Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review: REN Multi-Mineral Pore Minimising Detox Mask - By The Intrepid Beauty

I have been receiving many posts from my guest writers lately, and they are waiting-in-line to be published.

So, The Intrepid Beauty will review REN Multi-Mineral Pore Minimising Detox Mask this week.


Product Description: A deep cleansing and purifying clay mask formulated with French Clay to draw out impurities, remove excess sebum and eliminate dead skin cells. It also contains Spirulina, a tropical seaweed rich in essential fatty acids that helps to encourage cell renewal. It will reduce pore size and leave the skin smooth, toned and decongested.

Firstly, forget the fact that most of REN's products have lengthy names. One thing is loud and clear after weeks of using some of REN's signature skincare products: they WORK. I have never tried such a complete range of skincare that produced such good results for each and every product and that's saying a lot as I have tried a lot of skincare to date. So it should come as no surprise that the latest REN product that I've tried only recently also has my seal of approval. I have to admit that I got a sample of this detox mask months ago and never got around to trying it for 2 reasons, the first being it was on the waiting list of products to be used (that should give you an idea of how many products are in storage) and the second being that its instructions involved having to rub it off with the fingers once dried before washing off the remnants (I dislike having to clean ensure my sinkhole is not clogged).

This detox mask is essentially a clay mask, something which I rarely use as I was always under the impression that clay masks are more appropriate for oily skins, ergo not for me. However, this mask has proven me wrong. It's a rather creamy light green (no doubt the colour of Spirulina) mask which is easy to spread on the face. I thought it'd take at least 10 minutes for the mask to dry but within 5 minutes, the mask was dry enough to be rubbed off. As per the instructions, I washed off the remainder with warm water and voila! A fresh visage was revealed, it was quite remarkable as skin felt smoother and softer due to a drastic reduction in pore size. I don't have large pores to begin with but I did have noticeable pores before applying the mask. If you want smaller pores, I kid you not, this stuff works and it's faster, cheaper and more effective than Estee Lauder's Idealist.

As the mask contains Spirulina rich in essential fatty acids, this mask did not dry out my skin unlike some other clay masks used in the past (another reason I refrained from using this clay mask when I first got it). Moreover, it was easy to rub off and hardly as messy or troublesome as I thought. This is most definitely the best clay mask I've ever used and I'd recommend it to anyone who has pore problems or who just wants to maintain decongested skin as I noted less blackheads on my nose after just one usage. This product does everything it claimed to do.

At RM130 for 50ml, I'd say it's great value for money too. For the first application, I used less than half of the 5ml sample I was given so do the's worth it!

The Intrepid Beauty


Jean said...

Is it possible to get the sample at the counter? Would love to try this out!!

Vonvon said...

Hi Jean,

You could try, but it all depend on which SA you meet....

Anonymous said...

hi, where can i get this product?

Vonvon said...

Hi Anon,

You can get this product in REN Skincare counters in Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Escentials@Tangs Pavilion and Metro Midvalley.

Anonymous said...

VonVon.... how to use this mask? Apply.. then after 5-10 minutes when it dries... wash it off immediately or rubbed 1st... then only wash the remainder????? Thanks...

Vonvon said...

Hi Anon,

Apply the mask, wait for it to 'dry' for about 5-10 minutes, don't wash it off right away. Rub it off, then rinse off the remainder. You are right. Be warned of the mess when you rub it off. :)