Friday, March 27, 2009

I Won the Her World/Mary Kay Contest

I started entering contests organised by magazines last year when I saw my brother's girlfriend winning prizes from these contests. Though the prizes she won were not anything big, it got me interested in these contests.

I buy magazines like Her World, Cleo, and Female from time-to-time. And whenever I buy them, I'll join the contests that are organised in that particular months. Sometimes, they have great prizes like Crabtree & Evelyn hampers worth RM500, Benefit hamper worth RM500, Bobbi Brights palette and other cosmetics, etc.

Earlier this month, I received a letter from BluInc, the owner of Her World magazine. When I opened it, it said that I've won the Her World/Mary Kay contest organised in August 2008. Errr...yes, it's August 2008. It took that long for the results to be out. And this is the first time I've won anything from a magazine contest since I started last year. These are also my first Mary Kays.

The letter from BluInc

This is what I collected from the BluInc office about 2 weeks ago

I won 2 Mary Kay creme lipsticks and 2 Mary Kay Nourishine(TM) lip glosses. Each item is worth RM48, and I won a total of RM192 worth of Mary Kay products. YAY!!!

2 lip glosses and 2 lipsticks from Mary Kay

I did swatches of the lipsticks, but somehow the photo didn't turn out so well.

Here I will describe the lipsticks. The texture is very smooth when I swatched it on the back of my hand, but turns out quite sheer. I haven't opened the 2 bottles of lip glosses, but as you can see, the colours of the glosses quite match the lipstick colours.

So I think when I start to use them, I'll apply the lipstick first followed by the complementary lip gloss.

Wait for my "Lips of the Day" (LOTD).........

What Should I Wear To MPO?

I am going to attend an MPO concert in May. And the question is what should I wear?

So, today afternoon, I was at Parkson Pavilion. I found a couple of dresses that I quite like. And the price is also within quite a reasonable range.

Ok, the first dress I tried on is very Jessica-like. And you must be wondering who Jessica is. Jessica is Ada Choi Siu Fun's character in TVB's 2008 grand production Gem of Life - Hong Nga Sze a.k.a. Sheou Mei. If you have followed the series closely and paid attention to the actresses and their dressing, you'll know which dress of Jessica's I'm talking about.

I did some camwhoring in the fitting room at Parkson Pavilion which was so spacious with an armchair and a coffee table and 3-way mirror.

Don't you think it's so Jessica-like?
In Gem of Life, she wore a similar dress - white with black polka dots but not 2-layer overlapping as the one I tried out.
If only I'm as tall as Ada Choi.....sigh....
Remember the scene where she stomped into her parents' home and started screaming at Constance Hong Nga Tung (played by Gigi Lai) after her son was almost attacked by the mad woman?
Another scene (if I'm not mistaken) where she wore that dress is at the Ngai Sze Art Gallery. Several scenes actually.

Ok, now about this dress. It's a Monica Quen creation and sold in Parkson Pavilion. It's an off-white swing dress made from pleated chiffon-like fabric to give the dress its softness and flowiness. On the front, there's actually 2 pieces of the fabric sewn overlapping each other to make an uneven hemline. On the left side of the neckline, it's opened and tied together into a bow. (Not
shown in the pix)
Price: RM169.90.

Do I like this dress?
Yes, I do! In fact, I love it. But one minus is that even though the dress is quite flowy, the pleated fabric makes it a little too rigid and from the side, it makes me look pregnant! That's the last thing I want to look like right now after so much effort made to lose weight. :)

Then my little girl and I walked around and found Carven Ong's clothing (the label Carven Sense) at the other end of the floor. The good thing is Carven Ong's clothing is on sale. Monica Quen is also on sale but the discount is not as much as Carven Ong's.

I found a sleeveless creamy pale yellow dress with floral and butterfly prints. This dress is very versatile. It can be worn as a casual dress or throw in a shawl or put on a bolero-type vest....voila!! An elegant cocktail dress which I think should be formal enough for the MPO. ;)
Price: RM79.00, best buy.

Again I camwhored in another fitting room which was smaller than the previous one, but nevertheless just as spacious.

Carven Ong's creation

So what do you think?

Oh NO.....Benefit Cosmetics Price Increase!

My dear readers and fellow Benefit cosmetics lovers,

I was at the Benefit counter in Metrojaya Midvalley yesterday. Actually, I didn't intend to buy anything even though I've been lemming for certain shades of their creaseless cream shadows. But as we passed by the counter, my little girl started calling out, "Benefit, benefit" and made her hand gesture like stroking her cheeks...ehem....actually, she was refering to Coralista, by far, her favourite from Benefit, and wanted to play with it again. The last time she was happily playing with Coralista - Scroll all the way down

I am not writing this to talk about the fun.....but I have BAD NEWS for Benefit cosmetics lovers! From next month onwards, there will be PRICE INCREASE of about 10% for Benefit products at their counters in Malaysia!! It was told to me by one of their SAs.

I just started to like Benefit some time early this year. Even then, I thought their prices were super duper high! And of course, I've read so much about its sky-high prices from beauty blogs over the Internet. But now, with a price hike, I don't know if I'm ever going to buy the products over-the-counter anymore. May be their holiday gift sets. But I'll definitely be looking forward to their warehouse sales for sure.

So to all Benefit lovers out there, should we form a group to protest against the price hike, write a petition letter with all our signatures and send it to the CEO of Starlight Cosmetics (Benefit's importer to Malaysia)?

I'll talk more on this in the next few days, and will also do price comparison with other more luxury and high-end cosmetics brand.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lancome Facial

Yesterday morning, I went for a Lancome facial at KLCC. Lancome was having a promotion on its new GN-White serum and other whitening products. This facial was free because I had purchased 2 boxes of eye mask from them last week.

The facial was only 45 minutes but I felt so refreshed after that. My little girl was with me and she was lying down on top of me while the beautician cleansed and massaged my face. She was watching so intently and several times, even told the beautician that my nose still had some suds..haha!

Anyways, the beautician used pressure point massage on my face before putting on the creams. It felt very good. She explained that using the pressure point massage helped to increase absorption of the creams.

I like Lancome facial and am looking forward for more......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

YSL Spring 2009 Makeup Workshop

Last Saturday, I attended the YSL Spring 2009 Makeup Workshop at Parkson Pavilion. It was conducted by YSL International Makeup Artist, Patrick Havegheer. Actually I'd wanted to go for the Sunday session but it was canceled. And because the Sunday session was canceled, I had no babysitter on Saturday morning, so I had to bring my little girl along. The session cost RM120, fully redeemable for YSL products.

Overall the wokshop went well, was very interesting and the YSL staff and even the makeup artist, Patrick, were very nice and accommodating to the presence of my little girl who at the beginning was all quiet and attentive. But along the way, she got cranky and made quite a lot of noise.

My little girl and I went there quite early (about 10.15am) and decided to drop by the YSL counter in Parkson. The workshop was scheduled to start at 11am. There was this male SA who told me that the staff were still preparing the venue upstairs, on the 4th floor. So I decided to take my little girl for breakfast at Dome. Then, we came back to the counter at about 10.55am. He ushered us to the Personal Shopper Room. When we got there, I saw there was a table with some finger food (from Zang Toi Cafe) (pic below) and one of the female staff told me to help ourselves. I was like what? We just had our breakfast. If we'd known that breakfast would be served, we would've just gone upstairs for breakfast. Thanks to that male SA.

Anyways, my little girl enjoyed the chocolate banana brownies very much.

Sitting at our table, enjoying breakfast

While my little girl was enjoying her little finger food, I went around snapping photos like all bloggers would do ;)

YSL Spring 2009 Collection

The workshop started shortly after. Rebecca, for YSL, made a short introduction and presented Patrick Havegheer and the model for the day, Kirsten.

Patrick started preparing Kirsten's face by applying a makeup base, YSL's Top Secrets, on her face. The YSL Top Secret came in a tube with a brush at the end for application. You just need to squeeze the tube a little and the base would come out on the brush. Next is the application of the Perfect Touch Foundation also with a brush that was attached to the end of the tube. This was followed by concealer. Then, it's the highlighter's turn. Patrick used YSL Radiante Touch highlighter to touch up areas like the T-zone, which normally is quite oily, on the eyelids, on the sides of the nose, and on the smile lines. Basically, according to Patrick, you use on the areas on the face with slight recesses, as mentioned before. The whole process was finished off by dabbing some loose powder on the face with a face brush. Instead of loose powder, compact powder can be used.

After this, Patrick took a little break to let us prepare our faces with the help of the YSL staff. My little girl, as usual, was ever so eager to try out everything too. So I just pretended to give her a piece of cotton pad and some brushes to play with. The YSL ladies were so surprised at how she could do everything so well. Then, she insisted on the palettes laid on our table in front of her. She kept on saying "I want eyeshadow". And I had to give in before she made a drama. Once she got her hands on the new Spring eye palette, she dug her fingers into it and started applying different shades onto her lids to the surprise of everyone including Patrick!

Then, Patrick showed us the application of the new Spring Palette. At this point, my little girl was starting to become restless that I had to take her out from the room a few times. She wanted the green 5-shade eyeshadow palette from the display. When Patrick took another break to let us try out the eye colours, she got her long-awaited green eyeshadow palette and started digging her fingers into it. Then Patrick came over to us, asked my permission to make up for my little girl. I was like sure thing, she was so proud to be made up by Patrick using her favourite green eyeshadows! Then, she even chose her own lip gloss and Patrick just put it on for her.

My beautiful baby beauty

While I was trying to do my eye makeup, my little girl, all made up and nice, was clinging on to me that I couldn't really do much. Then, came all the nice YSL ladies - Rebecca, Jasmine and even Kirsten, trying to take her away to the stage area, offering to put on more makeup for her, etc. But they were unsuccessful. It's not your fault, kind-hearted ladies. It's just my daughter is super clingy to me, thanks to practising attachment parenting since she was a baby!

Patrick also came over and helped me do some final touches to my eye makeup. He added some brown from the Spring face powder palette to my lids above the creases to lift up my eyes more.

Then Patrick showed us the application of blush and lipstick/lipgloss.

At the end of the workshop which was already 1.30pm, we were given our door gifts and I got the YSL Limited Edition White Gold lipstick as an early bird gift (the first 20 to sign up). But they forgot to give me a miniature fragrance as promised to members. I already emailed Karen from Emmagem about this.

UPDATE: I received the miniature fragrance already.

Limited Edition White Gold Lipstick
Early bird gift

Makeover voucher

And with the RM120 voucher, I redeemed a YSL lipgloss (RM85) and lipstick (RM89). I top up additional RM54.

And it was coming to 2pm already. I had to rush to Mont Kiara for the Clarins workshop. More on the Clarins workshop in another post. You can read about it from Miu's blog.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What A Saturday!

On Friday, I was all grumpy and frumpy from slow IZZI net connection, uttering so many profanities on my Facebook and it didn't help that there was some one bugging and breathing down my neck (not my little girl definitely!) She's been quite an angel lately, bugging me only when hungry or sleepy.

Anyways, today (Saturday) was simply great fun despite so many, many unpleasant circumstances.

In the morning, I took my little girl to attend YSL Spring 2009 Makeup Workshop at Parkson Pavilion. It was conducted by YSL international makeup artist, Patrick Havegheer. It was very interesting and went well till my little girl get cranky. But she was all happy again when Patrick put on her favourite green shade eyeshadow for her. He actually made up her whole face.

It ended way past 1.30pm, and I had to rush off to Plaza Mont Kiara in Mont Kiara, of course, for the Clarins Pure Pampering Workshop. Actually it was my blogger buddy, Miu, of Plus Size Kitten, who called me the night before telling me that one of her friends couldn't make it and I can take her slot! Yippee!! But how to make it from Pavilion KL to Mont Kiara? To top it up, I don't know that area well. But not wanting to miss the chance to hang out with Miu, I drove all the way, lost my way in Sri Hartamas, stopped to ask at a petrol station and finally got there at 3pm plus...Huh!! And they actually wouldn't let me in, saying they were having a private function but Miu already written my name on their list when she registered earlier. Thank you so much, Miu! By the time we got there, the demos were already over. Hence, we just enjoyed the food and had some pampering session. And met some new friends too! :)

More on each event later............

Monday, March 16, 2009

...And I Got It - The Clarins Nature Temptations Eye Colour Palette 01

Yes! I got it yesterday (Sunday), right after I wrote my previous post (Haha!), at`Parkson Pavilion. I just couldn't resist it because it's just too pretty. ;)

The imprint of the flowers in the eyeshadows is so nice that I don't have the heart to swatch those colours. You can see my previous post for the swatches.

By the way, this is also my first Clarins venture.

So, I present..............

It came in a red box
(Somehow I like this box packaging/design. Just simple red with the words in white prints.)

The exterior of the palette - in shiny mirror-like casing.
Pretty and elegant.

The interior and its beautiful colours.

A close-up view of the eyeshadows.
Pretty, isn't it?
Note the pretty flower imprints.

I couldn't bring myself to use it just yet. When I can, I'll play with the colours and expect some EOTDs!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I So Want The Clarins' Nature Temptation Eye Palette

Oohhh.....I've bought so many makeups for the past 2 months - all are the various makeup brands Spring and/or Spring/Summer collections. And I thought I've had enough of makeups by now.

But still tugging at my heart strings is the Clarins Nature Temptation Eye Palette.

Image taken from

Look at how pretty it is....

It was already available in mid-February when I first saw it in either Her World or Female magazine. And last week, I still saw it at the Clarins counter in Parkson Pavilion, but strangely, there was no one at the counter. So I tried to swatch the colours with my finger but the colours didn't really show up well. So I passed it by and almost forgot about it.

However, yesterday I happened to stumble upon some swatches and FOTDs in several makeup blogs, and I was like OMG!!! The colours are so pretty, and again my heart yearns for it.

I hope they still have it at the counters.

Just look at the swatches below.

Image taken from
Look at the image of the palette. The colours correspond to the palette.
1-Tan~top left, 2-Lilac~top right,
3-Plum~middle left, 4-Cool Light Pink~middle right,
5-Beige Nude~bottom left, 6-Seafoam~bottom right

So, what do you think? Should I get it or not?

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone - I Nuovi Sale & Elemis

Update: I went to the I Nuovi store a few days later and managed to exchange the defective Starlight dust. No question asked-just showed to Melissa, and immediately she got a new one for me! Good Service!

**Pix updated!

Yay!! We(my little girl and I) just came back from Sunway Pyramid! Driving there was a breeze, but coming back to KL was a real headache! Because I'm not very familiar with PJS area. Going there via Federal Highway and exiting at the 'Penang Bridge' - after Guiness, was no big deal!

Anyways, you must be very curious at my shopping hauls today.

I bought lots of stuff from I Nuovi ...................and...................Read on.........

My shopping hauls
1 - Deluxe Mini Brush Set x2
2 - Modular compact (my little girl chose all the colours to put into it)
3 - Undercover Under-eye Corrector in 3Y
4 - D27 Eyeshadows x3
5 - Ivoluxe Lipsticks x3

Deluxe Mini Brush Set (RM68 each)
(contains 6 small-sized brushes)

Modular Compact with colours chosen by my little girl
(It's actually an empty compact and we chose the colours to fill it up. Really worth it for RM168)

Modular Compact

D27 Eyeshadows (3 for RM88)

Ivoluxe Lipsticks (3 for RM88)

Very shiny smooth texture

Undercover Under-eye Colour Corrector in 3Y (RM36, n. p. RM60)
40% off lots of freebies too!

Freebies - 10 pc Gift Set with nett purchase of RM500 and above
1 - Travel Pouch
2 - Powder Puff
3 - LE Colour Story Makeup Kit
4 - Browcake in Oak
5 - Ivoluxe Lipstick in Ego
6 - Perfector in 2Y
7 - Gliteratti in Fallen Angel
8 - Eye Dust in Aquamarine
9 - Eye Dust in Starlight (defective)*
10 - Eyepaint (cream to powder eye colour) in Barbie

Defective Eye Dust in Starlight*
(all the powder has fallen out inside and outside the container)

Powder in the box too.

Huh!! What do you think? I think it's really worth it. I bought total 10 items, and I got 10 free gifts that I think cost almost as much as my total purchase, if not more.

By the way, all my purchases above are not for me only. I helped my friend to buy several items too.

So, my suggestion is go with your friends and share your purchases up to RM500, then, get the 10-pc gift set and share among you girls. I don't think everyone would want the same thing from the gift set. Even if so, you are all friends, right?

Then, off to Parkson which was just next to I Nuovi store. Had my skin analysis done by Elemis, and got 5 free samples!!

5 free samples from Elemis

The SAs at the Elemis counter Parkson were so friendly and helpful.

*Regarding the defective Eye Dust in Starlight, I called the store this morning and told them about it, the SA who answered the phone (also happened to be the one serving me yesterday) said I could bring it back to exchange for a new one. As I live so far from Sunway, she said she would keep it for me.VERY NICE! GOOD JO

Reviews coming up........provided lazy bug won't visit me again ;)

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