Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Another Monday...

Yes, Monday is always a slow day, even for a non-working person like me! And I have been a little under the weather for the past 2 days, just a common cold, please don't be alarmed! ;)

Anyways, at around lunch time, my little girl came up to me and said firmly, "Mommy, I want to go to Pavilion!" home-body daughter came to me and told me to take her out? Yea, lately, she just wants to stay at home and watch her Winnie the Pooh, Barney, Richard Scarry and Your Baby Can Read DVDs all day long and getting her ready to go out has become one of the toughest chores for Mommy. Sometimes, it could take me an hour or more just to get her to change....she would insist that I wait for her to finish watching whatever she's watching at that time first before she would change....bla bla bla...

Today, she surprised me by going to her wardrobe and got out her favorite kiwi-green pants and a matching lighter green T-shirt, and put them on all by herself. OK, she did ask for my help when her T-shirt got stuck around her big little head. Then, she insisted that she must wear socks today...whatever....I was just simply too tired. I got myself ready with just minimal makeup, yea, I did the BB thingy of 'Blush & Beautiful' - a term coined by Miu. Just blush and since my lips were pretty dry, a colorless lipgloss and Stila Long Wear Lip Color in Flushed on top to give my face some color!

We had our lunch at Dragon-I Signature and then, shopping of course! But I wasn't really in the mood to just dropped by Bobbi Brown store to inquire when the BB Nude Collection will be coming in. I have read it will be out by end of July in the USA, but as usual, in Malaysia, we won't be getting them till much later, may be August or even September, according to the store manager, Simone.

Of course, I visited Stila counter inside Parkson. I was surprised to see that though the counter was almost empty, they had some pretty color eyeshadows left, not much. Got myself 4 more eyeshadows and an eye shimmer #3(a lilac-lavender type of color!). By the way, tomorrow is not the last day for Stila yet. They extend it till this Sunday. They have lots of Noire and Montmartre palettes left but not under the 5 for RM50 thingy.

Went to the Estee Lauder counter next. My friend was on leave today but another SA came to serve me, but I wasn't planning to buy anything. She introduced me to their new Vita-Mineral Foundation, which actually isn't so new anymore in the USA. She offered me some samples of the foundation to try....not 1 sachet, but 3 sachets, yay! Some freebies for today!! Estee Lauder is just simply so generous! I was just passing by....

On the other hand, come to think of it, BB didn't even offer me any freebie/samples today. Not that they are obliged to, but hey, the fact that I had organised a workshop with them whereby most of my guests, 1st timers at BB, purchased at least a few hundred Ringgit each, and some of them actually got even better freebies than I got that day. Sigh....whatever.... Estee Lauder is still the best!

Also visited The Face Shop. Had read about their masks and was itching to try. And besides, I have been pretty good lately....skipping the Parkson Bonuslink Members' Day last Friday and might, yea, might, be skipping the Isetan Members' Pre-sale this coming weekend too. So I thought why not just reward myself with some little things to 'symptomatically treat' my shopaholism...hehe! And to cheer myself up, I bought 1 piece of The Face Shop Hyaluronic Acid face sheet mask to try (pix below). And it costs only RM5.90, even cheaper than Elianto masks.

Then, my little girl was getting tired and we came home. She fell asleep the moment I strapped her into her car seat!

I hope I'll feel better tomorrow and will be able to write more posts.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Finally, I am sitting down to write my 100th published post. I know it probably should have been done earlier in the week, as I had mentioned when I wrote my 98th published post but I had wanted the 100th post to be something special and of significance to mark this little personal achievement of mine as a newbie blogger.

I had been considering writing a post on me, myself, yea, I can be quite narcissistic sometimes, well, don't all Taureans are? ;))

Anyways, recently, a high school friend of mine, Joanne, brought to my attention the plight of an 8-month-old little girl, Loke Kai Xin, who has biliary atresia(BA) and now has liver failure as a complication of BA. She is in need of an urgent liver transplant in Singapore. Kai Xin's mother has been confirmed to be a suitable donor for her. The parents of the little girl are friends of this high school friend of mine. Though I do not know them personally, it's like a second-degree friend. And The Star newspapers Metro section has highlighted Kai Xin's plight on 25 June 2009(Thursday). Her parents are appealing to the public for help to raise the funds for their daughter's liver transplant.

When I visited her blog and read of her situation, I couldn't help stop my tears from flowing looking at her photos and reading her parents' account of the suffering of the little girl and the sacrifices her parents have made for her - going to work during the day from the hospital and taking care of her at the hospital at night. As a mother myself, I empathize with the parents. And as a physician, I understand the pain and suffering of a patient with liver failure, what more this patient is only a baby.

Then, an idea sprung up in my mind! I was thinking why not use my blog to create more awareness on Kai Xin's plight and spread the word around so that more people would contribute towards the fund for her liver transplant? But my little blog alone has not much traffic. I could also make a personal contribution to the funds but there is just so much I could give and I would give when I go to the bank next week.

So yesterday at our RMK makeover session, I told my fellow bloggers, Miu (of Plus Size Kitten) and Hanna (of Hanna Hullabaloo) about this and after some discussion, BLOGGERS FOR CHARITY was born. Just for your information, BLOGGERS FOR CHARITY is NOT a charity organization, neither are we doing any fundraising activities, well, at least, not at the moment. We decided to form this GROUP to bring to the attention of our readers of the plights of many children out there who are seriously ill and in need of urgent and most of the time, very expensive medical treatments to save their lives. We start by highlighting Kai Xin's case because she is the daughter of my second-degree friends, that is friends of my friend.

My dear readers, please spare some time to visit Kai Xin's blog to read of her situation and if you have the means, please do contribute in any way you can to Kai Xin's fund. All the details for donation can be found in her blog. (Please note that I am not in any way involved in raising funds but just to inform you. The rest is up to you.)

UPDATE (4PM, 28 June 2009): A big thank you to Miu for creating the button (see top right). Now you can just click on that button directly to be taken to Kai Xin's blog.

To my highly-esteemed blogger friends, if you want to join the BLOGGERS FOR CHARITY Group, please write a short post (about Baby Kai Xin) in your blog about it and send me the link to that post. I will send you the button and add you to the list of bloggers in the BLOGGERS FOR CHARITY Group.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Introduction To "Kiehl's Since 1851"

This short post is to share with you my personal introduction to Kiehl's Since 1851, after having read about their products, mostly from the Internet, and visiting the Kiehl's stores in Pavilion KL and the newly-opened one in Midvalley Megamall.

I had visited the Kiehl's store in Pavilion KL in early June with the intention of purchasing a facial scrub, their Surface Brightening Exfoliator from the Ultimate White skincare line to be exact, as I was already squeezing out the last bits of my Boots Botanics In Shower Facial Polish. I like my Boots Facial Polish a lot, but as you know, we don't have Boots in Malaysia. I had tried The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Polish, but fell out of love with it halfway through the 1st tube, the one and only I had purchased, for no apparent reason and was dragging myself to finish it off as quickly as I could. The Boots Facial Polish 100ml had been with me for more than a year with 2-3 times a week of usage.

Although I am using predominantly Estee Lauder products for my skincare, I was 'itching' to try out some facial scrub from a different brand and I remember reading quite a good review on the Kiehl's
Surface Brightening Exfoliator from the Ultimate White skincare line some time back. And I have also heard of the generosity of Kiehl's in giving out samples under their "try before you buy" sampling program, which is actually almost unheard of in Malaysia, where many brands would insist that you purchase their products 1st, sometimes up to a few hundred Ringgit, just to entitle you to receive a small miserable little sachet of sample (OK, not all brands are like that, just to be fair to some other generous brands that are in Malaysia as well!).

And just how generous Kiehl's is?

OK, after I purchased the
Surface Brightening Exfoliator from the Ultimate White skincare line, I hung around checking out other products and talked with the SA who served me. Then, I told her I am a beauty blogger and would like to try out some of their other products. And she gave me a whole bunch of samples of which some of them I added to the prizes of the Summer Giveaway which I had organized for my readers early this month.

Samples from Kiehl's

A few days later, I received some deluxe samples from Kiehl's Malaysia - a set of skincare(cleanser, toner and moisturiser) and 2 body care products(their favorite "Grapefruit" Liquid Body Cleansing Gel and Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub).

The deluxe samples

Kiehl's liquid hand soaps which are SLS-free
Retails for RM65 per bottle but now they are having 40% off, RM39 per bottle only!

So, I have decided starting from last Monday (15 June 2009), I am going to make a "Kiehl's Week" for myself whereby I start to use solely the Kiehl's skincare and bath and body care I have right now and later will review them. But do note that most of the products I have are in small sample sachets, except for the deluxe samples and the full-sized face scrub of course, and there's just so much I could use and I'll review them once I am done trying them out. The "Kiehl's Week" has stretched into the 2nd week now and I think I should be able to come up with 1 or 2 reviews in early July. Afterall, I need time to try out the products and see how it works and their effects!

Stay tuned!

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Monday...

It's Monday and I wouldn't call it Monday morning blues, but as usual the stupid IZZI net is having the 'blues' and that indirectly affects me too!

I think I have noticed lately that come Monday, my tempo in writing and updating my blog always slows down at the beginning of the week after probably spending most of my weekend writing posts after posts, slowly picking up by mid-week and the peaking of course, when the week comes to an end.

Also, I normally run my errands on Mondays, like grocery shopping, paying bills, even household chores like doing the laundry (arrgghhh, which reminds me there's a load of washing waiting to be loaded into the dryer. Huh!), etc etc that could stretch into mid-week.

Alright, enough of babbling, I should head out to the post office to post my SWAPS to 4 eagerly-awaiting bloggers. Chris L. has posted hers yesterday.

Hopefully in the evening, I could come up with a post or two...and reach my 100th post by tonight or tomorrow!

Stay tuned! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anna Sui Warehouse Sale Hauls

Finally I get down to writing about my Anna Sui warehouse sale haul from last Saturday. That was my 1st time going to Anna Sui warehouse sale after reading from Miu's blog on the sale that she had gone to in the years past.

My main aim was to get as much Anna Sui accessories as I could possibly can because I simply love their designs which were so exquisite, elegant with an antique feel and girly at the same time. I was hoping they'd had the Anna Sui rose totes, bags, pouches, brush sets, etc on sale.

But all that was not to be..........1st, on Friday, that was the 1st day of the sale, I.....errr.....overslept (*a sheepish smile) and when I woke up (thanks to my alarm clock a.k.a my daughter, who also overslept that morning!), I had actually forgotten about it until I read Miu's blog and noticed it was rather quiet. Miu wasn't chatting with her readers, and then suddenly, *PING*, OMG!!!!! It's Friday and Anna Sui sale and I started %$*)&()@@$# to myself. How could I have forgotten? I quickly texted Miu and she was there, but she told me, it was MAD MAD in there. And I thought wow, thank God, I didn't go because if I had gone, I would have to bring my daughter along and God knows what would have happened??! Miu, as always, so nice and helpful, helped me to grab some stuff like the hair brush, brush holder set and a nail polish for RM10. Those were about the accessories that they had for sale. And of course, as I had blogged about in my previous post, Miu gave me a surprise belated birthday pressie from Anna Sui too.

Miu helped me to purchase
hair brush, brush holder set with a mascara and mascara primer and a nail polish.
Thank you, Miu!

The brush holder I have been lemming for, and it came with 2 added bonus of mascara and mascara primer!

Hair brush

Nail polish
I don't normally use nail polish but it's only RM10!

But overall, this sale was really worth going as they had really great discounted prices and the products they were selling were not old defective stocks but they were clearing their stocks from the previous season, hence most of the products had manufacturing dates of 2008 and 2007.

The next day after BB workshop and lunch, Miu and I rushed to Subang for the sale before they closed at 6pm. This time, there weren't too many people but there weren't too many things left either. I managed to incur quite a bit of a damage on the cosmetics even though my main aim was for the accessories. Sigh!!! But I thought since I have not tried any Anna Sui before and all the products were so new and cheap, why not buy them here instead of paying retail for them? Just like I did with Paul & Joe. ;))

My hauls on the last day of the sale a few hours before closing

I'm quite satisfied with my hauls :))

Limited edition loose powder compact

Face highlighter

Eye color accent S
This was the only color duo left, got 2 since it was really cheap!

Eye color accent
Single colors

Liquid eye colors

Limited edition lip glosses

Sui lip glosses

So here it 1st Anna Sui haul!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Adorable Blog Award

I have been awarded THE ADORABLE BLOG AWARD by Miu. A newbie blog like mine has garnered 2 awards, thus far....errr.....actually, 3. I'll talk about the 3rd one later. Thank you, Miu, for nominating me.

  • Include the award in your blog or post
  • Nominate as many blogs which you like
  • Be sure to link the nominees within your post
  • Let them know that they receive this award by commenting on their blog
  • Share the love and link to this post to the person whom you receive your award

I will nominate mostly newbies and my fellow blogger friends for this award to show my support for newbie bloggers like me, even though they might have received this award from other bloggers.

1) Jules

2) Syaz

3) Hanna

4) Lovelyelle

5) Chris (Confessions of a Shopaholic)

6) Meri L

7) Katz

8) Ayna

9) Miu

For now.....I can't think of more.....brain freeze.....
To other blogger-friends out there, you have all been very supportive and nice and ADORABLE of course, and I want to give this award to all of you..........

Thank you.

Bobbi Brown Nautical Collection 2009 And My Purchases

Bobbi Brown's Nautical Collection 2009 for the summer (limited edition) is out in their stores and counters now. And Bobbi Brown Malaysia is having an exclusive shopping event whereby you purchase 2 items from BB (inclusive of 1 item from the Nautical Collection), you'll get a complimentary mini Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Heather Mauve. I've gotten mine! Have you?

Hurry over to Bobbi Brown Malaysia site to get your mobile coupon now. Offer ends 21st June 2009, this Sunday!

Anyways, to kick start your wonderful weekend (filled with shopping, perhaps?), here are some photos and swatches from the Nautical Collection.

Nautical Collection 2009
It's all about sheer colors, quite a small collection, I must say.

Back row: Cheek tints (in travel-sized) (RM80 each) - I have to say there are so tiny but really cute.
Middle, left: Gel eyeliners in Graphite and Navy
Middle, right: Lip glosses (RM68 each)
Forefront: Mascara (RM75)

The 4 lip glosses in the Nautical Collection

Swatches of the 4 lip glosses from the Nautical Collection

Cheek tints

Swatches of the cheek tints
Left to right: Sheer Coral, Sheer Blackberry, Sheer Pink,
Sheer Lilac, Sheer Mauve, Sheer Raspberry
Sorry for the small size of the pix. All the cheek tints are slightly shimmery but very pretty.

My favorites are ALL, except Sheer Blackberry and Sheer Mauve. That doesn't mean I don't like them but I can't see myself putting on brownish hues on my cheeks ;)

And what have I gotten for myself?

My purchases and some free samples

Marina Pink Sheer Color Gloss

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual which I have been waiting for 2 months for them to restock!
(RM120 at the BB stores, >RM120 at Kinokuniya and Borders - these are the 2 bookshops that I have seen selling the BB Makeup Manual)
So hurry up!! Limited copies at the BB stores and counters.

And the complimentary mini Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Heather Mauve.
It's actually very very mini, about the size of a 20sen coin.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New In The Shops

I don't normally do beauty updates unless it's something interesting and especially when they involve FREEBIES! So just a short post before I head over to my mom's place....

Yesterday I was at Midvalley Megamall with my little girl and we checked out the new Kiehl's store which opened last month. I am beginning to pay more attention to this brand which is not new, but it is quite new in Malaysia. This week has been dedicated by me to use Kiehl's products, from skincare to bath and body products. I will write an introduction to Kiehl's and its products I have been using since this past Monday at the end of the week or may be next week.

Right now, Kiehl's store has an offer of 40% off on its Liquid Hand Soaps in Grapefruit and Pear Tree Corner. Each bottle is 200ml, normal price RM65. But with the 40% off, it's RM39 each! Worth checking out as it's SLS-free! I have bought 1 bottle each to try. And Kiehl's is quite generous in giving out samples for you to try.

Then, my little girl and I stopped by The Body Shop to see if their Summer Hot Brights Collection is out. Yes, they already had them at their outlet in Midvalley, but as I have noticed and mentioned earlier, the staff at TBS outlet in Midvalley are rather stuck-up. Nobody greeted me nor made an effort to serve me but just standing there even though the outlet at that time was not busy. So I just walked out with my daughter. I will visit my favorite outlet in Pavilion KL later and buy from Nurul (if I like the collection and decide to buy...I know, I know, I shouldn't buy anymore stuff!), my favorite SA there or at the very least, from another SA, Lina, at TBS KLCC, although I don't really like most of the staff at TBS KLCC!

I decided to drop by my favorite Benefit counter in Robinsons and I was shocked to be told that my favorite Benefit SA, Pooi Yee, has quit!!! OH NO!!!! Nevertheless, I managed to pick up the newest Early Fall 2009 catalogue and it features the NEW Velvet Eyeshadow and the Crescent Row collection (3 new EDTs) with 3 little flaps where you could take a sniff of the fragrance. I have been looking forward to try out their new Velvet Eyeshadows ever since I read about them in the Muse's blog and Karen's MBB. Yesterday I was rushing off to dinner and didn't hang around the counter too long, and the SA working yesterday was a bit slow and didn't tell me much on any new arrival, although she knew that I am a regular at their counter. Sigh! Now with Pooi Yee gone from Benefit, I don't really like dealing with the other SAs at other Benefit counters. I guess I just have to slowly scout around hoping to find another good SA at one of their counters.

I'll write about the TBS Hot Brights Collection and Benefit Velvet Eyeshadows when I get the chance to check them out!

It's dinner time...
Bon Apetit!

The Bobbi Brown Makeup Workshop With Vonvon

Last Saturday morning, I had organized a makeup workshop for my friends and some readers of my blog together with Bobbi Brown at their free-standing store in Pavilion KL. This was the very first makeup workshop that my blog, Vonvon's Interests, had organised, and I'd like to organize more workshops like this in future for my friends and readers.

I had my Saturday all planned out in advance - waking up early and got myself ready and then, when my little girl woke up, fed her milk and sent her to my parents' place. I woke up early enough and got myself ready with lots of time to spare but my little girl decided to sleep in that morning. By the time she woke up, I was running late, so I quickly fed her her milk. And Hubby offered to send her to my parents' place.

My sweet little girl was such an angel. She actually helped me to put on my earrings before I headed out.

My angel can be sooo sweet sometimes, and see how good she looked fresh out of bed ;)

It took me about 10 minutes to get to Pavilion. Thank God, it was a Saturday morning and the traffic wasn't quite heavy. Julia was already there when I walked into the Bobbi Brown store in Pavilion KL. I chatted with her a bit and with Simone, the manager of the store, and exchanged greetings with the makeup artists who will assist Simone at the workshop, all of whom I had met before, Rachyl, Cindy and Jennifer.

Of course, then, I proceeded to take photos of the place, all set up individually with each workshop participant got to have their own BB 10-Step Beauty Manual (a booklet as shown below, pix taken with the artistic touch from Miu) and a full set of brushes (no need to share brushes; courtesy of the makeup artists, all cleaned and sanitized beforehand) and a bottle of water. We were even served orange juice while waiting for the rest of the participants to arrive.

The working table all set up to accocmmodate us with a brush set, a mirror and the manual and water for everyone. No need to share!

Personal work space

The Bobbi Brown 10-Step Beauty Guide
Pix courtesy of Miu

Refreshments were served even before the workshop commenced.

Alright, just some details of the workshop....
The workshop was conducted by Simone, manager of the BB store in Pavilion, assisted by makeup artists, Cindy, Rachyl and Jennifer.
Me as the organizer and a participant as well ;), my esteemed guests/participants - Miu, Syaz, Hanna and Julia(Jules).

So, the workshop commenced with the Premakeup Step which was applying skincare and makeup base. You can refer to my post on the 10-Step Beauty Booklet.

Premakeup step

There were 4 makeup artists and 5 of us. So I let them give each of my guests a personal makeup lesson while I watched them at work since I already had my personal makeover in early May from Rachyl. Thank God there weren't more people or some of my guests would have to share the makeup artists, hence not getting a one-to-one attention. Girls, I hope you are happy and satisfied with the full attention you got from your respective makeup artists! Surprisingly, when I observed how they worked and then tried it on step-by-step by myself, I noticed that I comprehend the whole process better and even learned something new that I was not so sure about the last time Rachyl explained to me. One of the new stuff which I finally understood was about how to choose the right blush. I will explain below.

I will describe the workshop from an observer point of view....

After the Premakeup step, Simone started the workshop by demonstrating on Julia the application of concealer on the under-eye area. As Julia had almost zero dark under-eye circle, Simone skipped the corrector and just applied the concealer to brighten up the eye area.

Simone demonstrating on Julia

Apply concealer to the under-eye area while looking upwards

Bobbi Brown blotting paper and its leather case (RM80)
As I had applied my skincare, that is the Premakeup step, at home, I used some blotting paper to blot up the excess oil on my T-zone before proceeding to apply my concealer and foundation.

Next, Simone showed us how to choose the right foundation shade and to apply it and powder. Foundation need not be applied on the whole face. To get a natural fresh look, it is sufficed to apply foundation to the areas on the face that needs to be evened out. And for more coverage, spot-apply it on the blemish/redness/spots. So choosing the right foundation shade is best done under natural lighting. Choose a few different shades that are quite close to your skin color, swatch them on the sides of your face and preferably closer to the eye area as the skin around the eye area has a relatively lighter tone. The shade that blends into your skin and disappears is the right shade for you.

What's Hanna doing?
Her makeup artist, Jennifer, helped her to swatch 3 different shades of foundation on her cheeks to help her choose the one that disappear onto her skin, that is the right shade for her.

Then, Simone applied powder to set the foundation and to the rest of the face.

After these first 3 steps, Simone gave us time to do the application with the help of the makeup artists. Everyone was very happy that their makeup artists demonstrated each step on one half of their face and then let them do it themselves on the other half - a very good way to learn.

Miu getting ready to start her makeup 'experiment'

Hanna, deep in a serious discussion with Simone and Jennifer

Next was the application of BLUSH! Miu had coined the phrase 'BLUSH & BEAUTIFUL'. And I finally understood why BB advocates putting blush 1st, followed by the lips and then eyes. Simone explained (and I am interpreting this from my own understanding of her explanation) that when you apply the blush 1st, you set your face by giving a big part of your face, that is both cheeks, colors, and a fresh look. Hence after applying blush, you are almost ready to go with may be, just a hint of lip balm (tinted?). You'll still look quite made up. This is really good especially when you are running late for work or a date!;) In my opinion, this is quite logical and practical as well. If for example, you had started with your eye makeup 1st which for me, always takes the longest time to get done, you still need to do your cheeks and then lips. And this will definitely end up taking longer than just applying blush and a lip balm/gloss/lipstick. Personally I do not advocate leaving the eyes bare, of course. To me, even a slight dash of neutral/nude cream shadow or powder shadow on the lids is better than just leaving the eyes untouched and not to forget the power of mascara!

Tips: How to choose a suitable blush color?

Some kind of magic show?
No, it's Simone's and Cindy's hands holding 4 different shades of blush that could possibly match Julia's lip color (Julia's in the background).

BB has many blushes and their colors can be divided into certain groups - natural, fresh, shimmer, etc. To choose a suitable blush for your face, find colors that match as closely to your natural lip color as possible. The best would be to place the sample pan of blush next to your lips (your lips must be free of any lip color) and compare. And there are different shades that could actually match your natural lip color to give either a fresh look, a natural look or a glamorous one for the night, for example.

Apply the blush with a smile on your face, in an upward stroke towards the hairline and then downwards to tone down the color. And you are almost ready to go!

After demonstrating to us how to apply the blush, it's time to choose a lipstick/gloss. Again, Simone used the natural lip color as a guide to choose a lipstick shade.

Then, we were left to 'experiment'.

Miu, hard at work, writing down the observations and results of our 'experiments'.

Then it's time for the eyes, as always, my favorite part!

Simone demonstrated the application from brow to mascara on me. She knows I love to 'play with my eyes' the most! Simone chose a dark-colored eyeshadow (Saddle) to define my brows. She explained that choosing a color to define the brows is again based on the natural hair color. At this point, I think I could make a conclusion that "in BB, makeup is just merely a tool to complement and enhance our natural beauty, not to turn us into someone or something we are not" - just my own thought. However, I have read a similar quote/opinion before but I can't recall at this moment from where. Feel free to remind me, my dear readers, if you have come across a similar opinion.

Tips: How to define the brow?

Simone used the Eye Definer Brush with Saddle eyeshadow and started from the middle of my brow where the arch is and draw it outwards, then she drew the brush back inwards to fill up the inner half of my brow. She let me do it for the other brow.

Next, she used the ring finger to apply Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Cement (a grayish color with beige undertone) on my lids following the contour of my eyeball, hence she called it 'like a rounded dome shape'. Then she used Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Navajo(a creamy pinkish white) to highlight from the crease to my browbone. There was no need to really blend the 2 shadows as the colors were neutral and complemented each other very well. As the 2 colors were matte, Simone added a touch of shimmer with Rock( a shimmery gray powder shadow) from the middle of my lid to the inner corner of my eye.

Simone used gel eyeliner in Espresso to line my upper lash line in a dabbing stroke instead of trying to draw a complete line across in 1 stroke.

And this time, she encouraged me to try to curl my own lashes with the BB eyelash curler. I never curled my lashes on my own before as I always had a phobia of pinching my lids. With Simone's help and guidance...YES! I did manage to curl my lashes! Then, I applied BB No Smudge Mascara in Black and done!

Face Of The Day (FOTD)
I will write a FOTD post on this later.

The future spokespersons for Bobbi Brown?
From left to right: Hanna, Me, Julia, Miu and Syaz

Miu - after
Ohh la!

Hanna - after
Serious but demure

Syaz - after
Wow! Her enchanting what did your Hubby say, Syaz?

Julia - after
What a glamorous transformation at the magic hands of Simone!

Hanna and I and the BB team
From left to right: Rachyl, Hanna, me, Simone, Cindy

Hanna and her makeup artist

Of course, at the end of the workshop, I did some purchases, but I'll leave that to the next post. Need a tea break and my computer is lagging now.

**Please don't forget to credit the pix to Vonvon's Interests if you use them. Thank you.