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An Afternoon With PLATINUM.....La Prairie, Skincare For The Privileged Few


The alchemic symbol of Platinum
Image from

When you hear the word 'PLATINUM', what would normally be the first thing that comes to your mind? Jewelery? Very rare and expensive element? Or may be the platinum-containing chemotherapeutic agents used in treatment of certain aggressive forms of cancers? CisPLATIN, CarboPLATIN, OxaliPLATIN, sounds strange to some but I have great interest in these words, as complicated as they may sound! The suffix '-PLATIN' indicates platinum in the chemotherapeutic agents.

OK, you must be wondering what exactly Vonvon wants to say in this post, right? Just a few more questions, and I'll tell you. ;) Have you heard of gold being used in cosmetics and skincare? Yes, I'm sure most of us, Stila fanatics, especially in Malaysia and anywhere except in the USA, have been yearning to own Stila's newest Summer Collection called Indian Summer with its 24kt Golden Noir Smudge Pot and the 24kt lip gloss. Gold in skincare, gold facial, anyone?

And what about platinum in skincare? Has anyone heard of it? May be some of you have, but I had not until one afternoon a few weeks ago....

I had received an email and sms from Miu (thank you so much, Miu dear!) informing me of a luxury skincare workshop, La Prairie, for Parkson Elite members. It was actually a private function for invited guests only and no media was allowed. (Later at the function, they did tell us that the media launch was held the day before the private function.) It was a last-minute invitation, as with many things that's got to do with the so-called high-end department store, Parkson! Anyways, I managed to call up to RSVP the day before the workshop was scheduled. Because I had only received the email and sms a few hours earlier.

Me dressed up to go to the workshop

Face Of The Day
My makeup for the event

So that afternoon, I went to Pavilion KL - 7th Heaven on the 7th floor to be exact, where many luxury salons and spas were located. I walked into the lobby and saw Christine (a girl from Stila) among the many people there whom I didn't know. She came up to greet me, checked my name against their guest list and ushered me into a platinum-themed room aptly named Platinum Room where the workshop was to be held. The room had platinum-colored wall and decor, even the table cloths and bows tied to the back of the chairs were platinum-colored!

The entrance to the Platinum Room

The wall in platinum color

The Platinum Room

The stage area
Melissa giving introduction

The table setting
The table cloth is platinum-colored too with beautiful fresh lily as the centrepiece.

The video presentation

Alright, I'll just give you a short introduction to the brand and what the workshop was about.

La Prairie is a luxury Swiss skincare brand, which boasts of skincare products made from some very fine and expensive ingredients, such as caviar and gold. This workshop was held to launch its latest addition to their luxurious skincare line, made from the expensive, precious and rare metal - the PLATINUM.

"Skincare for the privileged few"

We were given a video introduction to the new product, called PLATINUM RARE. In the video, they talked about the Platinum as an element and metal, the process of its extraction from its ore, how the colloidal complex of Platinum acts as an anti-aging agent and of course, revealing the jar of the precious 'thousand-dollar cream' and I mean it literally!

After the video presentation, Melissa Teng, brand manager of La Prairie in Malaysia, invited us, in small groups to test out the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare in a cosy area behind the stage area. While the guest-of-honour, Puan Sri Chelsia Cheng, and her friends, were sampling the cream, the rest of us were treated to afternoon tea of fine finger food and refreshing lemongrass drink from The Loaf.

The spread of sweets and fine finger food from The Loaf

Yummy sweet stuff

The refreshing lemongrass drink

After savouring the delicious sweets, we got to test out the 'thousand-dollar cream'.

Cellular Cream Platinum Rare - Review
The cream was housed in an ancient geometric-designed silver-colored container inside a huge transparent acrylic jar. It comes with a silver-colored spatula and at the top of its handle has the ancient symbol of Platinum and a Swarovski crystal embedded in it in gold color.

The huge jar of Cellular Cream Platinum Rare

The spatula with Swarovski crystal

This cream has a medium-light texture which spreads easily when applied even though it does take a little while before it is fully absorbed leaving a slight sticky but moisturised feel to the touch. After its application, I noticed a glow to the back of my hand where the cream was applied. According to Melissa, the glow was actually imparted by the nanoparticles of platinum and it has a slow time-release property which means that after a few hours (and probably after hand-washing??), the effect of moisturisation will continue to be felt.

La Prairie's Cellular Cream Platinum Rare

The cream

The texture

Can you see the glow and the specks of nano-Platinum?

My glowing hand after application of the cream

It has a subtle fresh floral-like fragrance which fades after application.

The function of this cream is of course, for moisturization with anti-aging properties.

And since it's a platinum-containing product, it does come with a hefty price tag, as you know platinum jewelery is always much more expensive than gold jewelery. Take a guess, anyone?

At the end of the workshop, we were given a door gift and it contained a 2ml sample of the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare and the beautiful silver and gold spatula with the Swarovski crystal and some samples of La Prairie products.

The door gift

Just some ramblings.....
Well, I would love to try this product but honestly was taken aback by its sky-high price tag. However, if I had continued to work and may be train as an oncologist, may be now I would have no problem whipping out my Platinum plastic to purchase this wonder Platinum cream? Or may be I should go for an interview with Sanofi-Aventis or Bristol-Myers Squibb to be their sales rep with chemotherapeutic drugs portfolio because I'm sure the commission from selling Oxaliplatin or any -PLATINs might be enough to buy myself a jar of this Platinum cream. :P

Yes, yes.....we all can day-dream.........after all, day-dreaming is free!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Body Shop Annual Sale 2009 - Update

So this is the 2nd weekend of the Body Shop(TBS) annual sale in Malaysia. Before I share with you a very great bargain for this weekend, let me ask you, "Have you entered Vonvon's SUMMER GIVEAWAY? If you haven't, what are you waiting for?" Spend a little time to give yourself a chance to win some great prizes!

The 2nd weekend of TBS annual sale also has an additional 10% off on top of the normal discounts. But this weekend, as opposed to the 1st weekend, is for Maybank Credit and Debit cardholders and American Express cardholders only. All this while, I thought it meant that you have to purchase by using either your Maybank card or American Express card. But that's not the case. You just merely need to show them you have either one of the cards mentioned and you don't have to pay with the cards mentioned but also in cash. Even if you have only a Maybank ATM card, you just need to show them and pay by cash or any of your regular credit card. Hope this clarification will help some of you, as I also thought we needed to pay by either card to get to additional 10% off.

Alright, so yesterday I was again at TBS outlet in KLCC. The friendly SA from last week, Lina, was there and she recognised me right away! And she quickly showed me a NEW bargain for this week, also on 70% off plus the additional 10% off and guess what it was????

Price was RM130!!!! Whhhoooppppsssss! That was the price before discount. And the final price after all discounts........IS RM35.10!!!!!!!!!

And yes, the item is................. are you ready to hit your nearest TBS store again????????

Hah???!!!! (scratching head...)
So, this is the GRREEEAT deal Vonvon has been so excited about??

Of course NOT!!!!
Do you remember Mary Poppins' bag?
Yes, of course! Open up the metallic gray-silver pouch and you'll see all the goodies one-by-one!
And all that for RM35.10!!! Yes, you hear me right! And you are not sleepy anymore, are you?!

The normal retail price for the Total Energy Enlivening Body Gel 60ml is already RM32!
So you do the Maths.
Limited to 1pc per customer, but as usual, Lina said I could pay separately, but I just got one yesterday. Hmmm....should I go get another one or even 2 today??

Have a nice weekend and happy shopping!

Don't forget to submit your SUMMER GIVEAWAY entry!

Thursday, May 28, 2009



Yes, I still remember mentioning that there'll be a major giveaway in the month of May and even though May is coming to the end, I'll still organise it for my dear readers to usher in SUMMER!!! As you've read, many beauty brands are already out with their Summer 2009 collections, and I already have my eyes on a few stuff from certain brands....err, wasn't I suppose to be on a makeup ban? Sigh! Never mind, we'll get back to that later.

So, Vonvon's SUMMER GIVEAWAY will have 2 prizes - 1 for a lucky Malaysian reader (well, you need to be a resident in Malaysia and have a valid Malaysian mailing address in order to qualify) and another 1 for a lucky international reader (you could be from anywhere, except Malaysia, of course)!!! The 2 lucky readers will be chosen by

Getting excited already?

Read on.....

......And the prizes will be......sponsored by Yours Truly, and only Yours Truly with all my gratitude and sincerity!
(To potential sponsors, you are always welcome to sponsor an additional gift or 2 as the Giveaway is going on and I'll put a permanent link from my site to yours at zero charge!)

For 1 lucky Malaysian reader........

Yes, you'll get all the above!!!
1-MAC-Hello Kitty tote bag. You don't have to pay RM350 to get this bag for free, as I've done so on your behalf! ;)
2-The Body Shop Mandarin Body Wash (full-sized)
3-Boots Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Butter (full-sized)! Yes, you can get Boots from neighbouring countries but why travel when you can try something from Boots sent right to your door step? Believe me, this body butter is sooooooo yummy that you would wish you could eat it!
4-Kose Astalution Eye Zone Mask (1pc). With salmon extract!
5-Lancome UV Expert Neuroshield Make-up Base SPF 50 and PA+++ (5ml)
6-A sample vial of L'eau D'Issey EDT
7-Stila Long Wear Lip Color in DARLING!!!!!!!

And for 1 lucky international reader...........

Yes, you'll get all those goodies pictured above!
1-L'Occitane Shampoo with 3 essential oils 50ml
2-Stila pink pouch
3-A deluxe size Estee Lauder Bois de Rose lipstick
4-Cyber Colors mini mascara in Black (you can read how winner of the Estee Lauder Guessing Contest squeals with delight on how cute the tiny mascara is)
Kose Astalution Eye Zone Mask (1pc). With salmon extract!
6-A sample of L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme All Over Shampoo

So, my dear readers, are you ready to join the Giveaway?

Here's how to enter this Giveaway..........please read carefully to avoid disqualification. :)

Leave a comment below telling me which is your favorite post in my blog, and why? Copy and paste the URL of your favorite post in your comment. Also you must write down one (1), just 1 label/tag/keyword from your favorite post. You can find the labels at the bottom of every post, so make sure you read carefully till the end!
Please REMEMBER to write your name(you can use a nickname), where you are from and a valid email address (to make it easier for me to contact you if you win)!!

For example:

I'm ABC from Sweden (email:
(Write your state if you are from Malaysia, for eg: from Sarawak)

My favorite post in your blog is

EOTD: Stila Pomegranate Smudge Pots

because you showed us RED eye liner is soooooo wearable and I love STILA!!! ;))
(Use your imagination and be as creative as you can be!)

The URL is

Label: Stila

Please write everything in 1 comment.

As a bonus to you, you may send in as many entries as you can, but you may leave ONLY 1 COMMENT per day, and a different link and URL each time. Please do not forget to write down 1 label/tag/keyword from your favorite post too!

Feel free to Please help me to spread the word by writing about this Giveaway in your blog (if you have one), in your Facebook, Friendster or any other social networking sites and simply tell your friends! No additional entry for doing this as you can already have as many entries as per the condition above!

See, just spread the words of this Giveaway, but you are eligible for 1 entry per day till the closing date on the 7th June 2009, this Sunday!!

I will check every entry very meticulously! ;) So it's not easy for me too if you think what I require of you is very tedious work for you!

Some rules of this Giveaway:
1. This Giveaway is open to Malaysian and international readers.

2. The closing date for this contest is 7th June 2009 (Sunday), 11:59PM (Malaysian Time, GMT +8). After that, I will close comments and pick the 2 winners.

3. Incomplete entries will be disqualified and I will delete your comment.

4. You may leave as many comments as you want but one reader is entitled to leave only one comment per day. No spam please!

5. Depending on the amount of entries, I will announce the lucky winners by the latest, 5 days after the Giveaway closed. And the winners will have 48 hours upon receiving my email informing you of the win to respond failing which the prize will go to the next winner.

6. Prizes will be posted by me via registered mail/Poslaju (depending on your location) and I will bear all the cost of postage. I will take great care to wrap all the prizes very carefully before sending them out but I will take NO responsibility of any damage incurred during the process of delivery!!!

So, what are you waiting for???? Start reading and writing your comments!!!

Good Luck!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

EOTD: Stila Pomegranate Smudge Pots

Stila's Pomegranate Smudge Pots is probably the latest and probably the last of Stila's new Smudge Pots that we are getting here in Malaysia before Stila officially says BYE BYE to us in a few days' time. Looks like we won't be getting the Stila's 24kt Smudge Pots from its Summer 2009 collection nor the Kitten Smudge Pots from the Fall 2009.....sob sob.....

Actually when I first saw the Pomegranate Smudge Pots at the Stila counter, I was a bit apprehensive to try it as it was RED! OK, it was not like bright red or blood red, but more like brownish red. I know many girls had the same reaction to the idea of a red liner for the eyes?

Well, yesterday, I finally tried out the Pomegranate Smudge Pots I bought a few weeks ago.

Stila Pomegranate Smudge Pots
I have used Stila brush #4 to apply it.

I have used the Pomegranate Smudge Pots with my eyeshadows from the 'Do You Ever Finish Anything' Challenge.

So here you are......

Eye Of The Day (EOTD)

Items used:
-Benefit F.Y...Eyes eyeshadow base
-I Nuovi Under-eye Dark Circle corrector
-Stila Shadow Pots in Honey
-Stila eyeshadow in Mist
-I Nuovi Metallogy eyeshadow in Rosegold
-Stila Pomegranate Smudge Pots
-Stila brush #4
-Estee Lauder Turbo Lash Vibrating Mascara

After skincare and Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 in Shade 01, I applied
I Nuovi Under-eye Dark Circle corrector to cover my undereye dark circles by dabbing it with my finger.
Then, I applied the
Benefit F.Y...Eyes eyeshadow base on my entire lids and also on my lower lash lines. While waiting for the eyeshadow base to set(about 3 minutes according to the instruction), I applied my blush and lip gloss.
After that, I patted
Stila Shadow Pots in Honey onto my entire lids and the outer corners of my eyes.
I used my finger to apply
Stila eyeshadow in Mist to the inner corner of my lid up to about two-third towards the outer corner. Then, again I used my finger to apply I Nuovi Metallogy eyeshadow in Rosegold from the outer corner inwards to meet the Stila eyeshadow in Mist. Blend, blend, blend.
Finally, I used Stila brush #4 - the tip, to apply the
Pomegranate Smudge Pots in a very fine thin line on my upper eye lids.
And finished off with my new favorite -
Estee Lauder Turbo Lash Vibrating Mascara to the upper lashes and very gently to the lower lashes as well.

To my surprise, it was so easy to apply the smudge pots(this was only my 2nd time, the 1st was during the Stila makeup workshop), in terms of the texture of the Smudge Pots and the usage of the brush, that there was not even any smudge beyond the area I had intended to apply the smudge pots.

Have you tried the Pomegranate Smudge Pots? Come share with us....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look Good With Glasses On...

This morning, I read Karen's blog and she had a guest writer Aisha, who wrote about "How to Wear Glasses to Look Sexy: Because They Already Know You're Smart!"

Indeed a very good post for me with my quite serious myopia and have to wear glasses most of the time because my eyes become very dry and blood-shot red when I wear contact lenses over even a short period of time.

Actually I have not much problem with my eye makeup while putting on my glasses, but hey, when it comes to beauty, some extra suggestions and advices from others are always great and fun!

And I also wrote a comment in that post (some tip for my readers):

"Without my glasses, I’m half-blind. So I have to go super near to the mirror to put on my eye makeup. And having short-handled brushes helps because if you have the normal long-handled ones, the handle tends to get in the way and keeps on ’scratching’ and knocking on the mirror.

I realized this when I was using my newly-bought Stila brushes at their recent sales, most of which were long-handled except for one. Just get normal-sized brushes but with short handles. Makes storing easier too!"

So, here's my own little tip from me today for you.............

EOTD: Clinique Makeup Bag Confessions

Miu texted me earlier last week telling me that InTrend magazine, the Malay language version, had a promotion from Clinique giving a free makeover plus freebies without having to make any purchase! The Clinique Makeup Bag Confessions promotion started from 18th May till 24th May. Wow!! And so I went to Kinokuniya to grab myself a copy of the magazine.

I called them to make an appointment as it was by appointment only. I chose the nearest Clinique counter to me that's offering this promotion, that was in Parkson KLCC.

When I got there, the SA handed me a form/questionaire to fill up. And needless to say, after filling up the questionaire, I AM a makeup FANATIC! Yay! That means I would get the pink makeup pouch with the High Impact Mascara on one end and Full Potential Lip Plump and Shine in Double Plum on the other end.

The SA was soft-spoken and a girl with very few words. So she just chose a purple eyeshadow quad...err, I don't remember the name of it. OK, and I was blur too. I didn't take photos of the cosmetics used. But I found the pix of the purple eyeshadow quad online.

Image taken from
Thank you.
This palette costs RM105 at the Clinique counters.

For your information, I am not a Clinique user. I had purchased a Clinique gift set and lip gloss set during their Mother's Day promotion and they are still sitting nicely in its paper bag ;). I am planning to use it but honestly I don't know when :).

But a freebieholic like me just couldn't resist an offer of freebies and a free makeover too!

OK, so here's me after the makeover.

Face Of The Day

Sorry for the messy hair, one of my bad hair days.
At first, I thought the eye makeup was a bit too 'strong' making me look very fierce, but it turned out quite OK in the photo. Even my aunt liked it.

Eye Of The Day

The Clinique High Impact Mascara works wonders to lengthen my lashes too!

And for being a Makeup Fanatic, I got this (see photos below). Really, there was no purchase necessary. After she finished making up for me, she just went over to the drawer, got out the pink pouch and the mascara-lip gloss duo for me. Unlike some other brands where they said no purchase necessary but in the end, they'll subtlely try to persuade you to purchase something.

Yay to freebies and Yay to makeup fanatics! :)))

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Birthday Dinner - Part 2, at the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant

So yesterday I had written about my makeup and dress I wore to my birthday dinner. Part 2 will focus on the restaurant and the yummy food!

Feeling a bit sluggish.....must be the Monday morning blues.........

OK, I had always wanted to try out the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant. It is a gigantic square, box-like building located just as you enter Jalan Kampung Pandan, in Kuala Lumpur. Almost every night, they have some banquets and there'll be so many cars parked in front of it, on the empty land next to the restaurant and under the flyover opposite the restaurant, mind you!

So, Hubby and I were really curious about this restaurant. How come they have full house almost every night? And about a week before my birthday, Hubby suggested that I could celebrate my ??th birthday there. But I didn't get to contact the restaurant until, as I said, a few hours before dinner time. Huh!

Alright, as this is quite a new restaurant, I couldn't find their phone number. Hubby googled it but the numbers were already disconnected. We thought it was kinda fishy. Then as we were almost giving up, Hubby found a food blog which has the latest update on the restaurant (click on the link at 'Golden Dragonboat Restaurant' 2 paragraphs above) and of course, the phone number. So I quickly called them to make sure they were not having any banquet that night. And they didn't.

We reached there around 8pm and my parents and siblings were already there. We decided to order seafood as they had a huge aquaria of fresh seafood on the outside of the building. The owner of the restaurant also gave us a guided tour of his restaurant which could hold 3 wedding banquets in one night. Hence explaining why the full house almost every other night. They have a pillarless ballroom large enough to fit 100 tables on the ground floor that can be partitioned off into 2 smaller ballrooms which can hold 2 banquets of 60 and 40 tables respectively. On the 1st floor, the whole area upstairs is also pillarless and can hold 50 tables. There's a balcony to the rear of the building on the upper floor for smokers.

The Aquaria on the outside of the restaurant

Me, my little girl and my youngest sis posing in front of the Aquaria

AAAAHhhhhh!!! The Alaskan Spider Crab attack!!

The restaurant dining area

Hubby ordered my favorite sharksfin soup with loads of yummy beauty ingredients inside, namely sea cucumber, fish maw, white fungus, jellyfish, chicken and sharksfin, of course! The sharksfin soup tasted so yummy without even the slightest hint of starch, unlike in other restaurants, where you could taste starch in their sharksfin soup.

Yummy sharksfin soup

Then, we had a 2kg Australian lobster which was split into half - the head was used to cook with noodles (sang meen) since it was my birthday and Chinese like to eat noodles on birthdays (symbol of longevity ) and the body and tail of the lobster was baked with cheese and salted egg yolk. It tasted so good, the lobster flesh was so juicy and tender that my brother had described it as 'gastronomic orgasm'! Haha!!

Cheese-baked lobster with salted egg yolk mixed in with the cheese

The lobster sang meen

My plate of noodles with more lobster

We also ordered steamed fish. The fish is called 'sou mei' fish in Chinese. I don't know the English name of the fish though.

Steamed 'sou mei' fish

Then, there was stir-fried scallops with sweet pea and cashew nuts. This dish was specially ordered for my little girl as she loves fresh scallops so much. We also ordered a stir-fried venison with ginger and spring onions, also for my little girl.

My little girl's favorite fresh scallops

Stir-fried venison with spring onions and ginger.
You could see the plate with lobster almost empty in the background.

My little girl and I at dinner.
Halfway through dinner, she decided that her bread with Kiwi jam was tastier...haha!!

After dinner, the waiters brought out my birthday cake which were brought to the restaurant earlier by my parents. The patrons at the table next to us also join in to sing 'Happy Birthday' for me.

My little girl looking expectantly at the cake

Me enjoying my birthday cake!