Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tell Us What Kind Of Beauty Workshops Would You Like To Attend In 2010!

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With Christmas over and as the year draws to a close, as the topic of the final post of the year, I have been requested to gauge our readers’ views about beauty(makeup and skincare) workshops organised by the leading beauty brands here in Malaysia.

In the past few months there has been a flurry of workshops being conducted by the leading beauty brands in Kuala Lumpur. The Klang Valley literally seems to be the epicentre of these workshops! Especially since the last quarter of this year, one workshop was lined up after another every few days in Kuala Lumpur! However, up north where I am based, it was the exact opposite. There was a dearth of workshops! This year, the recent workshops in the northern region which come to mind are the ones organised in Penang by MAC and Dior. In July this year, I had the opportunity to attend the MAC workshop which was held at the G Hotel in Penang, where I managed to pick up some very useful new makeup tips and skills. The MAC workshop was conducted by their internationally renowned makeup artist, Yokoe Chan and was very well organised indeed. In general, throughout this year in the northern region, there was a lot of the usual makeover-cum-photography sessions organised by the various major brands, but makeup or skincare workshops were very few and far between.

I did some research into makeup workshops and on Bobbi Brown’s website, I discovered that in the USA such workshops are held several times a year. Every season there are several workshops organised by the Bobbi Brown brand in different US towns and cities. I notice from their Fall Schedule that they cover diverse topics such as, Beauty Basics, Everything About Eyes, 40+ Beauty and Professional Beauty. These workshops last about 4 hours long on average and the classes are limited to 15 students per session. They are held at the local Bobbi Brown Studio and the cost is USD200.00. The cost includes the makeup and supplies required for the class. As you can see from the topics, the workshops cover various levels of knowledge, from novices to aspiring makeup artists and they are taught by top Bobbi Brown makeup artists. Each makeup workshop includes a makeup lesson, a Q & A session and a hands-on make-up application session. Wow, how I wish Bobbi Brown Malaysia would organise similar workshops here!!

Tell us here...........(in your comments below)

Would readers want to have more workshops organised in your area? We would love to hear from you, wherever you may be.

By which brands?

How much would readers be prepared to pay to attend these workshops?

Should the attendance tickets or vouchers be made fully redeemable or partially?

Where should the workshops be held? In the leading hotels or at the retailers’ office premises?

What topics ought to be covered in these workshops, e.g. do you prefer to learn more about skincare or makeup tips?

Would you expect door gifts as part of the workshop? If redemption of products was possible, would you rather purchase at the workshop or at the counters?

For those readers who have attended such workshops before, what was your experience? Was it good or bad? Was your experience mainly positive or negative? Did you find them useful at all? What did you learn from the workshops? Would you attend another workshop organised by the same brand? Would you mind paying more for the workshop if the person presenting the workshop was a makeup artist from abroad?

Do let us know your opinion and we shall gather all your feedback together and let the Powers that Be know, and maybe your special wish just might be granted next year!

Meanwhile, have a Very Happy, Beautiful & Bountiful New Year from all of us at Vonvon's Interests !

The Beauty Apprentice

-Edited by The Intrepid Beauty


Jean said...

Hmm.. of course, more workshop is good!

I don't care what brand, as long as I can learn new stuff from the brand!

About the price, if it's free then best..else, I will pay if I think it worth..Price below RM100 is acceptable for me.

For location, hotels are great but that also mean we might need to pay more for it. If the brand has their own place for workshop, why not? Anyway, I don't like it to be held in open area (ppl walking around can see what u doing)..

YES! I expect door gift!!
As for price redemption voucher, I like it to be at any counter of the brand within few days, not on the spot at the workshop because I need time to make decision!!

With Love, Elle said...

more makeup workshops (especially in sri hartamas please~) not a fan of skincare workshop, because then i cant wear makeup to these workshops coz i got to try the skincare rite? so, i luv makeup workshops better coz i can play wif colours!
happy new year! xoxo elle

Anonymous said...

Would like to attend a workshop for ladies over 50-makeover that makes us 10 years younger! Approaching the big Five O myself in 2010. Would like door gifts and the voucher fully redeemable. Attend at malls/hotels if possible.

The Intrepid Beauty said...


That's actually a good suggestion. It'd be good if there were more skincare cum makeup workshops targeted at ladies over 50 as they'd have different concerns from women in their 20s or 30s. I have an aunt in her 70s and I know she'd be more comfortable attending a workshop where the ladies are over 50. Although she doesn't use makeup, she's quite keen on skincare.

Thanks for an excellent suggestion.

lavender said...

make over workshop by senior makeup artist from trusted brands. Must have hands on for participants to try. Artists must correct us on the spot.

Free is of course the best. Else below RM100 fully redeemable for product at any counter within 1 week is best. Door gift will be a plus point. Location : PJ area is best

Location : training room / class room style

Anonymous said...

I am willing to pay for the workshop below RM100 and plus fully redeemable for the products. I prefer skincare workshop cuz i seldom wear makeup. For location i prefer PJ or Old Klang road. And of course door gift.

Anonymous said...

For ladies over 50, our concerns are very different from younger ladies. We need makeup, but the normal young makeup just won't cut it anymore. Our skincare needs are also very different. In all my years attending skincare/makeup workshops, the model is always a very young girl with porcelain skin, not a real life person in the correct targeted age group. It would be nice to attend a Fabulous Fifties workshop for a change. I would love to contribute more ideas and attend one if possible.


Anonymous said...

I am a laneige cosmetic freak... I just found out about this blog.. So will there be another workshop from laneige this year probably around may or june this year... I am really hoping there's another workshop from laneige and i am willing to fly from brunei to Kl..

Vonvon said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

You are really really into Laneige, I can see.

I am not too sure if there is any Laneige workshop this year. How about email-ing me your email, and if I get any news of a Laneige workshop, I'll email you 1st thing to inform about it.

My email: vonbeautyexpress at gmail dot com