Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mother-Daughter Shopping Day

Yesterday was Mother-Daughter Shopping Day for me and my little girl. Well, we both have done that quite often, but somehow, I think yesterday was worth writing about...

First, we went to Pavilion KL because I wanted to use The Body Shop festive discount voucher (20% off) to buy something because it's expiring today (see below).

The Body Shop voucher

My purchases from The Body Shop

And I've been eyeing some of their products for a while. I chose to go to The Body Shop outlet in Pavilion because the staff there are the nicest and friendliest and most helpful of all their outlets which I've been. I didn't buy too many things - just a hanging toiletry bag, the mini brush kit and Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel, all 3 of which were entitled to the 20% discount. Then, I saw a Moroccan Rose gift set which was different from the gift set they had earlier with only the Moroccan Rose Eau de toilette and Roseflower lipstick and blusher. Hubby bought this set for me with the body milk for Valentine's Day. The new gift set contains mostly body care products and is cheaper than the Eau de Toilette set at RM135. The Eau de Toilette was RM175.

The Body Shop Hanging Toiletry Bag

The Body Shop Mini Brush Kit

The Body Shop Divine Calm Heavenly Shower Gel

The new gift set has a full-sized Moroccan Rose shower gel, travel-sized Moroccan Rose bath and massage oil and body butter, and a pink colour bath lily (RM135). And I bought this too.

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Gift Set

Earlier, as we were walking towards The Body Shop outlet, there was a Stage (cosmetics) booth having a promotion as part of Pavilion's 1st anniversary celebration. It was Friday and Friday is 'all about women' themed shopping day. Stage's promotion was a free makeover with a purchase of RM100 and above from any outlet in Pavilion. Hooray!! My purchase from Body Shop already exceeded that amount. So my little girl and I went back to the Stage booth and had our makover. Our makeover?? Yes, she was so happy and excited when I sat her down on a stool next to me that she said to me, 'Mommy, ai niiii....(Mommy, love you) and gave me a kiss on my lips. ;) While the makeup artist was putting on makeup for me, my little girl also helped herself to the eyeshadows which were spread on the table. And the result of her own 'makeover'......WOW!! See her 'Eye Of The Day' photo below. Even the makeup artist was amazed!

"Look! Can you see the light green eyeshadow on my lid? It's a very light green.
And I did this all by myself, without any help!" Says my little girl ;)

And another lady also fixed my hair for me.

My quick makeover look.
Somehow my eye bags cannot be camouflaged.

Before we left, I decided to stop by The Make Up Store outlet. While I was checking out their products, my little girl was also busy checking out the eyeshadows, lipglosses, etc.

"Hmmm.....which lipgloss should I choose?"
Says my little girl.

Then, we left Pavilion and headed to Midvalley Megamall. It was around 2.30pm and the Friday lunch hour traffic was still quite heavy, and lots of reckless drivers on the road too. The worst jam was from Jalan Istana heading towards Kuen Cheng School as it was school dismiss time. And my tired little girl had her catnap almost the whole journey.

I was at Metrojaya Midvalley Megamall to pick up my reserved Benefit's Primpcess. I have been wanting to try out other Benefit products after acquiring their eyeshadow base and California Kissin'. But the high price puts me off. When I saw Primpcess (RM160) limited edition in their holiday catalog, I thought it's a very good deal compared to Big Beautiful Eyes (RM145). I will review this in a later post.

Benefit's Primpcess

Top row: BADgal mini mascara 4.00g
2nd row, from left: Powder eyeshadows for accenting, contouring and liner, 0.08g each
3rd row: Fluff shadow brush, talent brush, concealer brush
Bottom row, from left: Creaseless cream shadow/liner in r.s.v.p. 3.20g, Boi-ing
under eye concealer 1.25g, Eye bright 1.25g

Again, my little girl, fresh from her 'powerful' catnap, helped herself to the samples available at the counter. She tested their blushes and loved the Benefit new blush Coralista the most. After she had tested some blushes, she pointed to the Coralista and the SA gave it to her. I was looking at other products. Then, the SA whispered to me to look at my little girl. OMG!!! She was happily applying Coralista on her cheek with the brush provided. And she actually applied it very well and very thick. The SA quickly used a cotton pad to wipe off some of the blush from her cheek.

"Coralista is my favourite blush! Shhh.....I'm gonna test it out!"

After all these, time to head home.............

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stila Pro Basic Makeup Workshop

I spent last Sunday afternoon at the Stila counter in Parkson KLCC attending a makeup workshop organised by Lilian, the counter manager of Stila. Well, I came to know about this workshop from Miu who wrote in her blog.

I've read so many interesting and fun stuff by bloggers who had attended so many different makeup workshops, by Clarins, Stila, etc. And I really wanted to attend one too. Although this one was not like those workshops I've read about, it offers a one-to-one makeup lesson for me. I mean this was not the kind of workshop that ends with a tea catered from Zang Toi cafe or something if that sort. But we did get some tasty tarts from Delifrance.

Whatever, most important is I got to learn some makeup tips! Just one thing, I regretted bringing someone with me to the workshop. Who? Why? Read on..........

I didn't take many photos because I was there alone,, not alone, but with someone who was so annoying and mind you, don't even know how to use a digital camera!!

Lilian was the one teaching me. We started by applying a primer with a brush. Normally, in my makeup, I don't use a primer for my face. I just apply my foundation (liquid/compact powder) followed by the makeup. She squeezed a little primer onto the back of my palm. It's white in colour. Then, she showed me how to apply the primer, that is in a light horizontal stroke starting on the cheek. Then, she told me to do it by myself. She said we can apply quite a large amount as the white colour will not show up on my face.

Next, I put on foundation, also with a brush and in the same manner as applying the primer. I was brushing quite hard on my face. Lilian saw it and told me to use just light gentle stroke. She used a compact powder to set it.

This was followed with blusher on my cheeks. She used a cream blush, an orangey pink, put some on the back of my palm and used a brush to apply with a few horizontal stroke from the apple of my cheek to almost my hairline, dabbed with finger to blend it in. Again, she gently set the blush with compact powder.

Then, she put on an eyeshadow base on one eye, and told me to do the same for another eye. Lilian asked me what eyeshadow colours/shades do I normally use. But I didn't want to use the pink/purple and neutral shades which I normally use. And I've wanted to try out green eyeshadow after reading how green eyeshadow can bring out the eyes and after my several failed attempts in using green eyeshadow which sometimes, made me looked like I had a bruised eye. I chose Kiwi, a light green shade with shimmer. Lilian put it on my crease and had me put on another eye.
I like the way Lilian teaches. Show once, and I do the rest. I really learnt a lot in this way.
She used Launey, a very pale peachy shade and another colour which I forgot the name but it's a cream colour to highlight my eyes.

Lilian used Smudge Pot Black colour to line my eyes. This was the first time I was using a gel eyeliner. I normally use liquid eyeliner or just simply use a darker colour eyeshadow close to my upper lash line.

And last but not least, Lilian used something I really had not seen before (yeah, I'm a bit 'underexposed'. ;) And this is my first time with Stila!) She was sharpening a pencil and I assumed it to be a lip liner. When she started applying it to my whole lips, I thought wow!, this lip liner is really smooth in texture. Then she told me it's a Lip Glaze Stick. And it's a very pretty orangey colour with shimmer. I instantly liked it.

But imagine my shock when I found out that it costs RM90 for a small stick!! I was like 'WHAT'!!!!

In the end, I ended up buying only a lip glaze set of 6 for RM120. Very disappointed at my mere purchase because of the person I was talking about earlier who practically breathed down my neck stopping me from buying more. Such a pain in my neck!!!

Not only did I not get to buy my lip glaze sticks (I saw several colours which I like very much that is the Orange one which I used and Gingerbread Man, a golden colour.), I also missed out the chance to be a Stila Girlfriend member. And the free gifts which came with the membership - a Pon Pon Gerbera eyeshadow trio and Pon Pon Gerbera lip glaze!!!!! What the hell!! Thanks to some spoilsport nagging old lady!!!

So, my Stila Makeover photos.....

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Metrojaya Branded Cosmetics and Fragrance Sale

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Last week, from 17th to 19th February, there was Metrojaya Branded Cosmetics and Fragrance Sale held at The Weld. Sadly, I couldn't go on the 1st and 2nd days due to so many, many reasons :( Sigh!!

On the 3rd and final day, I managed to go there a few hours before closing, thanks to my Hubby who watched over my little girl. I didn't want to bring her because I thought there might be a lot of people doing their last-minute grabs. But when I reached there, the place was not crowded at all. Of course, there were not much left. Perfumes were mostly gone. As I was not there to buy perfume, I was happy to see there's still some Stila eyeshadows left and some other cosmetics.

I have read a lot about Stila cosmetics, especially their eyeshadows and lip glazes but their prices are just super-duper expensive here in Malaysia. There were only 5 shades of shimmer eyeshadows left - Cassia, Jezebel, Key, Seafoam and Jade, and some matte ones. As I'm not interested in matte eyeshadow, I bought all 5 shimmer eyeshadows they had, costing me only RM100, RM20 each!! Normally, it retails for RM60 each! I have yet to try them. Once I try them all, I'll review it.

Left, top: Cassia; bottom: Jezebel
Middle: Key
Right, top: Seafoam; bottom: Jade

I would like to get some of Stila's lip glazes, but it wasn't there.

I also bought a YSL set(pic below) which was from the last Christmas collection. It cost RM69 only. It came in a cream-coloured satin-wrapped rectangular box with a lip gloss, a highlighter and a mascara. The box is tied with a cream-coloured ribbon.

From left to right: YSL Golden Gloss, Radiant Touch Highlighter, Mascara

On a happier note, personal shopper Miu went there on the 1st and last day. So she managed to buy some really limited items which were gone a few hours after opening. I 'whined' to her the next day when I chatted with her about me wanting the Guerlain stuff I saw in her blog!!! It's the Guerlain Meteorites and Guerlain Emilio Pucci Eye Set!! And to my surprise and superdelight, she told me that she's gonna sell me those 2 pretty items, but with an additional RM10 for each item for her service. OMG!! I was overjoyed as the total amount for the 2 items in retail would be over RM400!!!
We met up last Saturday in KLCC to COD where she went for a Stila makeup workshop which I also attended on Sunday.

Top and bottom: Guerlain Meteorites
(Thanks to Miu)

Top and bottom: Guerlain Emilio Pucci Eye Set
(Thanks to Miu)
*It's so pretty, I don't know if I'll have the heart to use it.

So from this sale, I get to have my firsts of Stila, YSL and Guerlain!

Next.....Stila Pro Basic Makeup Workshop!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Estee Lauder Fuchsia Now Spring 2009 Collection and Makeup Consultation

Earlier last week, I went with my sis to the Estee Lauder makeup consultation held in conjunction with the launching of their new perfume Pure White Linen Pink Coral and the Fuchsia Now Spring 2009 Collection at South Court, Midvalley Megamall (by Metrojaya). My sis was back from KK for the CNY holiday. It was good to go out with her and do some catching up.

The makeup artist assigned to me was David. At first, he used a chart to determine my skin tone/intensity - which is intensity no. 2. Then, he determined whether my skin tone is warm or cool. He used a different chart with 2 semi-transparent squares (warm and cool), placed them on my cheek and I couldn't see my skin through the warm square. Hence, I have warm skin tone. But he said my complexion is between warm and cool.

Next, he proceeded to choose a foundation for me. He tried a compact creme foundation on me in Warm Vanilla (if I'm not mistaken) and my skin was so smooth after he applied it. Currently I am using Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup Foundation SPF 10 in 1N2 Ivory Cream 39 (which my little girl just dropped it onto the floor and broke as I'm typing this!) and never tried a creme foundation before. However, later that night, I felt tingling sensation all over my face. Oopss.....looks like I'm sensitive to this foundation. I don't think it's as serious as an allergy. However, this means that I should be careful of creme foundation the next time.

David chose the 18 Indigo eyeshadow duo for my eyes, although it's the cool shades. He applied the pink-beige shade with a brush(some makeup artist uses their fingers) on my entire lids. I couldn't see any colour on my lids. It's really natural. Next, he lined my upper lash line with the indigo and smudged it at the outer corner of my eyes. It really defines my eyes a lot with such natural shades. I actually quite like such barely-there shades on my eyes. I did try to do some natural makeup like this on myself but it always didn't turn out well. Huh! Well, it's more like I prefer to have some colours on my eyes no matter how little. Then, he used the new Turbo Lash on my lashes. looks as though I have not any eye makeup on.
Sorry for the blurry photo.

He used a warm tone lipstick 64 Earthen Nude for my lips and finished off with a touch of gloss Honey Flower only in the middle of my lips.

Then he swiped a blusher brush across the Fleur de Lys Shimmer Powder, blending the colours and applied to my cheeks. All I see was some faint hint of shimmer and glow. To demonstrate other uses of the Shimmer Powder, he applied with a large eyeshadow brush the lightest colour on the compact in a 'C' from the outer part of my brow to the tip of my cheekbone. He also applied from the bridge of my nose to the tip.

After all that, my heart was already 'fluttering' form the attraction to the mostly cool colour lipsticks and of course, the Shimmer Powder. At that time, they were having a promotion whereby you purchased 2 makeup products including 1 from the Fuchsia Now collection, you would get a FREE GIFT of PenDrive LIPz 1GB (worth RM25.90). PenDrive LIPz is the first USB flash drive with a twisting mechanism similar to a lipstick, adding a cool twist to technology. Each PenDrive LIPz is customized in a limited edition fuchsia colour(from the Estee Lauder advert sent to me).

I decided to buy the Shimmer Powder (RM120) and a lipstick in 19 Orchid Light (RM75), a nice shade of dark pink with purple undertone. And got my LIPz PenDrive! Yay! :)

My purchases that day.
From left to right: Estee Lauder(EL) Sharpener, EL Signature Lipstick 19 Orchid Light,
EL Fleur de Lys Shimmer Powder.
Foreground is the Free Gift: PenDrive LIPz 1GB.

From the Estee Lauder Fuchsia Now Spring 2009 Collection,
Signature lipstick 19 Orchid Light(left) and Shimmer Powder(right)

Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick 19 Orchid Light

I am beginning to love the Shimmer Powder more and more, just taking it out from the box everyday admiring it but don't have the heart to use it. It's just so pretty!!!! I think it's the shimmer on top of the flower that brings out the beauty in it. But the shimmer won't last. It's just 'sprayed' on. So probably after a few swipes, it would be gone just like those samples at the counter where it looks quite dull.

What should I do?

So what do you think of the new Estee Lauder Spring collection?

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Body Shop and ~H2O+

Today I managed to find some time for shopping with my little girl. After the past week of CNY festivities, this week started quite uneventfully. We went to Pavilion KL since it's just about 10 minutes drive from my place without traffic, of course! And it has both The Body Shop and ~H2O+ outlets. I really wanted to check out The Body Shop's new Moroccan Rose collection after reading ParisB's review on it and also wanted to buy a ~H2O+ limited edition gift set with an e-voucher(pic) I got from, again, ParisB's blog last Saturday. Yeah, I like to read her blog a lot. As I've said earlier, she's an inspiration for me to start my own blog.

First, we went to the ~H2O+ outlet. It's on the 4th floor of Pavilion. The SA told me it has been there for a while but I've been to Pavilion so many times but I didn't notice it before. Anyways, I was quite impressed with the shop with its many colourful products. They have products ranging from bath and body care including foot scrubs derived from sea botanics to lip-plumping glosses. Their products are oil-free. Well, I used the e-voucher above to buy the limited edition Beach Bag gift set for only RM50. As you can see, the RRP is RM100. It contains 5 items as follows:

- Marine Cleansing Gel 30ml - a cleansing gel that also works as a makeup remover

- Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover 30ml - an oil-free, dual-phase liquid, for removing water-proof eye makeup
- Face Oasis(TM) Hydrating Gel 8ml - their best-selling moisture-intensive gel for hydration, firming, decreasing appearance of fine lines
- NEW Lip Oasis(TM) 48-Hour Plumping Gloss-Tickle (shade) 3.5ml - their best-seller lip gloss
- NEW Ice Water Cooling Mint Body Wash 60ml - with menthol and essential oils of peppermint and spearmint

I will review all the items as I use them.

Next, we headed to The Body Shop outlet to check out the
Moroccan Rose collection. My little girl and I had a whale of time there. We spent more than 1 hour in the shop checking out the bath and body products of the new collection, then, the new limited edition Roseflower Make-up Collection. The staff at this outlet are very friendly lot. While I was playing with the make-up, my little girl got a bit cranky and wanted to swatch the make-up on her hands too. One of the girls sat her up on a stool and started to swatch my little girl's hands with the eyeshadows and blushers. Thank God for that and I had some peace to check out everything. I ended up buying the Moroccan Rose Shower Gel 250ml (RM45).

I will review about the shower gel in the next few days.

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