Monday, December 21, 2009

Workshops I've Attended: Laneige Power Of 4 Workshop - Part 2 - Snow Crystal Makeup

This is Part 2 of the Laneige Power Of 4 Workshop which was on Snow Crystal Makeup. The makeup part was quite a short session as we were only shown the basic steps. (You can read about Part 1 here.)

For the demo, I volunteered to be the model and Penny did the basic makeup on half of my face for comparison.

I didn't take too many photos of the cosmetics used.

Basically, Step 1 was applying Primer, and Penny used Makeup Primer Sebum Control for half of my face.

Then, it was followed by the application of Base - Laneige Skin Veil Base SPF 26 PA+. The makeup base had color-control function and came in different shades for different purposes. The green-colored one was to cover redness/blotchiness on the skin. The purple-colored one was to cover yellowness and sallow skin tone. The peach-colored for uneven skin tone. Penny went on to explain that the peach-colored skin veil base could be used even if one had almost flawless skin and nothing much to hide/cover, for a brighter complexion.

For the half of my face, Penny applied the green-colored base on the redness on my cheeks beside my nose, a bit of the purple base on my forehead and peach base on my chin.

Then, it's time to apply foundation. My shade was #21, and Laneige has a product with foundation at the bottom and corresponding shade of concealer on the top, yep, a 2-in-1 product. But alas, I didn't get to snap a photo of it. Sorry....

Penny said I could also use #22 foundation (couldn't really remember how the shade was like, but may be just a tad darker?) especially for dinner/functions with very bright lighting (spotlights).

After foundation, Penny used the Snow Crystal Sliding Pact_EX (compact powder) to set it.

Can you tell which side of my face did Penny put the makeup on?

Then, I did the other half of my face on my own.

Some words on the Laneige Sliding Pact_EX......

There are 4 types of Laneige Sliding Pact_EX. (Refer to the photo below).

The 1st row is the Snow Crystal Sliding Pact_EX for a natural finish. On me was No.3.
The 2nd row is Snow UV Crystal for oil control.
The 3rd row is Snow Moisture Crystal for dry skin.
The 4th row is White Plus Renew for whitening and to control pigmentation.

Face Of The Day
Did the other half of my face, added some blush and a dash of lipgloss, and DONE!

And throughout the whole afternoon after the workshop, me and my 2 beauty buddies 'roamed' Midvalley Mall and The Gardens....and I received some compliments on how flawless and much fairer my complexion was from my favorite SAs from Estee Lauder and other brands too.
And I thought to myself....must be the effect from the Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel and the Strawberry Yogurt Pack, and also the Snow Crystal Makeup!! :D

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