Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Horrible Bobbi Brown SA!

UPDATE: Bobbi Brown management compensates me!
Scroll down to read more......

I went to Mid Valley this morning to meet up with Chirlyne to exchange a scratched Bobbi Brown pouch I bought from her.(Thanks Chirl for the exchange!) And I bought another thing from her. I also stopped by the Gardens to buy another Marrakesh palette. They still have quite a few of this and the Montmartre (purplish) palette too. So hurry up if you haven't bought these 2 holiday palettes.

Then we (my little girl and I) went over to Mid Valley side to check out the promotions (Clinique, Kose) going on and I had wanted to buy the new limited edition Bobbi Brown Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick which I lemmed about this morning.

The BAD Bobbi Brown SA experience starts here:

Unfortunately that was not to be. We walked into the Bobbi Brown store which was directly opposite MPH. When we walked in, there was one SA at the cashier serving a customer. That's fine!

Then, another one, big-sized, old-looking one with her hair all tied up into a ponytail was sitting at the back of the store doing makeup - yes, she was doing her own makeup, putting on some 10ins thick of foundation for you know what.... As we walked in, she stared at me and my little girl. And went back to continue putting on her ICI paint. Then I checked out their cream liners/shadows. Still nobody came to greet me or offer any assistance. I looked several times at her and she just stared back through me, no smile, no acknowledgement. Back to her ICI painting again. At one point, I thought she was looking at the wall. At another point, I thought she was actually visually-impaired, that's why cannot see me interested in their products.

After another few minutes, I just left the store and went to the Clinique kiosk (which is directly in front of the stupid store) where they are having skincare promotion. There, the SAs were all so nice, and I spent RM270 just like that in less than 5 minutes. Oh yea, I couldn't afford Bobbi Brown products is it? I am very happy and satisfied with Clinique! Clinique purchases coming up next.

OK, now, I just don't understand why that old-looking SA couldn't stop putting on her ICI paint and come over to ask what I am interested in. I was very much interested to buy the new palette. Then, is it polite to just continue painting her ugly face while the customer is browsing through their products and was looking for a brush to test some products?

If they have double standard, FYI, I was holding an Isetan paper bag in my hand, yea, I shopped in Isetan earlier albeit dressed quite casually, and my little girl was dressed in Gap from top to bottom (not meant to show off). And she thought that I couldn't afford Bobbi Brown is it? That's why ignoring me and kept on painting her ugly face.

I'm writing this specifically on that old SA, not generalising here, as I've met very nice Bobbi Brown SAs at the counter in Isetan the Gardens and at their store in Pavilion KL.

So, to anyone from Bobbi Brown or Suria Meriang (importer of Bobbi Brown) reading this, I hope you will take the appropriate action against this SA. I don't know her name as she was not even wearing a name tag!! But I recognise her face.

On another note, I never had any bad experience with MAC SAs. Everytime I walk into MAC KLCC and in Mid Valley, there's always a SA coming to greet me and offering assistance. And when I don't buy, they'll just say thank you, no sour face. Well, these are from my own experiences, of course.

But at Bobbi Brown, don't talk about sour face, I WAS COMPLETELY IGNORED!!!!

(29 April 2009)

Yesterday, I was all angry at the treatment or rather, no treatment, I got from a Bobbi Brown staff at their store in Mid Valley.

Ok, I came home and blogged about the bad experience and my dear friend, Miu, suggested I write to Suria Meriang (importer of Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder and several other brands) to complain. But I took a more drastic step to call Suria Meriang, which turned out to be the right step.

I called the head office not knowing who to speak to. So I told the girl who picked up the phone that I wanted to speak to the person-in-charge of Bobbi Brown regarding a complaint on bad customer service. I was put through to Karina (or Carina, I am not sure of the spelling). She was very nice to speak with. So I told her what exactly happened and she told me that they just had a meeting in the morning discussing about rude staff and poor customer service and that the manager of the store in Mid Valley was also present at that meeting. Haha! What an irony!

Then I described how that person looked like to Karina because I couldn't get her name as she was not wearing a name tag. At first, she thought could it be a customer. But when I described further, she said she had an idea who she was. That person is a part-timer at the MV store.

She also explained that Bobbi Brown does not practise double standard and no matter how small the amount a customer spends at their store, they are always very much appreciated. OK, then I told her, I had not even spent one sen and I was already ignored.

She then sincerely apologised to me and promised to investigate the matter. She also offered to make appointment for a makeover for me to experience the whole Bobbi Brown experience, but this time I said I was not going back to Mid Valley, and proposed their store at Pavilion. She said no problem, she will arrange something for me at my convenience. Well, that was a very good first step to rectify the problem for an angry customer.

A couple hours later, I received a call from Karina again. This time she had spoken to the store manager and told me that the part-timer was not on duty today and wanted me to clarify the date and time I was at their store. And I told her I was there the very same morning between 11am to 12noon. They were baffled at first. But she said she'll investigate further.

An hour after she called me, she called again and this time explained the whole situation and apologised for the 2nd time. Yes, that part-timer was indeed at the store using their products to make up even though she was off-duty. So that was clear indeed she was a staff and I didn't mistake a customer for their staff. Huh. However Carina said it was not right for any of their staff to use their products whether or not they are on duty in public, as in in front of customers and leaving the customers unattended. They could do so in their studio at the back of the store. Oh yeah, when I first called her, she did explain that none of their staff is supposed to put on any makeup at the store. The company requires all staff to come to work with at least minimal make up on and not come to work, then do their make up.

So, the part-timer not only ignored me (fine, they could argue that she was off-duty which Karina didn't, of course. I shall rationalise this later.), she even broke the company rule of putting on her own make up in front of the customers.

Finally, Carina thanked me for bringing this matter up to her attention, and that she could quickly rectify the matter before they lose their exisitng customers and potential ones like me and many of you too. She said if it had happened to other customers, they might just keep quiet and forget about it but might never come back to Bobbi Brown again.

OK, of course they didn't give me any monetary compensation which was not what I had wanted in the first place when I called up to complain. I just simply like their new limited edition Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick very much that I wanted to buy it. After finished talking to Karina, one girl from Bobbi Brown Pavilion called me. She also apologised and told me that I could come to the store anytime for a free makeover, and she'll personally see to it. So, I said fine and thanked her and now I'm looking forward to the makeover at the end of the week!!

Conclusion: I want to thank Karina (I forgot to ask what's her post, ;), my mistake) for taking up this matter seriously and spending her time to investigate this matter and dealt with it fairly, not taking sides with her staff.

To Karina, if there are more people like you in the retail industry in Malaysia, I'm sure the Malaysian consumers will speak up more and help you to improve your services better, hence improving sales too. Keep up the good work!

The rationale I want to make is even if that person is only a part-timer who happened to be off-duty, manners and conscience would tell that if you see your colleague on duty is busy, why can't you help your colleague by greeting and acknowledging the customer and said something like " 'Morning ma'am. My colleague is a bit busy now. Have a look first, she'll attend to you in a bit." She could say it in Chinese/Cantonese if her English is not good. Than just sitting there and staring at me then back to putting on her makeup. How rude is that? And her colleague lost her sale from me as a result of her action because I really wanted to buy the new Shimmer brick. If she had done a simple gesture as to greet me, I wouldn't be writing this.

I think it's just simple manners that every reasonable person would have.

To my dear readers and fellow consumers, please do not be afraid to complain when you receive any bad service. But please be reasonable with your complain and be constructive.

Monday, April 27, 2009

ORIGINS Workshop

Here is some information on the ORIGINS Workshop that was informed by V in Miu's blog.

I just called them and below are the details.

Date: 9th and 10th of May 2009 (Sat. and Sun.)
Time: 1.30pm - 4.00pm
Venue: Origins Pavilion (not sure inside Parkson?? To be confirmed later.)

Price: RM150 voucher, RM120 redeemable for Origins product and RM30 for door gifts.

Call 03-21415785 and give your name and telephone no, tell them the date you want. The girl said she has not received the voucher yet. So she'll call me back when she gets the voucher.

I have tentatively chosen the 9th of May slot, to be confirmed later.

So hurry up, call them now as the places are limited!

Friday, April 24, 2009

New From Estee Lauder And A Little Contest

Well, they are NEW to us here in Malaysia but I've been eyeing them for a few months now in their US website.

And at the end of this post, will be the contest! Please take some time to read first. ;)

Yesterday I received a phone call from the Estee Lauder counter in Parkson Pavilion telling me that they already received testers for some of the products from the Summer Collection. No, not from the Vivid Garden or Bronze Goddess, well, at least, the SA who served me didn't know about it. My friend was not there, but I actually saw her at the EL counter in Parkson KLCC as I was leaving the Stila counter.

Anyways, I took the chance to test out their Pure Color Gloss Sticks which came in 8 shades, but in the US website, it showed 12 shades. I'm fine with just 8 colours because I already had trouble deciding on which colours I like and I want! The colours range from nude to bright red. I swatched several colours namely the brighter ones, but the photos of the swatches didn't turn out so well. But of the swatches I made, I particularly like Sunlit Coral. As the name suggests, it's a coral shade with orangey tone. I tried to find it in the US website but the colour that came the closest to this Sunlit Coral is Orange Poppy. Ahem, I had a feeling they are both the same colour but with a different name. I had described it 'with an orangey tone'. Hence, could the name change be attributed to the word 'Poppy'? Anyways, I'm not in the enforcement and I would not speculate either.

Edit: According to Paris B's site, there were actually Sunlit Coral and Orange Poppy colours, though I haven't seen the Orange Poppy shade at the Estee Lauder counters I visited. And neither can I find Sunlit Coral on the US website. I will clarify this the next time I visit their counter.

My favourite shade - Sunlit Coral

Next were the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Shadow Cremes. I can say they were awesome. May be it's because I have a thing for cream eyeshadows and those from Benefit are pretty expensive here in Malaysia. Estee Lauder's is priced at RM65 for 5g while the Benefit ones RM85 for 4.5g. There were 8 colours here and in the US website, 10 colours, including 3 limited editions. 2 of the limited editions (Golden Apricot and Silver Leaf) are found here, and 2 colours are not in Malaysia (Sea Mist(limited edition color) and Lilac Petals).

UPDATE (19/05/2009): Sea Mist and Lilac Petals are now available in Malaysia at selected Estee Lauder counters. I saw them at EL counters at Isetan KLCC and Isetan the Gardens last weekend. And what else did I do with them? BOUGHT THEM, of course! ;)

Top row, L to R: Blue Velvet, Silver Leaf (limited edition), Pink Blush, Antique Gold.
Bottom row, L to R: Golden Apricot (limited edition), Ivory Lace, Vintage Violet, Precious Jade.

Below are the swatches of all 8

From L to R: Silver Leaf, Ivory Lace, Vintage Violet, Precious Jade,
Pink Blush, Blue Velvet, Golden Apricot, Antique Gold.

And something for you readers to ponder till the reviews on these 2 products........do take a closer look at some of the colours? Do you see some similarity of certain colours to certain colours of some eyeshadows from a certain brand? The difference is Estee Lauder's are creme while the other, powder.

Do I like these 2 new products from Estee Lauder? The answer is a BIG YES!! I'm waiting till May to purchase the Sunlit Coral and some of the creme shadows, as the Model Search event is starting on May 4th. I'll use the makeover voucher to redeem some of these lovelies. :)

Now.......the contest......

This is the first contest organised by Vonvon's Interests, preceding a major giveaway in May.

o enter this contest, answer these 2 question:

1) What brand of eyeshadow does some colours of the Shadow Creme similar to?
(There is only ONE answer to this question.)

2)Take a guess:
Which are my favourite colours of the Estee Lauder Shadow Creme?

(Hint: I like half of all the colours, that means, there are 4 colours which are my favourites. Just name 2 colours of the 4.)

Please write the answers in the comments below telling me where you are from, together with your valid email address (to make it easier for me to contact you if you win), for example:

Raindeer (from Petaling Jaya)
1) Stxxx

2) Blue velvet and silver leaf


Contest Rules:

1. This contest is open to Malaysians and residents of Malaysia with a valid Malaysian mailing address ONLY. This is due to the high cost of posting the prizes outside Malaysia. I'm sorry, my international readers.

2. The closing date for this contest is 1st May 2009, 6PM (Malaysian Time, GMT +8). After that, I will close comments and choose the winners. There will be 2 winners for this contest, chosen based on the correct answers to both the questions above.

3. Incomplete entries will be disqualified and I will delete your comment.

4. One reader is entitled to leave one comment only. Please give others a chance. No spam please!

5. Depending on the amount of entries, I will announce the 2 winners by the latest, 5 days after the contest closed. And the winners will have 48 hours upon receiving my email informing you of the win to respond failing which the prize will go to the next winner.

6. Prizes will be posted by me via registered mail/poslaju (depending on your location) and I will bear all the cost of postage.

OK, enough of the rules, the prizes will be...........


A Cyber Colors mascara in black and
Stila's Shadow Pots in Taupe


Stila's Lip Glaze Stick in Vanilla

Note: I'm not paid by Estee Lauder to write this post. This contest is organised on my own initiative as a gratitude to my readers for your support. All the prizes are sponsored solely by me.

So, what are you waiting for?? Quick, leave a comment!

Another STILA.....

OK, some of my readers are already very impatient to see my latest Stila hauls. So this one was from last Thursday, not yesterday, but last week's. I met Miu at KLCC, grabbed our stuff, then drove myself and Miu to The Gardens, hoping to get stuff that KLCC didn't have. Both were not disappointing.

From Stila, Parkson KLCC.....

From Stila, Isetan the Gardens.....

I've labeled everything in the top photo, and the photo below is quite explanatory, I guess.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Beautyholics Anonymous Giveaway

This is to let you, my readers know that Beautyholics Anonymous is having a giveaway to celebrate its turning TWO next month. There'll be loads and loads of goodies to be won by ONE lucky reader. So go ahead, click here to go to Tine's site.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slow Internet.....Stila Will Be Tomorrow

I'm very sorry that I couldn't put up my Stila stuff for sale because of very slow and stupid IZZI internet. I'll try to post them up as fast as I can as when the internet connection allows. And I haven't been feeling too well for the past few days.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'll be putting up some of my Stila items for sale tomorrow in my blogshop. The prices are, of course, not the same as in the counters as I have added some service charges to every item.

Some of the items I'm letting go are eye and lip palettes and lip glaze sticks. Quantities are limited. First-come-first-served.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My 4th STILA Haul.....and last??

Finally, last Friday, I went to Stila KLCC at 10.30 in the morning to get my long-awaited stuff after the long wait for nothing on Thursday afternoon.

However, some of the stuff were very very old stock and 1 defective lipstick!!

Read on......

For now......here are the pix.

Just look at how happy my little girl was when she saw my latest Stila stuff
and got to pose with them for photo.
Look at her 'kin nga ng kin ngan' grin!
(Meaning, her huge grin which shows her teeth but not her eyes!)

My haul on Friday
4 items are missing from the photo above and below.
Read on for the reasons.

My 4th Stila haul

I just got one of each so I cannot spare any for anyone right now.
I'll be going there in the next few days to get more for those who have asked me to help them buy.
The far left one was gotten on the very 1st day on the previous Saturday.
The rest were bought last Friday.
Update: From left to right, Brushes # 13, 24, 4, 30, 8, 27, 9, 28.

And as for the bad grapes, one of the shadow pots I bought, in Pearl, was manufactured in DECEMBER 2004!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the blurry photo.
I bet you still can see the MFG DATE!

And that's not bad enough, I got a Shine Lip Color in Sarah which turned out to be a very pretty sheer pink, a bit like Barbie color. Miu showed me the tester and she swatched it to show me. So I took one without opening the box to check. When I came home, I wanted to show my little girl and when I twisted it out, it was fine. And to my horror, when I wanted to keep the lipstick, I couldn't twist it back in. Just like you can see in the photo below.

Then, as I checked all the other stuff I bought, I found that 2 All-over liquid shimmer in #1 and #2 were manufactured in 2005.

So, I'm planning to go back to Stila KLCC to practise my consumer rights to exchange these products! Also not to mention the 2 over-charged Lip Glaze Sticks in my previous post.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My 3rd STILA Haul

I know some of my dear readers, ;), are very impatient to see what's my 3rd haul from Stila looks like.

So without further ado.........I present my 3rd STILA haul!

Error: The 2 smoky eye palettes are not BRONZES, but the ORIGINAL

Error: The 2 smoky eye palettes are not BRONZES, but the ORIGINAL

These were what I got on Thursday after the super long wait for new stocks to arrive. But these were not new stocks that arrived. They were those that I've reserved last Sunday.

And today, when I was taking the photos, I noticed that 2 of the lip glaze sticks (LGS) that I've purchased had the price tag of RM45! What the hell?? As I know, all LGS, with or without sharpener, is priced at RM30. And I checked the receipt again and they had charged me RM45 each for the 2 LGS, as you can see in the photo above.

Anyways, I'm planning to go back to Stila KLCC in the next few days, depending on when my 'curfew' will be lifted. :( Hehe! And I'm going to tell Lilian about this and many other stuff too.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I think I'm going to make KLCC my next home! For the past week, I've been there almost everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY, kid you not. Anyways, I had my 3rd Stila haul yesterday but are actually the items that I've reserved since Sunday.

Yesterday morning, I went to Parkson KLCC and waited for new stocks to arrive, supposedly at 3pm. But I waited till almost 4pm and Lilian (Stila counter manager) received a phone call saying the stocks will arrive only at 7pm!!! I was like WHAT!!!!! I've been sitting at the counter waiting since 11am!!!!! Yes, 11am till almost 4pm!!!

Meanwhile to fight the boredom of waiting, I struck up a conversation with a lady sitting opposite me, who was also waiting to pick up stuff for her daughter. Wow!! Lucky girl to have a mother like JC (the lady's name) who decided not to go for lunch but wait at the Stila counter for as long as the time I've waited!

I also met Moon/June who recognised me from reading my blog. Thanks for your support Moon/June. She couldn't wait that long and asked me to help her buy an All Over Liquid Shimmer and a Lip Glaze Stick in Fruit Punch. At around 2pm, I saw another girl also sitting at the counter waiting, and she is Eva. We also chit-chatted a bit to kill time.

Finally, at 4pm, after being told that stocks will only arrive at 7pm, I left KLCC with my 3rd haul. Photos coming up soon.

Today, I went there early in the morning again and got my things which were supposed to have gotten yesterday. I saw Vivian, no, actually, she spotted me hovering over the boxes of stocks, and called me. I first met Vivian at the YSL workshop in March. So nice of you, Vivian, to say hi, so happy to see you again. Then, Miu came also, and we checked our orders, got our stuff and off we went to L'Occitane which was having some kind of member day. Ahem, ahem.....


Anyways, my haul today has some defective items, namely Shine Lip Color in Sarah and a shadow pot that was manufactured in 2004!!!! Ok, the shadow pot is not defective but very very old!

Below is the excerpt of my comment I left in Miu's blog:

Btw, I just want to tell you girls, be careful and check the MFG date properly. Don't think they sell at counters and not warehouse sale means everything new and nice.

I got an eyeshadow pot (Pearl) today MFG in 2004!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!!
And the Shine LIp Color in Sarah - the lipstick cacat one!!! After twist out, cannot twist back inside!! And i tried calling them from 1.30 pm to 3.15pm, nobody picked up the phone. Finally, I managed to call the Lancome counter next to Stila's and got the girl at Lancome to call Lilian to the phone. Huh!!!

For now, my dear readers........my little girl is trying to 'hijack' the laptop to see her Winnie the Pooh pix! Will post up more photos of my 3rd and 4th hauls later.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Benefit's PRIMPCESS & Eye Of The Day

I have acquired the Benefit's Primpcess for quite some time but haven't gotten the time to try it out.

Today, somehow I just felt like taking it out from my drawer to use it.

I followed the instructions as given. There is a booklet lesson included.

First, I applied Boi-ing in 02 with the mini concealer brush included in the set to the under-eye area where it was the darkest. Boi-ing is a dark circle concealer for the eyes.
You can see the difference in the photo below:

Next, I applied the Creaseless Cream Shadow in r.s.v.p. as a base shadow
from the upper lash line up to the brow. R.s.v.p. is a natural light brown tone, almost nude, with a hint of shimmer. You can see the swatch of r.s.v.p. which turned out nude.

Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner r.s.v.p.

The swatch of r.s.v.p. - turns out nude, except for some shimmer

Using the fluff brush, I put the contour colour on both sides and applied it to the crease of my eyes.
This was followed by patting the accent colour with my middle finger to the centre of my lids.
After that, the booklet says to use the thin side of the talent brush to pick up the liner colour (dark brown) and line the upper lash line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Then, on the lower lash line, line it from the outer corner to halfway of the lower lash line. Errr....at this point, I had problem because the line was too thick on my lower lash line. What I did was just wipe part of the line off with some tissue. Turned out better.

The same colour can also be used to define the brow, but I didn't do it. Lazy me :P

Then, I put on the mascara BADgal Lash in black. (Wow! The mascara brush is really huge. I actually had some trouble when it comes to the tiny lashes on the outer corner of my eyes.)

After mascara, I used the wiped-clean concealer brush to apply some eye bright on the inner corners of my eyes to the bridge of the nose. And from the outer corner, to the outer corner of the brow. I blended it with my finger and DONE!!

My Eye of the Day (EOTD)
Very natural? More defines eyes?
What do you think?

My 2nd STILA Haul

As promised, the photos of my 2nd Stila haul.......

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Breakfast Became Lunch And Shopping Day

Breakfast this morning was supposed to be at 10.30, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, it was postponed to lunch, which was fine with me, as I managed to do some household chores. Today, my little girl was not clingy at all. She was playing with her Daddy since she woke up in the morning. However, as I going out of the house, she had a little drama. This time, it was not the usual drama of "Mommy, I want to follow, I want to follow Mommy.....". She wanted me to stay home and play Lego with her. She said, "Mommy stay. Mommy don't go". Well, she didn't want to go out with me today but she wouldn't let me go out. Haha!

Anyways, I managed to sneak out and went to KLCC to meet Dr Chow who was just post-call. We window-shopped in ZARA for a bit before heading for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. I saw a purple dress which was quite a bit like described and suggested by Shopaholic in her comment. V-neck, 3/4-sleeve, a little below the knee, except the material is a bit T-shirt-like. It does not justify its price of RM169.90. Well, some may say it's ZARA, so you are paying for ZARA. But I still think it's not worth the money.

Then, we had our lunch and chatted and chatted. After lunch, my hands started to 'itch' ;) so I decided to go to the Stila counter at Parkson. Lilian was there but busy as usual. Anyways, I bought some of the items that I had reserved few days earlier, namely lip liners, an eye palette, treatment powder, an eyeshadow duo and its casing. Total RM200+. Not bad for 9 items from Stila! There's more still in my reserved list that have not been purchased. Photos coming up next.

Then we continued walking and Dr Chow went into KOOKAI boutique, saw a black knitted short puff-sleeved dress, liked it and of course, bought it.

By the way, we also checked out the Twin Towers Fitness Centre. We might go for the Body Pump session tomorrow evening. ;-)

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Dr Chang will be having breakfast with Dr Chow at San Francisco Coffee soon. Time to meet up and catch up and have our 'complain queen support group' gathering. Haha!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My STILA Hauls

My Stila hauls

Stila Malaysia started its sale up to 70% off this past Saturday. My blogger buddy, Miu, texted me and told me the good news!

On Saturday morning, I went to the Stila counter in Parkson KLCC to buy Stila products at such huge discounts. At about 10.30am , there were quite a number of people already, mostly Parkson staff.

Curious at what I got???

So, here you are..................

For the eyes......

Left to right: Plumping Lip Glazes in Berry Mint and Vanilla Mint,
Lip Glazes in Banana and Spiced Pumpkin

Lip glaze sticks

Tinted moisturiser

These were my hauls on the first day of the sale, that was on Saturday.

On Sunday, that was yesterday, I went again to reserve more stuff, to be collected later in the week.

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I always want to blog about the things I did and stuff I bought the very same day as I did it. But UNFORTUNATELY the Internet in this country SUCKS to the grave. And I'm using LOUSY IZZI net, yes, IZZI net!! Remember this, don't ever subscribe to this LOUSY IZZI!

Every weekend, I cannot connect to the stupid IZZI at all!!!! And during weekdays, it's not any better, especially at night!!

What the hell is wrong with all the ISPs in this country?? All they know is to get more people to subscribe but the more people subscribe, the lousier their services!

Even Ukraine has much better and faster Internet connection than this country!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Warehouse Sale at Corus Hotel

***OMG!! I started this at about 7.30pm. There are so many distractions from my little girl every 5 minutes, and finally here I am, finished and published this at 10.16pm . See? Says who being an SAHM is nice and have lots of free time?? :(((

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Yesterday, I went to the Branded Fragrance and Cosmetics Warehouse Sale by Prestige at the Corus Hotel, Jalan Ampang, KL. Hubby dropped me there around 11-ish and took my little girl home, but all the way home, she was calling out for me and called me several times, that Hubby decided to bring her back to Corus Hotel!! YES!!! That's how clingy she is!!

Anyways, when I got there, I was shocked to see the amount of people in that small ballroom. I thought they were all looking at the perfumes and cosmetics, but to my horror, that's the QUEUE, or whatever you can call it, queueing up to pay!!!

My purpose of going there was for the Paul & Joe and Givenchy cosmetics. I was not interested in their perfumes. I have not tried any Paul & Joe cosmetics before and I was also hoping to get their brush holder which retails for RM55 (if I'm not mistaken) at their counters. But they didn't have it. So I just looked at their makeup which were very reasonably priced, starting from RM18 for eye pencils to RM80 for their Face and Lip Palette which was already sold out by the time I got there at 11-ish. Anyways, I got hooked at their Facecolor Powder CS N which the lady there told me is eyeshadow. Anyways, I like the packaging and the contents. I bought 5 of them, costing RM32 each and 1 for RM30. I also bought 2 P&J eye glosses which is a cream-to-powder eyeshadow (RM31 each), 1 Lipstick N in no.1 (RM31) and 1 Dual Crayon eyeliner in no.2 (RM26).

Paul & Joe Facecolor Powder CS N (pix above and below)

Other Paul & Joe stuff I bought

Paul & Joe eye glosses (cream-to-powder eye shadow)

Paul & Joe dual crayon

Paul & Joe lipstick N

I bought their Violet mascara which was RM33, but when I went home and open it, it was totally dried and clumped up. I had wanted to check it there and then, but the lady said because it's sealed, it should be in good condition. And I cannot open to check it because "this is warehouse sale, so it's like that lor..." Later, after consulting Miu, I went back in the afternoon to exchange it.

In the afternoon at almost 5pm, there were not many people and the Q to pay was shortened to about 30+ people as compared to morning, hundreds of people. Luckily for me, when I showed it to them, they went to get another mascara to exchange but I insisted the girl (yea, this time a younger girl) to open up to check first. She opened 1, dried up, opened another, the same, opened the 3rd one, also the same. So I told her I want to exchange a different thing which costs the same, and they had only their LE lipsticks which cost RM33. But I already had similar colours, so I decided to get another LE Facecolor Powder CS N (RM32). It's OK, I can forego the RM1, instead of losing RM33! Then, I saw another one and I got that too. That's why I have a total of 6 Facecolor Powders.


The girl at the Givenchy counter was terrible and sombong(stuck-up)!!!!! There were so many people waiting to look at things but she kept entertaining some young chicks and ignoring us (me and other ladies), even though we asked her so many times to show us the things we wanted. I was so pissed off that I walked off. Most of their nicer makeups were sold out but I wanted to get one of their coloured eye pencils (RM18 each). Well, now that I've learnt how to use a pencil eyeliner, I want to get pencil eyeliners in different colours besides boring black.

Givenchy eyeliner pencil in Violet Fusion (RM18)

Later, when there were less people, I went back to get a violet eyeliner. Even then, she was still her sombong self but at least was answering my questions and showing me things that I asked her to show me.

Then, it was time to join the freaking long queue with all the thick-skinned queue-cutters.
I was actually queueing from the very back, but there was a nice couple who told me to go to the front and tell the guy controlling the queue to let me through because I was carrying my little girl. But I was reluctant because I am not like those conscienceless thick-skinned queue-cutters, then they kept on insisting me to go and try. So I went in front, talked to the guy but he said he cannot let me through if I’m using credit card but if i pay by cash, I can join the shorter Q. Then, I called Hubby who was waiting for me outside to pass me some cash. So, I went to join the cash queue. There, I met Oleyn and Ann, both from SnS and we chatted while waiitng to pay. Nice meeting you girls! :)

In the afternoon when I went back to exchange the dried up P&J mascara, I also got this, but only for the bag. Hence, I'm letting go of the perfume - Miss Soprani by Luciano Soprani 50ml (selling at the sale for RM59). I will sell the perfume for the same price as the sale (RM59).

I'm selling the perfume for RM59.
Please leave a comment below if you are interested.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BENEFIT Price Hike Is Today!

Yes, the long-dreaded day for Benefit cosmetics lovers and Benefit lovers-wannabe is here!

Today is the day STARLIGHT COSMETICS, importer of Benefit cosmetics in Malaysia, going to increase the prices of their products by 10%. Oohh, 10% only??? Yea, I hope it's 10% only! CRAP!!!

I don't know how their new prices are for I have not visited any of their counters today. But anyways, I definitely am not looking forward to it.

So, if anyone of you have checked out their new prices, do share with us by leaving a comment below.

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It's Almost 5am.....

Yeah, you must be wondering what am I doing at 5am? An insomnia attack? Err.....waking up earlier, as in a few hours earlier, more than what was suggested by Sesame, from Vivawoman? The first reason, NO!! The second one.....well, kind of. Earlier, I was all so irritable from so much laundry yet to be done and folded (2 Ikea laundry basketfuls!! And more still hanging on my laundry rack!) but very sleepy at the same time. I dozed off in front of my TV. Then, somewhere through the night, I could have had an attack of somnambulism. I found myself from sleeping on my couch in front of the TV to lying down on my bed! Haha!

Anyways, I was awaken by the fact that I still have heaps and heaps of laundry, undone and unfolded, especially my little girl's clothes. So I dragged myself out of bed, put the previous load of washing into the dryer and put in a another load into the washer.

And now, here I am, bla, bla, bla to you. :-)

And later during the day, gonna have lunch with my 2 girlfriends whom one, I have not met for more than a year, and another who is moving back to her hometown, and of course, my little girl!!

Ooohhh, better go catch another power nap to prevent me from looking like a PANDA at lunch time. But it's ok, there's always I Nuovi Undereye Concealer!!! :-O

Happy April Fool!