time, and came home with my eye makeup almost intact!
Only the liner on my lower lash line smudged a little, but not enough to give me the panda eyes.
Oh yea, and I didn't use an eye base before applying the colors.

This is my 1st time, hands-on using a Dior product on my own, without any help or guide from Dior MA, and I'd say with just the illustration guide, I managed to create a look which I am quite satisfied with. And most importantly the quality of the shadows, its texture and finish, are superb. I dare to say, from my experiences of using eyeshadows from many different brands, the moment I laid my hands on Dior's, it's a totally different kind of feeling. I can't quite describe it in words, but the textures of the different shadows are definitely one-of-its-kind and now, I can justify and understand the high price tag of Dior's cosmetics.

This palette weighs 4.4g and retails for RM194 at all Dior counters and they are still available the last time I checked at my regular Dior counter.

I am looking forward to trying out more of Dior in the coming new year, and I have seen photos of the Spring 2010 collection in the blogosphere and am drooling over them, especially the Poudrier Dentelle and the 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow palette....... May I say it's the pretty dainty patterns on them that's really calling out to meeeeee............


lavender said...

thanks for the review. Good blending! Have u tried Laniege? Some blogger said the color is lasting and very intense but i never tried before.

Vonvon said...

Hi Lavender,

You are welcome. Glad you like this review. I have a whole load of Laneige but haven't the time to try them out. May be after new year....:)

Have a Happy New Year!

gio said...

I love greens and the palette looks so pretty! I like the look you did with it too.

Vonvon said...

Hi gio,

Think green is going to be my new fav from now. Glad you like the look, was following the guide. Will try out other ways of using the colors. :)

Hope you'll have a Happy New Year! xo

Sherry said...

very nice :) hehe.. I blend eyeshadow of other brand and I look horrible.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Thank you. You just need to practise and I notice using the correct tools also helps a lot. I suppose the blending ability of different eyeshadows varies from brand to brand too.