Friday, July 31, 2009

Review: Kiehl's Grapefruit Liquid Body Cleanser And Exfoliating Body Scrub

UPDATED on August 1 2009 (12AM): I have updated the part on KIEHL'S GENTLY EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB "GRAPEFRUIT" with photos of the scrub itself and the 'scrubbing grains'. Please note that I had taken many photos to try to show you the best I could on the scrub texture and the 'scrubbing grains', but my camera can only do so much.

I am crazy over bath and body products, from shower gels to body scrubs and polishes to body moisturizers....I have loads of them. And my favorite scents for my bath and body products are #1 Rose, of course, #2 citrusy scents like grapefruit and orange, lavender for night time shower and many more.

To show you how crazy I am with bath and body products, I'll show some very personal photos.....ooh la la.... ;))

There's more in the drawers......

OK, let's get down to our reviews.


I received the deluxe sample of this liquid body cleanser (65ml) and had been using it for 1 week during my morning shower. Grapefruit is one of my favorite citrusy scents I like to use in the morning to help wake me up. And I was so happy to get this and also the Grapefruit Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub to try out. This Liquid Body Cleanser contains Plant Protein and Sodium PCA.

This liquid body cleanser, well, is liquid, and feels quite 'thin' in consistency when I pour it out from the bottle. The body cleanser has a clear brownish-yellow color and it gives off a very refreshing citrus scent which fills up my bathroom. This can be proven by the remarks from my little girl...."wow, so orange..." as she took a deep breath and exhaled as she watched me shower. Oppss... a little too much? ;)) Well, the fragrant from the cleanser is refreshing and 'sharp' but not exactly like that of an orange scent. My little girl's vocabulary is still expanding hence she can only equate the scent to that of an orange. But do trust her acute olfactory sense!

I tried foaming up the body cleanser in my hands before washing my body with it but somehow it didn't make too much foam as I'd normally like my shower gel to be. Hence, I had to pour out more cleanser to wash my whole body. However, the strong grapefruit scent faded away as I washed my body with it and left a slight soapy scent with just a faint hint of the earlier strong scent.

So at the end of my shower, my skin was left feeling clean and quite smooth, though I must quickly slather on some body lotion because as moisturized as my skin feels after showering with this, without any body lotion, my skin would tend to become slightly dry especially on my legs and feet. I have such experience with most shower gels except 1 or 2. And after coming out from the shower, I almost cannot detect any of the grapefruit scent on my skin unless I sniff my skin like some sniffer dog.

It may not be a bad thing if you don't like too strong an after-shower scent, say, to interfere with your perfume and or other perfumed body moisturizer. But as for me, I'd like to have some lingering scent from every shower gel I use because scents really can put me in a good mood. Usually, when I am feeling very tired and in a bad mood, I would take a shower with my more strongly-scented shower gel and I would feel much better after.

So I would say that this Grapefruit Liquid Body Cleanser is a somewhat mild cleanser with a strong refreshing scent which fades after a while. It performs its cleansing job well and not too drying on the skin, unless you already have very dry skin to begin with. It should be suitable for those with sensitive skin but PLEASE REMEMBER TO CONDUCT A PATCH TEST FIRST. Kiehl's products always come with a Patch Test warning to tell 1st time users to test a little of the product on their skin before using it. It's good for those who are looking for a body cleanser which does not leave a strong scent after showering.

And my deluxe sample has only less than a quarter left. Should I fork out RM60 for a full-sized bottle now or wait till I finish at least half of all the shower gels I am currently using first? Decision, decision......

A 250ml bottle of this retails for RM60 at all Kiehl's outlets.


Together with the Grapefruit Liquid Body Cleanser, I also received a deluxe sample of the body scrub (30ml) which comes in a tube with safety seal (see pic above). Body scrubs are also another weakness of mine as I just love the super-smooth feeling on my skin like my little girl's skin after a nice scrub! Of course, my little girl has super flawless smooth skin and doesn't need any scrub. But at least I can achieve, even temporarily, skin like hers, with good scrubbing. ;))
This scrub has Aloe Vera and Chamomile in it.

This exfoliating body scrub has a thick creamy white texture with 'scrubbing grains' of varying sizes. The Grapefruit scent in the scrub is much milder than that in the liquid body cleanser and has a stronger 'soapy' scent but not too overpowering.

Top photo shows the texture and color of the scrub - think creamy white. Photo was taken with my hand in a position perpendicular to the floor...err, see....the scrub doesn't drip...sorry for poor explanation.

Bottom photo shows how the scrub looked like after I added a few drops of water and rubbed it.
* indicates the coarser 'scrubbing grains'
* indicates the finer 'scrubbing grains' and/or clusters of them

As the texture is rather thick, I added some water to the scrub before rubbing it on my skin. I'd say it's a good scrub if it's not because of some of the coarser 'scrubbing grains' which have rather pointy edges which can be quite scratchy and slightly painful when I rub too hard on my skin. So be warned if you are using this or plan to get this after reading my review. ;)) Use a gentle hand when scrubbing with this!! Guess the "gently" in the name of the product means 'gently rub', and not a gentle exfoliating scrub?

And the after-effect of the scrub?? Smoother and even brighter skin for me!!! While most scrubs also give me a slightly dry feeling on top of the smooth bright skin, this scrub doesn't. It leaves almost no scent on my skin though. :(

UPDATE: I just want to add that after using this scrub, ehem.....this is going to be a bit personal but it's good news for some, especially for MOMMIES with stubborn abdominal stretch marks after giving birth!!!! All right, to cut a long story short and to prevent this from becoming XXX :-P, after scrubbing, I noticed that the skin on my abdomen, as in tummy in layman's term, became smoother and softer to touch, almost like my baby's skin. Of course, the appearance of those silvery-white striae are still there and probably will be there for the rest of my life, but the 'orange peel' feel when I touch or rather I couldn't feel the 'orange peel' immediately after scrubbing! Of course, due to the skin cell turnover, the smoother and softer feel would fade after a few days, but then, it would be time to have another scrubbing!

I have used so many different types of body scrubs/polishes but I have never felt so smooth on the skin of my tummy after giving birth to my daughter. And my stretch marks are more than 2 years old. I couldn't say for 'fresher and newer' stretch marks. New Mommy Lisa, and Mommy Suzi, would you like to try and prove me right?

BUT HERE'S A DISCLAIMER!!! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. For your information, I do scrubbing very diligently, at least 2 to 3 times a week, with different types of scrubs from different brands. And I have finished this Kiehl's scrub(30ml tube) in about 2 weeks, with 4 times usage. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT INSTANT AND/OR IMMEDIATE RESULT AND I WROTE THIS BASED ON MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AFTER USING THE SCRUB! It was totally unexpected for me, but since I noticed some slight improvement to my stretch marks-laden tummy, I thought some of you might be interested to try. That's why I am sharing this with you here.

If Kiehl's would re-formulate this scrub and get rid of the coarser 'scrubbing grains', I think it would be quite a good body scrub.

A 200ml tube of this scrub retails for RM90 at all Kiehl's outlets.

I have also tried the scrub in "Lavender" but only in a small 5ml sachet. It works as well as the Grapefruit, except, it was too difficult to sniff the scent of Lavender from it.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bobbi Brown Makeover - EOTD: Soft Smoky Look

Today I went to redeem the Bobbi Brown makeover which I have won from their online contest. And it so happened that I was also attending the media launch of Estee Lauder's latest perfume Sensous today, so I had scheduled for the makeover just before the event.

Of course, I had the makeover at my favorite Bobbi Brown free standing store at Pavilion KL.

Simone, the manager of the store, did the makeover for me. Actually, I had secretly hoped that Simone would do it for me today as I remember what a magic she did to Julia during the workshop I had organized for my readers back in June.

Today, I had gone there without any makeup and only applied toner to my face before leaving my house. So Simone started by applying skincare on my face. (Skincare details on the Face Chart which I will scan and upload later.)

Then she suggested a soft smoky eye look after I told her that I will be attending an event after that. I agreed since I had always liked to do smoky eye but most of the time, it ended up not very smoky each time I attempted it.

Before the makeover
Just after Simone had trimmed my brow..note the redness under my browbone

As per BB's 10-Step, 1st, she applied Blush in Pink Sugar (I think this is beginning to be my signature blush from BB as in previous makeovers, after color-matching several blushes to my lip color, I always end up with Pink Sugar). Then, Simone chose Creamy Lip Color #22 Sandwash Pink for my lips. It's a mauvy pink shade which really suits my skin color. But in the FOTD pix below, the color had been modified by application of BB Limited Edition Shimmer Lip Gloss in #32 Glacier(a greyish silver shade) from the Pretty In Pink Platinum collection. Due to my haste, I didn't do swatches of the blush, lipstick nor lip gloss.....I will do the swatches and take photos the next time I visit BB, OK, my dear readers?

Then, my favorite part.....putting on eye makeup. Simone used
Saddle eyeshadow for my brow. By the way, I forgot to mention earlier that she plucked my brow for me and there was actually an area of redness just beneath my browbone which she cleverly covered with a highlight on.....

Simone applied Long Wear Cream Shadow in Cement as a base from my upper lashline to the crease. Then she applied Saddle eyeshadow on my lids up to just a little below the crease. For a bit of shimmer, she just swiped Rock(silvery gray) eyeshadow on the lids very lightly for that barely-there shimmer. And to cover the redness under my browbone, Simone applied Champagne eyeshadow on the area as a highlight as well as to cover the redness. As you can see in the photos below, no sign of redness is visible on the area below my browbone.

Eyeshadows used to make the soft smoky eye look

Then, she applied Long Wear gel eyeliner in Graphite(dark gray) for a rather softer look, though after applying, it looked somewhat black to me but definitely less intense than black. After curling the lashes, it's time for mascara and finished off by gently lining the outer half of my lower lashline.

Here you are!

Face Of The Day

The liipie had been transformed from a mauvy pink to somewhat a pale gray-pink
I just remembered that I purchased the Shimemr Lip Gloss in #32 Glacier today as well. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow under natural light during the day.

Eye Of The Day

With Simone

So, what do you think of my soft smoky look?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Invitation To Kiehl's Party

Hello, hello!!!

How's everyone feeling today?? Tired of working? Looking at the clock on the wall for it to turn 5 o'clock?

It's OK. Here's some good news to help you carry on till 5PM.........CHEER UP!!!

I am co-organizing a party with Kiehl's and it's a BIG ONE! Instead of 1, 2, 3, or 5 or 10 spaces allocated for the party, this time Vonvon is bringing 25 of you to the party with me!!! And I have 13 people on my list now, so there's like more than 10 more spaces.

So hurry up, follow my blog and leave a comment here telling me "I would like to try Kiehl's products because......" and you'll be on your way to the party!!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Weekend

This past weekend had been quite a productive one with 2 workshops and 1 makeover. It started on Saturday morning with a Lancome workshop on their Blanc Expert GN-White whitening system in Park Royal Hotel, followed in the afternoon by Benefit Oh Flawless Workshop at Robinsons The Gardens, Midvalley.

And Sunday afternoon I was at KLCC with my little girl for the Estee Lauder Sensous makeover and followed by dinner with Hubby and my little girl. We went for Korean BBQ in Bangsar with Miu and her bf, Wing, Jess, Lilian and her friend and her friend's son.

More on each event heading out for lunch.......

Sunday, July 26, 2009

News On Some Sales And Workshops Coming Up

Stage cosmetics mid-year sale - I received an SMS a few days ago that Stage cosmetics is having 15% off storewide from now till 7 or 8 August 2009 in conjunction with its mid-year sale or something. I deleted the SMS already and the details are vague and fuzzy in my mind now. But if you'd like to try Stage, why not have some retail therapy today?

RMK workshop on the 1 August 2009 (Saturday) at The Apartment, KLCC is still having some places in their 2nd session from 3-5PM. For more details, please visit Miu's blog!

And of course, Vonvon is co-organizing a Kiehl's party with Kiehl's on 8 August 2009 (Saturday) from 2-4PM at Kiehl's Pavilion KL. And the BEST THING about this party is IT'S FREEEEEEE!!!! All you need to do is just to become a Follower of my blog and write a slogan "I would like to try Kiehl's products because............." and you will stand a chance to be chosen! Click here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crappy Day......

It's Friday and my whole weekend is planned out filled with loads of activities but still I am just feeling crappy!!! I don't know why....PMS, perhaps??

But I have to thank some fellow bloggers for chatting with me earlier in Miu's chatbox and it helps cheer me up a little........

Heaps of laundry waiting to be done, mountains of cleaned laundry waiting to be folded, and some of my new clothes to be hand-washed or I don't know what to wear for my workshops tomorrow and Sunday, next weekend for the RMK and next next weekend for my Kiehl's party!!!

Then, there are 2 sinkfuls of dishes waiting to be washed and my dish rack is running out of fingers are so wrinkled from prolonged contact with water and the so-called natural dish-washing liquid....yea, right...natural??? My hands now feel stinging and so dry and coarser than even the coarsest of sand papers!!! I know, I'll tell me to wear gloves....but I am sick!! I want to touch and feel with my own hands that all my dishes are thoroughly cleaned and have that squeaky clean feel and....and...and....a bit OCD on this!!! Of course, I slather on loads of hand cream (Boots, Crabtree & Evelyn, etc about Kiehl's?? I haven't tried any hand cream from Kiehl's!) after.......only to need to wash my hands again few minutes later when my little girl asks me to prepare her milk for her!!!!

Huh!!! Being a stay-at-home-mom is NO JOKE!!!! No tai-tai, you know? Tai-tai doesn't need to do housework and ends up with hands worse than a mui chai's!!! :(((((((

Alright, I'll stop here before the Complain Queen goes into full-drive mode! Huh!!

My washer just beeps and time to hang my princess' laundry which she had bugged me to do earlier and nope! To protect her clothes, her Daddy insisted that her clothes not be put into the dryer for drying. Actually, my clothes too...hehe!! And to clear space for her laundry, I need to fold all the exisitng dry laundry. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I will come back later with some beauty news.............

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kiehl's Party For Readers Of Vonvon's Interests!

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There will be a video presentation introducing you to Kiehl's, a personal 1-to-1 consultation to cater to your skincare needs as well as bath and body products (Kiehl's has a whole wide range of them!), of course there'll be finger food and drinks served, and last but not least, door gifts for all my guests!!!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Estee Lauder Sale And My Hauls

This is my 1st time at the Estee Lauder Sale and it was actually quite a great and pleasant experience for me! I left my place at 3:25am and got to Renaissance Hotel at 3:45am and I was shocked to see that there were at least 20 people there already in the queue.

My ticket to great shopping bargains

Ascending the stairs to a 'zone of war'....I mean, shopping war
(I was still a bit blur2x and sleepy)

The front liners preparing to 'strike'

I saw my fellow blogger friends, Ayna and Hanna, so I joined them in the queue and we were later joined by Miu and Cai Wing. Soon our shopaholic team was getting bigger and so was the crowd.

Part of our 'battalion'
From left: Miu, Cai Wing, Ayna and Hanna (in the foreground)

Me and part of the 'battalion'
From left: Hanna, Me and Miu

At some point of the long wait, some workers brought out these 2 signs.
Pay attention to the sign on the left..........
Just for a good laugh!!!

By the time it was almost 6am, the whole foyer of the ballroom had been filled. Then some of the Suria Meriang staff started to hand us huge white plastic bags to store our things as well as to be used as shopping bags. And what surprised me was they had hand sanitizers for us to use.

Anyways, at a little before 7am, they opened the door for the 1st batch, that was us and probably another 200 or so more people behind us in the queue to enter.

I headed towards the Bobbi Brown table to get the Bobbi Brown baby set for my little girl as I thought the quantities would be limited. This set cost RM150 (pix below). But to my surprise, they had several boxes of it.

This is my haul for today

When we first entered, we were at a loss of where the things are located amidst the sea of people. We had to ask one guy at the perfume counter where the Bobbi Brown counter was. I mean we were waiting for so long outside while the staff were preparing inside the ballroom. Why can't they just print out a floor plan so that we know where to look for the stuff we wanted. And instead of printing and putting up signs with grammatically-incorrect English (see pix above), they could have printed out signs and put them at the respective counters to make it easier for us to find the counters. I hope someone from Suria Meriang is reading this and take this suggestion into consideration next year.

We wasted quite some time just looking for the counters. And we were supposedly given 1 hour to shop and then check out! This was made worse by the annoying announcement every 10-15 minutes reminding us to check out as soon as we could and later telling us the 1-hour was almost up. REALLY IRRITATING!!! Already we were busy shuffling our way around the sea of shoppers and running around looking for the stuff. We don't need the constant reminder. In a way, it's kinda like telling the shoppers to 'get lost' as we have more people coming in, so give way to them! But I think nobody really paid any attention to the annoying announcements as I saw many people still hunting and sorting out their things at wherever place they could find empty spaces despite numerous announcements not to!! HAHA!!!!

Anyways, enough of some ramblings....

Let's get to my hauls.........guess that's the most interesting part, right?

I was at the Bobbi Brown counter and grabbed 1 baby set, then the palettes - one complete face palette for RM80 and the eye and lip palette from last year's Christmas collection for RM90. I had grabbed the pack-of-3 eyeshadows for RM65 but decided to let it go in the end. The Night Sky eye palette was also on sale for RM90 but I also gave that up due to budget constraint. :((

My Bobbi Brown little only :((

When I got home, my little girl was a bit angry at me until I told her that i got something for her and took out this set, she was so excited and forgot that I had left her earlier in the morning and kept on bugging me to open up the set for her.

Bobbi Brown Baby Nursery Collection (RM150)
I don't know what was the actual retail price.

Bobbi Brown Baby set

Bobbi Brown palettes
Left: Bobbi Brown eye and lip palette from last year's Christmas collection
Right: Bobbi Brown Mauve face palette

Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette

Bobbi Brown eye and lip palette
The eye palette is on the lower part of the whole palette and it's like a drawer to separate the eyeshadows from the lipsticks. So no worries about powder from the eyeshadows getting on the lipsticks.

Only the lip palette can be seen here after retracting the eye palette into the lower part of the palette.

Next to BB was Clinique and amidst the madness, I think it was Cai Wing who told me that Clinique had many packs-of-2 or 3 eyeshadows and blushes going for RM5-RM10. Wow!!! I ran there and quickly grabbed a whole bunch in different colors (as you can see in the pix below). That was about to be my Clinique haul but while sorting out our stuff, I saw Jess had a pack of 10 Clinique refreshing eye masks for RM50 and I got that as well since now I am beginning to use lots of masks, for face and eyes.

Clinique haul

Clinique eyeshadow trios
I think they were actually samples/testers that the company got extras, and now selling them off at such bargain prices. I don't mind as long as they are still new and untouched! :D

A blush sample for RM5 only!!
And the girl told me this can be blush/bronzer.
So my 1st bronzer from Clinique for RM5???? Hahaha..........*a high-pitched shrilllll*

Eyeshadows at a bargain!!!
Eyeshadow singles - 3 for RM10
Eyeshadow duos - 2 for RM10
I overheard one girl telling her friend, " waa.....Maybelline eyeshadows also more expensive ah.."

Eyeshadows at a bargain!!!

After Clinique, I headed to the end of the hall for Estee Lauder stuff. I saw many people taking the EL set with the cream and blue tote bag which I had just purchased as a PWP set from their counter in May. And I was shocked to see that they were selling it for RM80. All the other PWP sets at the counter were sold at the sale for RM80 each. A super darn great deal. I wonder if they always sell all these sets at their warehouse sale.

The mascara set that was sold at the counters were going for RM50 each consisting of a full-sized mascara, eyelash curler, a small eyeshadow quad and a travel-sized cleansing oil and a shocking pink pouch. And the mascara came in different kinds - Magnascopic, Sumptuous, Zero-Smudge and one more I don't remember. Initially I had gotten 3 sets with 3 different mascaras inside but in the end let go of 2 and got the one with the Zero-Smudge mascara. They had packs-of-3 lipglosses of different kinds and I dug through the pile and found one with the Pure Color Crystal Gloss in 315 Garnet which I had been lemming for.

Estee Lauder haul (top and bottom pix)
And I found my lemming gloss in 315 Garnet. Really pretty color, not too red after applying on my lips. I had seen it at the counter and thank God, they didn't have stock yet at that time. Haha!! If not, I'll bang my head on the wall. Already bought so many LE and PWP sets at the counters and now they were selling for RM80 for each set!!!

2 Signature eyeshadow quads for RM25 per pack (lower right)
I managed to snag one pack from I don't remember who, but when I roamed again, I couldn't find them anymore :((

Mascara set
I got the one with Double Wear Zero-Smudge. But according to the lady, the eyelash curler itself already cost RM80. Yay!!! I got my 1st eyelash curler.
Forget about the RMK eyelash curler, can save my money a bit. Boo!!!

Mascara set

Estee Lauder Shimmering Powder Balls going for half price at RM70.
This is a limted edition from the Summer 2008 Pearl of Light collection.

Comes with a retractable brush but the bottom of the brush was marked with 'X'. :((

If you look closely, you can see that there's dust of loose powder lying around. Like it's been dropped or shaken. Then it's only RM70.
It looks really similar to Guerlain's Meteorites but I think the colors are a little less colorful than Guerlain's. Can't wait to try this. Wonder if I would love this as much as I love Guerlain's!

They didn't have too many skincare at the sale. Miu told me she saw Time Zone set but I didn't see it. May be by the time I found the EL skincare table, most of the nice skincare sets were already gone! :(( Thanks, no thanks to the organizers for not putting up signs!! Again wasted so much time looking for the counters!! All they know is to 'chase us out' of the hall as soon as they can or in my friend's case, kept on scolding her not to sort her things!!! Bloody too much!! But I saw The Perfectionist CP+ Serum for sale for RM210 (normal retail RM320). Such a small discount and decided not to get it!

There were a lot of the Nutritious skincare set on sale though. And the pink one, Lifting and Firming sets.

Anyways, time to go sort things out...............

We gathered at a row of empty tables at the end of the hall before the cashiers and sorted out our things like crazy. It was so crowded and noisy, especially from the annoying announcements!!!! Anyways, I ended up letting go of half the stuff that I had planned to get, including the MAC Little Darlings and lots of BB eyeshadow and blushes :(( *sob* *sob* Now I am really regretting spending so much on Stila only to be treated badly by the people from their management!!!! If only I'd known that I would get the chance to go for the EL sale this year, and there would be so much nice stuffs and great bargains at this sale, I wouldn't have purchased half as much Stila as I had purchased!!!!!

The only thing that made me very happy on top of the many regrets was my decision to purchase the MAC MSF Refined. Thanks to Cai WIng who grabbed a whole bunch of MAC stuff, including several MSFs and when she showed it to me, I saw it was RM63 only, and retail in MAC stores for RM115 (if I am not mistaken). I decided to get Refined last-minute, my very 1st MAC MSF. Not quite sure what a MSF really was, I Google it up and mind, I read so many raves on MSFs in general and the Refined MSF especially. And it's a limited edition!!

My 1 and only MAC haul
MAC MSF in Refined
A last-minute purchase and a little consolation for the so many things that I had to let go.

Then I decided to roam another round, and this time paying more attention to the MAC tables. I actually saw quite a lot of MSFs but since I already got 1, I just browsed through but didn't get more. Now I feel like kicking myself......... And I had brought only cash with me. Darn!!! I will not buy anything off retail for the next year till next year's sale....haha!!! Wishful thinking!!! By fall, all the brands would have come out with their Holiday Collections and my heart will start to yearn and lem for them.

Finally when I was to check out, I saw like the area we used for sorting things out were replaced by huge boxes piled up high to prevent us from using the tables for sorting out!! Haha!! They thought they were very smart but I still saw many girls just inched the boxes aside and continue to do their sorting out there and on the floor......haha!!

After checking out, I found Tutu J sitting at a corner with her hubby and friend. We chit-chatted a bit, then proceeded to join other girls who were seated at the other end of the foyer. As we were walking to join other girls, my phone rang. And it was from Hubby who told me that my little girl woke up and crying for me as she couldn't see, as some of the girls, especially Miu, already known........once my phone rang, *POOF*.......I'd had to 'disappear' like Genie from the Aladdin lamp. I rushed home and reached home by 9:30AM.

Wow! I have never been to a warehouse sale so early and left to reach home this early either with my considerably modest haul....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Coming Soon.........

COMING SOON...............



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Freebies For Today.....And A Clinique Promotion

I was at Pavilion this afternoon for lunch and after lunch at Pepper Lunch, I went on my freebie-hunting spree with my little girl in tow, of course! ;)

First, we stopped by to buy the Hello magazine which comes with a free full-sized Revlon nail polish worth RM19! The magazine cost only RM7.90. A great deal!

The free Revlon nail polish in 181 Sandstorm (full-sized)

Next, we went to Bobbi Brown to redeem the sample of their newly-launched cleansing oil, which is soooooo super-tiny. :( And I got only 1. How to use it long enough to gauge the effect of the product? Sigh!! *shakes head* I don't know la....

I guess all the 3 photos above are quite self-explanatory.

And a few days ago, I received a mailer from Clinique, inviting me to go for a skin consultation and redeem a 3-step skincare sample for FREE. And I met this SA, a very nice and pleasant guy I have seen at several Clinique counters around KL. He checked my skin and noted that my skin condition had improved compared to my previous consultation with Clinique a while ago (with another SA). (No, this is not the person who said that my skin condition had improved significantly. The person who commented is a lady.) Anyways, he offered me a demo on the back of my hand with the skincare products that he was going to give me the samples, carefully and patiently explaining each step for the whole process. Then he just gave me a set of the samples plus a small jar of the Turnaround serum to try. That's it!! NO hard-selling involved! I will write this in detail in another post.

And I got all the above for free. The 3-Step Skincare system for type 2 skin (combination-dry), a small jar sample of Turnaround concentrate and they all came in a cute little green reusable bag.
As my dear friend, Miu, wrote, "
wanting to try samples does not make us cheapskate or poor".
And she even linked to this site which explained samples are a form of advertising and promotion.
Kudos to Miu!
And I think the Clinique management must be applying this concept and practising it in their approach to customers. Kudos to Clinique.

The skincare trial set

Cleanser, toner and moisturiser

By the way, the SA's name is Chee Lup and he'll be based at the Clinique counter at Parkson KLCC from this Saturday (18 July) onwards.

Actually, I am not a Clinique user before this but I am beginning to pay more attention to this brand as I notice they have a very good approach to customers! They don't hard sell for sure! You can read my 1st Clinique counter experience here and no hard selling involved!) Of course the brand itself is a good brand but I was just too absorbed and loyal to my dear old Estee Lauder that only lately, I am looking into other makeup and skincare brands.

SOME NEWS.......

Clinique is running their once a year promotion 'Great Skin Solutions @ RM40 each' whereby you can purchase a set of 3 travel-sized skincare products together with a pouch for RM40 each. While stocks last. But they are available at all Clinique counters. There are 4 types of set - Dullness, Blemish, De-aging and Brightening Sets. The Brightening Set will be available in August 2009. Actually, I was so tempted to buy all the 3 available sets just now, just for the cute pouches and the colors of the pouches are so sweet!! Ehem.....but I resisted!! *clap clap for Vonvon* :)

So, if you want to try out some Clinique skincare or you are going off for your summer holiday soon and don't want to pack your full-sized Clinique stuff, here's your chance to grab some great deals!!
(P.s. I don't get anything from writing this. I am just sharing a good deal with you and introducing you to a good SA from Clinique. By now, you should know my stand on good customer service, hence good SAs.)

Good Night!