Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Review: Laneige Makeup Mist Bergamot - By The Intrepid Beauty

As I have mentioned earlier, I have been receiving quite a number of guest posts from my guest writers. Have you all enjoyed reading Part 1 on the Laneige Power Of 4 Workshop? Part 2 will be coming soon. But this afternoon, I have a workshop to attend. So I'll 'feed' you, Laneige fans out there, with a review on Laneige Makeup Mist Bergamot by The Intrepid Beauty.


The Laneige Makeup Mist comes in 3 variations, i.e. Bergamot (fresh and uplifting), Rose (warm & sweet) and Orchid (clean & pure). The one I have is Bergamot which comes in a 80ml slim bottle, small enough to be tucked away in most handbags save for clutches designed only to contain a lipstick and a small coin pouch, I suppose. The Makeup Mist is the equivalent of MAC's Charged Water or the thermal spa water sprays from Vichy, Avene, Evian and the like.

The colour of my Bergamot Makeup Mist is a pale yellow-orange. Although I was vaguely aware that bergamot is a fruit, I must admit I had no idea exactly what it was until I searched Wikipedia for more information. According to Wikipedia, bergamot is "the size of an orange, with a yellow colour similar to a lemon, and has a pleasant fragrance". The product description on the back of the bottle states that it contains "Himalayan glacial water that penetrates deeply into skin, giving moist and fresh skin". I like the fact that Laneige products are generally affordable and deliver on their promise. I have acquired quite a number of Laneige products this year but I digress.

Coming back to the Makeup Mist, I like the citrus scent which is relaxing. I use it in the mornings before applying makeup so that my foundation glides on better and I do spray it once or twice over my makeup in the afternoon especially if it is a very hot and humid day. I feel that my face is instantly hydrated and moisturised. Makeup stays intact even after the makeup mist has been sprayed. It's a good size as 80ml is neither too big nor too small. I have a 50g bottle of Vichy Thermal Spa Water but I find that it's rather too small and although I've only been using it for a fortnight, it feels about half empty. What I like most about the Laneige Makeup Mist is that you can actually see how much of the product is left unlike the thermal spa water sprays from the various brands mentioned above.

Some may consider the Laneige Makeup Mist a tad pricey at RM55 but sometimes you can be lucky enough (as I was) to bag this product along with several freebies. I purchased the same set as shown in Vonvon's "Laneige X'mas Set Hauls" on 21st November. Getting this product along with a mini mascara, mini lip gloss, 10ml multi shimmering cream and 10ml UV base, all encased within a red vinyl case with cute illustrations of cosmetics.......now, which girl can resist? I really have to hand it to Laneige for coming up with incredible value-for-money
cosmetics/skincare X'mas sets annually. You always feel that you are getting a heck of a lot more than what came out of your wallet.

The Intrepid Beauty


ms.iu said...

the bottle and purpose..i think, is quite the same with Shu eumura deepsea water....;)

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Hi Joan,

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