Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vonvon's Interests "Nature In A Box" Christmas Giveaway

'Tis the season to be jolly..........


It's been a while since Vonvon last organised a Giveaway. And now that Christmas is just weeks away, Nature In A Box which carries the Australian organic skincare brand, Botani, in Malaysia, has generously sponsored 3 prizes for Vonvon's Interests Christmas Giveaway.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF SOME AMENDMENTS MADE TO THE RULE. No worries, just to make it more attractive! :)

The GRAND PRIZE will be Nature In A Box Botani For Her package (see photo below) which consists of Botani Olive Hand Cream (full-sized, 100g), Botani Olive Cleansing Bar (125g), Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm (7ml), and the Botani Olive Repair Cream has been replaced by Soothing Facial Mist (deluxe-sized, 15ml) as this would be more suitable for everybody compared to the Olive Repair Cream which is more suited for mature skin. In addition to the products mentioned, this gift package also comes with a pink cosmetic bag and a charming bracelet!! And the whole gift set is worth more than RM180!!!!!

The Grand Prize
Vonvon's Interests Christmas Giveaway!

For the 1st and 2nd runners-up, the gifts would be a 20% discount voucher each to purchase a product of your choice from Nature In A Box website. Please take note, and choose your product of choice wisely.

So, my dear readers, aren't you all lemming for the For Her package now? Would you like to have this gift set appear under your tree on Christmas morning or may be even appear in your dreams tonight?? For me, a big YES!!!! I am so lemming for this set, especially the pink cosmetic pouch and the bracelet.....you know, I am such a sucker for cutie pouches (*hint hint)....

OK, let's start the Giveaway now........

How to enter Vonvon's Interests "Nature In A Box" Christmas Giveaway?

This Giveaway is open to FOLLOWERS of Vonvon's Interests with a valid Malaysian mailing address only.

You MUST be a FOLLOWER of Vonvon's Interests! If you haven't, then what are you waiting for?

And I have decided to make this Giveaway simple and straightforward...no need photos, no need to do lots of work!

"If you can give your skin a Christmas present, which Botani product - a single product, not sets/packages, (or any single product sold in Nature In A Box website) would you choose for your skin? And why?"

Just visit Nature In A Box website (Click here: http://www.natureinabox.com.my), choose a product that you would like to give your skin as a Christmas present, copy and paste the link to the product in the comment section below. And give a reason why would you want to present the gift you have selected to your skin!

Remember to include your Follower ID and a valid email address.

Yep, just 4 simple steps!
1)Click on the link above to take you to Nature In A Box website.
2)Choose a gift for your skin.
3)Copy and paste the link of the product in your comment below.
4)Tell us why you want to present your skin with such a wonderful gift!

Example of an entry:

Follower ID: Vonvon (from Selangor)
Email: vonbeautyexpress(at)gmail(dot)com

I want to give my skin Botani Boost Balancing moisturiser as a Christmas present because this is a all-in-one product, hydrating my skin at the same time, giving me the radiance and most important, IT'S ORGANIC!!!! (OK, I am not too imaginative a person)

http://www.natureinabox.com.my/index.php? main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=215&zenid=d5fefa02a6630c5b505f9322bc6543b9

Example of your 2nd blog entry: (applies to those who have blogged about this Giveaway in their blogs)

Follower ID: (must be the same as the 1st entry)
Email: (must be the same as the 1st entry)

Blog Entry: (paste the link to your blog post on the Giveaway here)

Your product of choice and why?
(Copy and paste the link to the product)


No cheating!! I will open up every single link you put here to check if it does correspond to the product you have chosen! ;)

Some rules of this Giveaway(I know it's kinda boring, but rules are rules):
1. This Giveaway is open to all FOLLOWERS of Vonvon's Interests with a valid Malaysian mailing address. Sorry, my international readers.

2. The closing date for this contest is 20th DECEMBER 2009 (Sunday), 11:59PM (Malaysian Time, GMT +8). After that, I will close comments.
IMPORTANT: Since Nature In A Box is the sponsor of this Giveaway, I will send all your entries to them to choose the 3 lucky winners! Yes, winners will be chosen by Nature In A Box themselves! And the result is FINAL!

3. Incomplete entries will be disqualified and I will delete your comment.

4. 1 reader/follower is only entitled to 1 entry.
However, if you have a blog, you will get another entry by blogging about this Giveaway, and a linkback to this post. Submit another comment by posting the link to your blog post about this Giveaway. This will be your blog entry (2nd entry).
If you win via your blog entry, the prize will still be the same as your chosen primary entry(the entry which you first submitted with the product you have chosen for your skin). So, please choose wisely!
AMENDED! For your 2nd blog entry: Nature In A Box has decided to give those who have blogged about the Christmas Giveaway in their blogs another chance to choose an additional product for their blog entry. Hence for those who have blogged about this Giveaway, please submit another comment with your 2nd product of choice.

Example of your 2nd blog entry:

Follower ID:

Blog Entry: (paste the link to your blog post on the Giveaway here)

Your product of choice and why?
(Copy and paste the link to the product)
However, 1 person is only entitled to win 1 prize.

5. I will announce the 3 lucky winners by the latest, the next day (21st DECEMBER 2009) after the Giveaway closes, when I receive the results from Nature In A Box. And the winners will have 48 hours upon receiving my email informing you of the win to respond failing which the prize will go to the next winner. The earlier you reply to my notification email, the faster I could submit your details to Nature In A Box who will be responsible for sending out your prizes.

6. Prizes will be posted to the winners by Nature In A Box.

my dear readers!!

**1st posted December 09, 2009, 7AM


With Love, Elle said...

Follower ID: With Love, Elle (from Sri Hartamas)
Email: beautiful1(at)popstar(dot)com

this botanic repair cream will definitely help my scars (chicken pox at the age 18 >.<)! i wanna smooth face for xmas!


good luck everyone! xoxo elle

Sherry said...

Follower ID: Sherry (from Selangor)
Email: sherrygo(at)hotmail(dot)com

I have got combination skin, I choose to try out the Botani Purify Facial Cleanser. I like to give a try on this because it is beneficial for blemished skin. The benefit of balances the excess oil is what I want too. Best of all it is ORGANIC, which I not tried any before!


Sherry said...
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YJia said...

Follower ID : YJia
Email : danny_light2003@yahoo.com

The christmas gift that I want for my skin is the Botani soothing facial Mist ^^

Here's the link :

Because my skin is very dehydrated one , last time i check my skin with the salon's machine , the hydration in my skin is oni 22% ~~~wuwuwu....

My skin always looks like very oily coz according to my consultant...my skin is too dry until the oil is come out and protect my skin...but the oily one i think has caused to my acne problem too :(

Now I am using hydration cleansing milk , toner , serum and moisturiser too ^^
So i think I still lack of a mist that can use to hydrate my skin all the time ^^
Ya and my skin is sensitive type too . So i always hv a natural blush on my face ...hahaha...
I saw from the product description that the mist can suits for the ultra sensitive skin ^^ so I think it is really very suitable for me lak ^^

mini_ace said...

vonvon, i have seen this product before at the drug store. dont know it is good ,hehe. wish i can enter this competition too.

恶魔的婷婷 AKA WendyPua said...

Follower ID: Wendypua (from KL)
Email: wendypua(at)gmail(dot)com

I want to give my skin Botani Boost Balancing moisturiser as a Christmas present because it provides a healthy glow, without having a dull face from time to time

http://www.natureinabox.com.my/index.php? main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=215&zenid=d5fefa02a6630c5b505f9322bc6543b9

恶魔的婷婷 AKA WendyPua said...
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With Love, Elle said...
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Lavender said...

Follower ID: Pauline Tan (from PJ)
email: paulinecltan(at)gmail(dot)com

I want to pamper my face with the Botani Boost Balancing Moisturiser this Christmas to reduce the shine on my oily face and give it a radiant look minus the shine.


chelle said...

Follower ID: Michelle (from Selangor)
Email: chelly.mitchelle(at)gmail(dot)com

I want to give my skin Botani Soothing Facial Mist as a Christmas present because my skin deserves some pampering. I'm still in search of a HG facial mist. Let's face it, the weather in Malaysia can play havoc with one's skin. One day is hot, the next is wet! And the sweat! Oh my, let's not go there. I work outdoor most of the time. So... my skin could get a little dry and meh looking.

Btw, I'm not a choosy person. All I want is a facial mist that my skin can drink, leaving it fresh. It is a great bonus if the facial mist can sooth my constantly sunburnt skin. I don't wear lots of makeup, just essential ones, but I'm hoping for a facial mist that won't smudges my makeup instead enhances it by giving a healthy natural glow (come handy on wedding ceremonies ;)) Look small enough to carry around in my office bag. Nice.

Thanks Von :)


恶魔的婷婷 AKA WendyPua said...

Follower ID:wendypua

Blog Entry:

Your product of choice and why?
Botani Olive Skin Serum (15ml)it having these benefit :
Anti-ageing - reduces crepiness of neck and softens fine lines
Hydrating - leaves skin younger, healthier and firmer
It Is for Mummy For X'mas Present, Mummy Are The Best!


Sherry said...

Follower ID: Sherry
Email: sherrygo at hotmail dot com
this is 2nd entry

blog entry: http://contest4all.blogspot.com/2009/12/vonvons-interest-christmas-giveaway.html

I have got acne on my face and I love to give a try on the Botani Rescue Acne Cream. The benefits of using this cream is it treats pimples and blemishes without damaging surrouding tissues. It is just what I need as it also effective for blackheads and ingrown hairs.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
With Love, Elle said...

Follower ID: with love, elle
Email: beautiful1 at popstar dot com
2nd entry
post on me blog here

i wuld luv to try this botani oclive skin serum, as a smoker, i have big pores and hopefully this can help minimise it and wif dome anioxidant properties!

xoxo elle

Eva said...

Follower ID : Eva ( from Penang )
E-mail : Eva.tan82@ymail.com

I will choose Botani Rescue Eye Treatment. It is hard to get a multi purpose eye treatment at once. It is so perfectly suites all my needs !!


JungRee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JungRee said...

Follower ID: JungRee (from Puchong, Selangor)
Email: jungri7101@yahoo.com

I want to try the Botani rescue eye treatment! I've saw the introducing video by ericayuen on Youtube before. She said this is a worthy and effective eye cream compare to others. I've used some eye cream before but has no effect to my eyes and it finally caused clog and came up some bumps on my eyes. I was upset, the bumps won't disappear and after that I'll never try any other eye cream again. The another reason I choose this product is because it can help reduce eye puffiness! I'm a drama lover, always crying while watching Korean dramas lol..and my eyes look even more ugly because I originally have puffy and single eyelid eyes. I hope to give it a try perhaps it can improve my problems.=)


JungRee said...

Follower ID: JungRee (from Puchong, Selangor)
Email: jungri7101@yahoo.com

Blog Entry: http://jungri7101.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!2BF6F831944F6939!627.entry

Your product of choice and why?

I would love to try all Botani products especially squalene included. I would like to try exfoliating facial cream too. Because I think exfoliating is also an important step before we start to skin care. While the only way to remove dead skin cells and keep the skin smooth is exfoliating!


romeje said...

Follower ID : romeje (from KL)
Email : rometan@hotmail.com

I would like to try this pot of gold because I hope it is worth it's weight in gold.


CY said...

follower id: CY (from KL)
email: thebeautyregime at gmail dot com

I would like to try the Botani Rescue Eye Treatment (25ml) as I have dark circles as bad as someone who looks like she has been punched, so much so I've been told I don't need eyeshadows any more!!!


ProudMama said...

Follower ID : Chan Chiu Chin
Email Address: 2cchin@gmail.com

I want to give my skin Botani Soothing Facial Mist as a Christmas present because it is easy and with a split of second can hydrates, tone, refresh and give a quick glow for your tired and dull skin. It is uses all the natural ingredients which benefits our skin and at the same time save the planet.


Chanana Syaz said...

Follower ID: Chanana Syaz
Email: syazanamukmin[at]gmail[dot]com

Hi, this is my simple & straightforward entry..

I choose Botani Eye Rescue Treatment because I want to get rid of dark circles! Before this I’ve tried on many products but none seems to work on me and even if I put on heavy makeup/concealer.. So I hope this product can remove or at least reduce the appearance of my dark circles = )

Weblink: http://www.natureinabox.com.my/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=80&products_id=207

Have a nice day = )

Jean said...

Follower ID: Jean
Email: purplewardrobe[at]gmail[dot]com

haha..at last I come join this giveaway~XD

I choose Balm Balm Fragrance Free Lip Balm!
Because I have a very dry & sensitive lips! I need a really natural and good lip balm to care my lips so that they can stay youthful! I don't want flaky Lips which look like old lady's lips any more!! I wan sexy young lips! lol


Jean said...

Follower ID: Jean
Email: purplewardrobe[at]gmail[dot]com

Blog Entry: http://mystyl3mylif3.blogspot.com/2009/12/vonvons-interests-nature-in-box.html

My second choice of product will be Pot of Gold Skin Balm.
I have really dry skin, even though I drink 2litre water per day! Sometimes skin will peel of from my body (cracked), the worst part is my leg! Which is why I seldom wear short pants and skirt.>.<
When I read about the functions of this balm, I fallen for it already!
This is a must have item for people like me!
Besides, it's not only good for cracked skin but for various skin problems too! Such as cuts and bruise? I always knock here and there and got bruises without knowing it! lol


Zoe said...

Follower ID: Zoe Kam Ying Han

erm...as Christmas present, the 1 choice for me will be the Pot of Gold Skin Balm!!! Because of choosing a Christmas gift, i hope it was something i really need and will use. I got scar problem long time ady, since i was small, keep stretching my legs and hand >.< , now regret so much, and sometimes doesn't dare to wear skirt or short pants.

Not much such kinda product in the market, it's kinda hard to find, However, i been tried many scar remove lotion, oil or vitamin E stuff....but doesn't work well~

Whn i saw tis Pot of Gold Skin Balm, and it mentioned tat it's by NZ family for 6 generations. 6 generations?!! waoh...come on, 6 generations means tat it's really great and powerful is it?? wanna try it so much lar... (Christmas wishes...)please gv me a chance to try tis and heal all my scar up, then i can go out with skirt and short pants confidently later

Before I choose a product, i always go for its review, rating and praise, this 1 i feel like doesn't need to read those review or wat, jz go for it! But study now, din got much of pocket money to buy, make it as my Christmas wishes here. Thanks~

Here's the url for it:

Zoe said...

Follower ID: Zoe
Email: zoe_yhan@hotmail.com

Blog Entry: http://seekandshare.blogspot.com/2009/12/vonvons-interests-nature-in-box.html

The 2nd product i will choose is Balm Balm Rose Geranium Face Balm. The reason i chosen this is bcz i nvr heard thr r a face balm in the market, so i think to try it as the Christmas present. Take a challenge and try new thing up^^

But this Face balm seems interesting, it can use individually,which like an essential oil for our skin. But tis 1 can oso be use along with foundation? and make our skin looks smooth? so cool~ nvr seen such product b4, it's attracting me~~~ And and and...can apply on eye brown and eye lashes?? Really sounds caring~ I nvr think of skincare product can use and take care on eye brown and eye lashes~

So special product, i wanna try it~~~thanks~~ ^^


niantse said...

Follower ID : NianTse
Email: niantse@gmail.com

I want to give my skin Botani Soothing Facial Mist, because I have a dry and sensitive skin.
I believe Botani Soothng Facial Mist can calm my skin down and also hydrate and moist my thirsty skin. Especially in the air contions room and a humid wheather like Malaysia. We must make sure our skin is drink up enough.




hesunily said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vonvon said...

Hi Hesunily,

Thank you for your entry. But if possible, pls re-post your comment with your follower ID and email address, and paste the link of the product, as per the rules.

Thank you. :)

Chin said...

Hi, I'm new in blogger, dunno the comment i sent is correct or not but just have a try ^^

Chin said...

Follower ID: chin
Email : yekchin(at)hotmail(dot)com

I would like my skin to have Botani Olive cleansing bar as Christmas gift!
Well, I know some might laugh at me as I choose the cheapest Botani product as a gift for my skin but this organic Botani Olive Cleansing bar is just what my skin need.
My skin is pretty, fair and normal in most of the time. However, red and itchy spots appear every time after I bath. I’ve tried some products but found that they’re not working on my sensitive and irritating skin.
Sulphate and harsh toxic chemical free in Botani Olive Cleansing Bar is what my skin will definitely love. Just hope to try this Botani Olive Cleansing Bar as I’m very confident its nature will improve my skin. It is not easy to get Botani product in Sarawak, so I really hope my skin has the luck to use this marvelous Botani Olive Cleansing Bar as a gift on the blessing Christmas!


Thank you.
Merry Christmas^^

hesunily said...

I'd like the Balm Balm Rose Genarium Lip Balm simply because a perfectly pluckered lip bathed in rich emolients is a sight to behold!
Lips bathed in rose and genarium essential oils denotes heavenly scents and perfectly moisturised lips!

follower ID:hesunily
e-mail id: lydiaherath@gmail.com


Vonvon said...

Hi Chin,

You did right. Thank you for your entry.

Merry Christmas to you too.

Vonvon said...

Hi Lydia,

Thank you for re-submitting your entry.

Btw, please join as the follower, yea...:)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
#ChRiS# said...

Follower ID: #ChRiS# (from Cheras, K.L)
Email: chris_cherry127(at)yahoo(dot)com

I want to give my skin Botani Boost Balancing moisturiser as a Christmas present because i'm still in the search for my Holy Grail moisturizer... My skin is oily, dehydrated and acne prone, so this Botani Boost Balancing moisturizer sounds suits all my need, i would like to try it and hoped it'll work for me... :)


http://www.natureinabox.com.my/index.php? main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=215&zenid=d5fefa02a6630c5b505f9322bc6543b9

Hooi Kheng said...

Follower ID: Hooi Kheng (Selangor)
Email: hooikheng_goh@yahoo.com

I want to give my skin Botani Rescue Eye Treatment as a Christmas present because I have very severe dark circles+fine lines and have tried numerous products of eye gel, cream, serum and mask, due to numerous PROMISES, and yet I don't see much improvement.
I really hope I can get rid of my Panda eyes very soon.

Sigh...Botani, please RESCUE my eyes, don't tell me lies, I will surely smile, with no more fine lines :)

Hooi Kheng said...

The link for the Botani Rescue Eye Treatment:


Anonymous said...

follower id : tutu j
email address : liselle_18(at)hotmail(dot)com

My best product choice would be : BOTANI OLIVE REPAIR CREAM

this is best suit me , which fall into my all criteria my face skin needed the MOST which is :
- day and night ( WOW in 1 bottle superb ! no need separate , easy to carry around )
- non greasy/no clogging /lock moisture ( this 3 feayures isMOST MOST important to me because i live in HOT sun and cant use too creamy cream will cause clogging like other brand cream does to my face , that cause small bump on my face , which i hate it so much until sometime i skip my day use face cream which is make it more bad and dangerous because of UV )
-effective for treatment eczema ( hello this is superb product like miracle maybe, not much face cream provide this treatment)
- with all the benefit it provide what else could is for more , it just work like a miracle in christmas present for me .

would really love to try BOTANI OLIVE REPAIR CREAM ( FACIAL CARE)
link : http://www.natureinabox.com.my/index.php?main_page=products_info&cPath=65&product_id=194

Anonymous said...

Follower id: ^Ann@belle^ (puchong)

email address: twistyh@yahoo.com

I would like to choose Botani Boost Balancing Moisturizer as the christmas present for my skin because it is non-clogging and non-oily product, moreover it can softens the skin and smoothing fine lines. The best thing is, it is ideal for under make-up. I am currently looking for moisturizer to replace my current one and hope to have a chance to try on this organic product.


Yin Mei said...

Follower ID : Yin Mei

email address : yinmchee(at)hotmail(dot)com

I want to give my skin the Botani Olive Repair Cream as a Christmas present because my skin needs rejuvenating and I want to pamper my skin with botanical skincare.

link : http://www.natureinabox.com.my/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=73&products_id=194

juli1202 said...

Follower ID : juli1202 (from Selangor)
Email : juli1202@hotmail.com

Blog entry : http://juli1202.blogspot.com/2009/12/vonvons-interests-nature-in-box.html

I want to give myself a Pot of Gold Baby Balm as a Christmas present because this helps to reduce my visible stretch marks & most importantly I need something that’s 100% NATURAL for my dry and cracked nipples after my delivery.


juli1202 said...

Follower ID : juli1202 (from Selangor)
Email : juli1202@hotmail.com

I want to give my skin a Botani Olive Skin Serum as a Christmas present for extra hydration boost & help to overcome my skin dehydration. Most importantly, its 100% plant based and does assist me with decreasing the appearance of pigmentation.