Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Got My California Kissin'



I tried out California Kissin' at the Benefit counter in Robinsons the same time I bought F.Y...eye! - an eyeshadow base. Just for your information, it is a smile brightening lip shine a.k.a lipgloss. When I first heard the name, I was wondering what it was ;) At first look, I thought the blue tint was rather scary but it has a minty smell and taste. I have a lipgloss which tastes like 'strawberry dipped in chocolate' called Dipped Strawberry (pic below). But I didn't get it that day because I already have tonnes of lipgloss at home.

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Then, a few days later, as I was browsing through different beauty blogs, I came across Miu's blog and she was selling Califronia Kissin' for a very reasonable price. So I emailed her and we met up a few days later at the Curve to COD.

I've been using it for more than 1 week now. What can I say? I love it. Love the minty taste and the shine. As for the blue colour that looked rather scary at first, once I spread it on my lips, it's barely visible. Well, I just apply a thin layer. I don't know if I'll look cyanotic if I were to put on a thick layer.

When I put it on, it give sthis strong minty smell. After a few minutes, I begin to feel a cool sensation followed by a tingling feeling on my lips. The cool and tingling sensation lasted a while but it's OK for me. It doesn't irritate my lips or anything. In fact, I quite like it.

While the shine is good, it does leave my lips a bit sticky, which sometimes does bother me a little. But it's still tolerable.

Overall, I like this lipgloss. But if I have to pay retail for it, I might think twice. Most of my Estee Lauder lipglosses are gifts with purchase or part of gift sets. Hehe!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Benefit's F.Y...eyes!, the Ultimate Eye Shadow Base

I wrote in my previous post about my introduction to Benefit cosmetics. Now I'm going to review the first product I own from Benefit - F.Y...eyes!, the Ultimate Eye Shadow Base! Huh! The name sounds like quite a promising solution to my oily lids problem which makes my eye shadow creases on my lids forming unsightly lines and my mascara smudges at the end of the day.

I got it for RM95! Wow! That's a lot for a 7.0gram little jar. On the Benefit website, it retails for USD22 (USD1~RM3.58). It's slightly cheaper than over here. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now. I'm quite satisfied with this base to a certain extent. Why?

I use the base on my eyelids 3 minutes after applying my foundation, as stated in the instruction that came with it. I use my middle finger to apply the base on my upper lid in an upward and outward motion. I also use very minute amount on my lower lids as my mascara always smudges on the lower parts of my eyes making me look like a panda. The 3-minute interval, I use it to apply my blush and line my lips. After that, I put on my eye shadow. And finish putting on lipstick and ready to go.

The base is unscented and orangey-peachy in colour. It has a soft texture that glides on quite easily on the lids. Once applied on the lids, it doesn't show any colour. It's very natural.

The effect of the base could last the whole day, in a cool air-conditioned place. However, in our tropical hot and humid climate, when I'm outdoor, my eye shadow (most of them are from Estee Lauder) would still crease but not as badly as before I started using an eye shadow base and the creases start only about 4-5 hours later.

As for preventing mascara smudges, it only helps a little. I could still see some very faint dark lines, especially on the lower lids, when I use my Estee Lauder mascaras - maximum curling and volumising ones. However with the Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening mascara, it really didn't smudge despite sweating a lot in the current hot weather.

The next Benefit product that I acquire is California Kissin'. Review coming up next.....

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Intro to Benefit Cosmetics

I first got to know Benefit cosmetics when I was shopping at Metrojaya Midvalley some time last year or the year before (can't really remember) and some girl from the Benefit counter handed me a booklet-catalog. I didn't take much notice of it. But recently, I've been reading a lot of reviews on Benefit products and I looked through the booklet again. I was rather amused by the cute names they gave to each of their products.

Then one day after new year, I was shopping at Robinsons and just popped by the Benefit counter. The SA was nice and friendly. I just told her that I wanted to get to know the brand and its cosmetics better. I specified Benetint and Posietint because I've heard a lot about them. So she sat me down and started to apply Benetint on one cheek. Benetint's red colour got me a bit worried at first, then she blended it and the red quickly turned out to be such a pretty pink glow. It looked like I had a little flush and very natural, cute! ;) It didn't look like I've put on blush. Next, she put Posietint on the other cheek. I don't really remember the exact colour but I know I prefer Benetint. The SA told me I could get which has a small bottle, may be around 2 or 5ml of Benetint. But it costs RM139!!

Next, I looked at their creaseless cream eyeshadows and powder ones. I read about their creaseless cream eyeshadows from Paris B's blog. I was told that some of their darker shade creaseless cream eyeshadows can be doubled up as eyeliner too. It was during this time that I told the SA about my panda eyes problem. Also how my eyeshadow leaves ugly lines around my eyes leaving me, literally, with 2 black eyes! She recommended Benefit's F.Y...eyes!, The Ultimate Eye Shadow Base, a small jar of 7.0gram for RM95! Whoops!

After much consideration including whether I could buy eye primer/base from other brands which could be cheaper, I decided to get it. My rationale for parting with RM95 for this little jar is if I really want to get my first Benefit cosmetics, why not spend it on something that I'll really use often instead of eyeshadows (even though they are so tempting) that I already have tonnes of. My review on this product coming up soon.

Finally, I tried out California Kissin'. I quite like it. But after paying RM95 for the eyeshadow base, I thought that's quite enough for the day. So I came home with only 1 Benefit item, in addition to a bracelet I bought earlier.

At home, I browsed through Miu's blog and saw that she's selling California Kissin' for about half the retail price of RM73. And so an email was sent to wait for my review on this, yeah?

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Estee Lauder Turbo Lash All Effects Motion Mascara

Last Saturday, I was at Midvalley and decided to drop by my usual Estee Lauder counter in Metrojaya. I saw the NEW Estee Lauder vibrating mascara. I call it this way because as you can see from the title, the full name for it is sooooo long. And I decided to check it out. (Well, it took me 1 week to write this because my Internet connection was down most of the time for the past 1 week. Also busy cleaning house for CNY.) Sigh!

I like the casing which the mascara came in. It's gold colour with dark blue stripes. The SA asked me if I wanted to try it on by myself. And I was like why not. So I stood in front of the mirror, twisted the cover and the wand started to vibrate even before I took it out from the tube. However the vibration is very, very gentle. I mean I could feel the vibration between my fingers but couldn't see the wand moving. I placed the brush gently on my very short lashes without doing the zigzag motions, and a few seconds later, voila! It's really amazing. I compared one side with the other and it definitely added volume to my lashes. As for length-wise, not really though. With the added volume, it really defines my eyes. By the way, I also tried it on my lower lashes. As they were so short and fine, I was worried that the vibrating wand would make a huge mess making me look like a panda. I was surprised. It actually brought out my lower lashes quite well. But at the end of the day, I did end up looking a bit like panda as the mascara smudged on my lower lids. Another thing is it's a bit difficult to remove with the Estee Lauder eye makeup remover though.

Well, all mascaras smudge on my lids anyways, unless I put on an eye shadow base, which I have the SA at the Benefit counter in Robinsons to thank for. She introduced me to my first Benefit item - the Ultimate Eye Shadow Base, and made me parted with RM95 for that tiny little jar!
I love the base. It solved my panda problem. ;) I also had my eyes on Benetint and was hoping to buy Will write about it later.

The brush of this mascara is straight but quite large compared to the normal Estee Lauder mascaras. But the bristles on it are very fine.

They don't have it at the counter yet. It will be launched next month according to the SA. I don't know whether to get it or not. At RM93? A wee bit high for my budget and also for a mascara, I think. But I really like this mascara. It's really different from the other Estee Lauder mascaras I have.
The mascara actually costs RM115.

I didn't take any photo because I didn't have my camera with me and I was also rushing for time as my babysitter would only watched my little girl till 2pm sharp. And it was already 1.30pm when I finished playing with the mascara and paid for my TIME ZONE Line and Wrinkle Reducing Creme SPF 15, the new Estee Lauder moisturiser. I haven't started using this, waiting to finish up my Boots No7 Lifting and Firming Night Cream. I will write about it once I start to use it for a while.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My FIRST Experience with Blogging

DIFFICULT!! HARD WORK!! Sigh, I think these are the 2 words that most closely describe how I feel when I started to post entry on my blog. The problem does not lie in writing but the technical nitty-gritty of posting what I've written onto my blog. Then, there are so many things to set up - the
settings, displays, layout, etc.

I always surf the Internet and enjoy reading many blogs, but it NEVER cross my mind that to create a blog and to maintain it is so much work! Now I appreciate more the efforts of the many bloggers whose blogs I follow on the Net. I salute all of you bloggers out there.

Not only are there those technical stuff, I also have a very, very bad Internet connection in the form of IZZINET, that always drives me crazy for ever being so slow and many times just hang up on me when I am typing out my posts or when I'm uploading images. To anyone reading this, do you have
any good Internet provider with a decent connection (I don't wish for a fast, let alone, super fast connection) to recommend?

I'm keeping this short so as not to bore you as I'm sure many of you out there would have encountered similar problems while starting a blog. Perhaps, it is easy for some of you with prior knowledge of computers and programming, etc. But for me, blogging is totally a whole new different kind of thing as compared to just surfing the Net reading other people's blogs, posting comments and writing and replying emails. I'm beginning to enjoy it as I learn more about blogging.

Blogging is definitely a wonderful learning experience for me!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to Vonvon's Interests

Welcome to my blog of Vonvon's Interests. It is created as a channel for me to share with you my wide range of interests as well as to voice out my 'disinterests'.

I have a host of interests ranging from female interests such as beauty products - cosmetics, skincare, bath and body care; shopping; fashion; accessories; bags; food; TVB drama serials; my professional interest in medicine to my little pride and joy - my 2-year-old little girl, my No.1 love and priority! Well, she also happens to share my interests in beauty stuff and drama! Wow!

As for my 'disinterests', I define them as things which irk me, drive me crazy, send me to the edge of a volcanic eruption, of which super slow Internet connections in this country is one of them. Rude people, fake sales, dishonest stores, stupid drivers, and also, the rising number of crimes that makes us ladies feel not safe to go out!

All that said, I want my blog to be a happy blog, imparting good feelings to anyone who visits and reads it. I'll write mostly about my interests, writing reviews and there'll also be some posts by my little girl, written on behalf by Mommy Dearest. But from time-to-time, I'll also write about my 'disinterests' as I encounter or recall them.

Hope you'll enjoy reading my blog!
Thank you for your support.

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