Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy November - A Month Of Beauty Workshops And Shopping Marathon

In a few minutes, it will be December and I would like to round up the busy month of November with a short summary of why November has been such a busy month for me!

Let's see.....starting from the eve of November, that was on Halloween, I had been attending workshop(s) every weekend, be it makeup and/or skincare workshops.

So here's a list of the workshops which I have attended but the lazy me, had yet to blog about them:

1) HELLO Magazine-Good Skin Labs Workshop;
2) Malaysian Women's Weekly-Clinique Workshop;
3) Cleo-MAC Colorview Workshop;
4) Estee Lauder The Ultimate Party Makeover Workshop (which included a section on Party
Etiquette by Wendy Lee, an internationally trained and qualified image consultant in Malaysia);
5) REN Skincare Workshop;
6) Laneige Power of 4 Workshop; and
7) Peter Thomas Roth Skincare Workshop (this one was a private workshop).

Huh!!! That was quite a record-breaking feat for me, as I have never attended so many workshops in a month.

And I still have workshops from the Summer months which I haven't even blogged about. Yea, I am lazy....that's 1 reason. But for me, to blog about a workshop is not merely posting photos taken during the workshops and some short bla-bla-bla. The perfectionist in me with a bit of OCD always want to write about these things in details and especially to make sure that whatever I learned from these workshops, I can also incorporate into my blog posts for the benefits of my dear readers. For me, reporting/reviewing these workshops is not only to share with my readers, but also a way for me to express my appreciation for the organizers and brands(companies) which have made the effort to organize such events. Hence, it's not fair to just write for the sake of writing and come up with some mediocre post(s) on any workshop. So, please bear with me if I am taking a long time to blog about the workshops which I have attended.

Then....let's go on to shopping.............Definitely, did quite a lot of retail therapy for the past month, what with the Christmas/Holiday Collections of many brands are already out. Some have been posted up. As for the retail therapies, I will do photo posts on them with captions for each photo and may be short reviews on certain items. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

OK, enough said....I am going back to editing the many photos of the workshops and of my retail therapies......

Stay tuned!

FEMALE Magazine December 09 Issue & Freebies

A friend of mine told me about the December issue of FEMALE magazine with its FREE booklet of vouchers and I quickly went to get a copy for myself, and right away, started hunting for the freebies which the vouchers have to offer.

Most of the vouchers are discount vouchers whereby you must purchase something to be entitled to the discount, etc.

But there was this Bio-Essence voucher which enabled me to redeem a trial set of its slimming product FOC. And also the voucher for Shiseido where no purchase was necessary.

FEMALE Dec 09 comes with a sample of Pantene No-rinse hair conditioner.
FREE booklet filled with vouchers....

Redeemed this Bio-essence set at Guardian Midvalley. The other place to redeem this set with the voucher is Guardian KLCC.

Got this lot of samples from the Shiseido counter at Isetan the Gardens, but the SA was a bit blur and stingy, but thank God, my friend had gone earlier to redeem her lot and she told me what the counter manager gave her. So when the SA stinge with the samples with me, I knew what to ask for!!! Just happened, the counter manager had gone off when I got there. That's why gotta deal with the SA!

And flipping through magazines in the month of December is always a very 'dangerous' thing to do....dangerous to your and my pockets, at the very least!

I saw these pages in the FEMALE magazine, and I realised...WOW!! I already had 3 of the sets featured....and I am lemming for another.......

Already gotten myself the RMK Christmas Palette but still haven't taken photos of it.
And I am so lemming for the Elizabeth Arden set (the one in the photo) and another set with the maroon-colored tote bag!

Got the Estee Lauder Good As Gold set, and also the Shu Uemura lip gloss trio....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review: REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash - By The Intrepid Beauty

Shower gels are one of my many bath passion, which if you remember, I have shelves-load of them....I am simply spoilt for choice when it comes to shower time! And ROSE is my favorite-st scent among so many scents!

Today, The Intrepid Beauty will review yet, another REN product, but this time, a body care product, instead of skincare, which she so loves! It's the award-winning REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash.


Having used some of REN's skincare products with positive results, I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to also try REN's Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash which I understand is their star body product.

This body wash has been awarded InStyle's Best Beauty Buys of 2008 and Harper's Bazaar (Malaysia) Beauty Awards 2009 for Best Shower/Body Wash! It isn't hard to see why right from the first sniff. REN's product brochure describes it was "a multi award-winning luxurious body wash, formulated with Moroccan Rose Otto Oil, one of the world's most expensive and revered essential oils. Moroccan Rose Otto Oil is steam distilled from petals harvested at dawn and is beneficial to dry and sensitive skin while its exquisite scent has stress relieving and soothing properties".

As REN products do not contain any synthetic colours, the slight yellow tinge of the body wash is derived solely from ingredients such as Rosa Damascena flower water & oil and grapefruit. The scent is primarily of roses but it isn't overpowering as is the case with other body products which have a synthetic rose fragrance. There is nothing artificial about the fragrance of this product, it's the real McCoy, truly scent-sational. You feel as if you have been transported to the middle of a rose garden when you use it in the shower/bath.

This body wash is neither too thick nor runny and you really do not need a lot to create a luxurious later. As it is said to be free from harsh sulfates, my skin did not feel tight after washing off the lather. On the contrary, the result was soft skin which normally I don't get with other body washes or even with handmade soaps. Best of all, the scent of roses lingers on your skin long after you have emerged from the shower. It's truly among the creme de la creme of body washes and it's a product everyone should indulge in once in a while if only for the occasional pampering.

The 200ml bottle of this body wash retails for RM118.

The Intrepid Beauty


At the REN counters, you can get the full-sized (200ml) bottle of this body wash in a trio set which consists the body wash, Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil (RM194) and Damask Rose Body Cream (RM182) (all full-sized) for RM376 (quite a savings as individually all 3 would cost you RM494).

Alternatively, you can try the s
amples of the body wash (50ml) together with the Damask Rose Body Cream (50ml) and Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash (50ml) and Grape seed, Jojoba and Shea Butter Body Cream (50ml).....all 4 come in a nice gift box and retails for only RM98! Yes, RM98 for 200ml of products and you get to sample 4 different types of REN bath and body care! Really a good deal, especially if you are looking for gifts for your loved ones and/or even yourself come this festive season. Individually, they make great stocking stuffers too.

So what are you waiting for?? Check out your nearest REN counters at Escentials@Tangs Pavilion, Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC and/or Metrojaya Midvalley if you are heading to these places today or anytime you are going to do your holiday shopping!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Quick Update: Tsuya-Tsuya At Beauty & Spa Show '09

I was at the Tsuya-Tsuya booth at Beauty & Spa Show '09 this afternoon.

Just wanna update on the prices of the 2 Tsuya-Tsuya products which I have reviewed recently.

Angel Eyes Pack (White fiber + Black fiber + Long lasting mascara) plus some additional free gifts....NOW at the Expo is only RM180 (Usual price: RM217)

Gel Eyeliner Pack (Gel eyeliner + Eyeliner brush).....NOW at the Expo is only RM49 (Usual price: RM79)
Colors available: I saw Cedar Brown and Tanzanite Purple there. Tanzanite Purple is a dark purple shade with black undertone......could be your new black!!

Do check out their booth at the Beauty & Spa Show at Midvalley Exhibition Hall! The Expo is on till 29th November 2009 (this Sunday)!

Photos: Laneige X'mas Set Plus Freebies From Jusco

So, on Tuesday, I gave a quick update of what was on offer at the Laneige counter in Jusco 1 Utama. And my friend helped me to grab another X'mas set from Laneige and got a 3-pc gift set with just the purchase of that set which costs RM130.

My friend passed the stuff to me today.....and here they are........

For RM130........I got...............

Hydra Solution Mask set (RM130)
Comes with a 3-pc Hydra Solution trial kit and a 15ml Hydra Solution Essence
and a light blue and white polka dot makeup pouch.
I had wanted that pouch when I saw it at Isetan The Gardens when I did my 1st haul, but somehow the vanity case and red makeup case took precedence over this.

Hydra Solution Mask
8 sheet/box

Sample-sized items which come with the set

And the cute little makeup pouch which the whole set came in.

And with just the purchase of the set above,
I received a 3-pc gift set which, when my friend passed to me, was quite a shock to me!
The 3-pc gift set includes a tote bag and 2 samples (a cleansing gel and an eye cream)!!!

The tote bag

2 samples

Wow!!! By far, Laneige is a very generous brand when it comes to their GWPs!
From my own experience, to get something like a tote bag as part of GWP, you would have to purchase at least a few hundred Ringgit, not RM100 or 200, but at least a minimum of RM300. And if you take my Laneige haul from
Isetan the other day and this, I spent only RM275, and I got 3 makeup pouches/bags and 2 samples as GWPs!!! Not to mention the sets which I have purchased also came with many charm-sized items!

Speaking of GREAT DEAL!!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Photos: theBalm Retail Therapy

Been making several small hauls from theBalm, the new makeup brand in town from San Francisco!

Here are some little eye candies.........

theBalm Shady Lady Palette
only RM120

9 gorgeous pigmented eyeshadow colors

3 mini eyeliners that comes with a sharpener
only RM55

I bought the Christmas gift set as well.....but didn't take photos of them yet.

Just a short post for out having lunch at Tony Roma's with my little girl and some girl friends.........

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Review: Tsuya-Tsuya Gel Eyeliner In Cedar Brown Shimmer - A Multi-Tasking Eye Product

Besides the Tsuya-Tsuya Long Lasting Mascara and Angel Eyes which I have reviewed, I also received Tsuya-Tsuya Gel Eyeliner in Cedar Brown Shimmer for review purpose.

When I got this product, the adventurous ME thought to myself....what can I use this gel eyeliner for, other than as an eyeliner, of course?

And I managed to come up with several ways to use this gel eyeliner.

Before that, let's get acquainted with the product first.

This gel eyeliner comes sealed with an aluminum foil to preserve its freshness, and prevention of it from drying up. *Thumbs up for this kind of packaging!
I have owned so many cream/gel eye products, and none of them, not even those from the higher-end luxury brands, comes with a seal!

This gel eyeliner comes in a set with a pointed eyeliner brush known as the Beauty Eye Pack. The size of the gel eyeliner is 4g. The Beauty Eye Pack retails for RM79.

Some words on the product itself.....

Swatch of Cedar Brown Gel eyeliner, without flash(top), and with flash(bottom)

Cedar Brown Shimmer gel eyeliner is a dark brown color with gold shimmer. Its texture is so light, smooth and soft and despite its shimmer, it doesn't feel gritty to the touch. The product glides on smoothly on my lids when applied with the pointed eyeliner brush provided, without any clumping. Although it is long-wearing and waterproof, it doesn't dry on my lids so quickly, hence giving me time to blend/smudge it the way I want. And because of its light texture, I don't feel like there's anything on my lids after application, which is good should you want to layer it.

Some words on the brush.....

The pointed eyeliner brush comes with a cover which can double up as a long handle for the brush. The bristle of the brush is made of synthetic material, and feels soft to the touch, but at the same time, is stiff enough to draw a fine line on my upper eyelids. The small slender size of the brush makes it easy to draw a fine line, but when I want to apply a thicker line, I need to sort of layer it on.

And the ways to use this product......

So, in total, I managed to come up with 6 different ways to use this gel eyeliner, from just being an eyeliner to the use as an eyeshadow and/base.

Let's take a look.............

As an eyeliner

Just 1 swipe of the brush with the eyeliner on the upper lashline.

As an eyeliner, but winged

Drawn the same way as above, but extended on the outer corner of the eye to create a winged liner look.

As a thick liner

Several swipes and layered to get a thicker line.

To line the lower lashline

To line the lower lashline from the outer corner of the eye inward. In the photo above, I did it with just one swipe across the lower lashline. The soft and smooth texture of the liner coupled with the softness of the slightly stiff bristle of the brush allow for the ease of application in just a stroke.

As a base for MAC Gilt By Association Mineralize eyeshadow

Using the gel liner as a base: I applied MAC Gilt By Association with a small shadow brush over the gel liner, and gently blending it upward to create a soft smoky look.

As an eyeshadow; toned down with a light-colored eyeshadow

In the past, I had tried using pencil eyeliners as eyeshadows. You can read it here and here.
So, I thought to myself why not try using this too?
But since this is quite a dark color (see top left photo), I decided to try using a light-colored eyeshadow over the dark brown color, to tone it down (perhaps for a day look).

Photos #1 and #1A: I applied Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow #10 Ivory Box (a shimmery white-cream shade) over the liner and blended it all the way upward to the brow bone (as a highlight). It tones down the dark brown color and also acts as a highlight.

Photo #2: Taken under natural daylight.

So, what do you think of these looks? Isn't it something that a simple shimmery gel eyeliner can be used in so many different ways? Speaking of multi-tasking, and value for money!!!

I wore the above different looks on different days under different environmental conditions of heat, rain and humidity, and the color was just as fresh at the end of the day as I had applied it initially. No fading and no smudging at the end of the day! And the shimmer remains as shimmery!

And as easy to apply as it is, it is equally easy to remove by an eye makeup remover for waterproof makeup. Just saturate a cotton pad with it and a few swipes, everything comes off.

Actually, there are still many ways which you can use this product. Just need to let your imagination stretched a bit, coupled with loads of adventure and start your experiment!!!

Tsuya-Tsuya will be at the Beauty & Spa Show 2009 this weekend (27-29th November 2009) at Midvalley. Click here for more information.

For more product information, please visit Tsuya-Tsuya website.

Quick Update: LANEIGE at Jusco 1 Utama Members' Day

Just a quick update....

My friend was just at Jusco 1 Utama Members' Day, and Laneige counter there has some of the X'mas gift sets which I had purchased from Isetan The Gardens last week. But quantities are limited and selling fast.

So hurry up if you can spare the time to go now. And they are giving out 3-pc gift set with any purchase for the 1st 50 customers....

No pics as I have no idea what my friend had gotten for me....but it's a skincare set with a box of masks (the last box).

Monday, November 23, 2009

Reviews: Tsuya-Tsuya Long Lasting Mascara And Angel Eyes

I have received from Tsuya-Tsuya the following items for review purposes:

-Tsuya-Tsuya Long Lasting Mascara
-Angel Eyes Volume (black fiber)
-Angel Eyes Length (white fiber)

The 3 items received from Tsuya-Tsuya for review purpose

Angel Eyes treatment set

Angel Eyes for Volume
(Black fiber)
It comes with a little brush to brush off excessive fibers around the eye area and cheeks.

Angel Eyes for Length
(White Fiber)

The instruction on the Angel Eyes Volume and Angel Eyes Length are the same, but I have taken the photo of the instruction from the Angel Eyes Length box as it's white background.

Precaution on using the product, and its ingredient list

Tsuya-Tsuya Long Lasting Mascara

So I have decided to review this in a step-by-step guide (with photos on each step) on how to use these 3 products together based on the instruction provided.

Firstly, let me show you how long (or rather, short) my eyelashes are......

My short eyelashes - approximately 4mm long only

I applied the mascara on my eyelashes.


I applied Black Fiber (Angel Eyes Volume) on the inner eyelashes, that is nearer to the roots for more volume.

While applying the Black Fiber, I experienced some fallout around my eyes and cheeks.
Note some of the Black Fibers on my cheeks in the lateral view photo.

I applied another coat of mascara again to hold the Black Fiber in place.

I applied White Fiber on the tips of my eyelashes for more length.

I applied only to the tips of my lashes, but somehow the fibers have some affinity for one another and start to stick to the areas near the roots.

I finished off with another coat of mascara.

After applying another coat of mascara, I swept off the excess fallout of fiber with the little brush provided.

My lashes were lengthened by approximately 3 times, from the original of ~4mm to the final result ~12mm.
That was just 1 time following STEPS 1-5.

I decided to test how long can my eyelashes 'grow' by repeating STEPS 1-5 another 2 times.
And the result.......

After repeating STEPS 1-5 2 more times, my lashes lengthened to ~15mm.

Despite its long lasting and waterproof properties, the fibers were easy to remove with an eye makeup remover for waterproof eye makeup and so was the mascara. All I needed to do was saturate a cotton pad with the eye makeup remover and then gently rubbed onto my lashes in a downward stroke following the length of my lashes. The fibers were the first to come off, followed by the mascara.

Some things to consider prior to and while using this set of products.......

-This is definitely a very long lasting and waterproof mascara! I wore it for the whole day, was out in our humid tropical weather, walked in some slight drizzle without an umbrella, and yet at the end of the day, there is NO PANDA EYES! No smudging at all!!

-Due to some fallout of the fibers no matter how careful one can be, it is advisable to start putting on your makeup from the eyes first. I don't see the reason to start off with foundation and powder first, because you will have to clean up some of the fibers on your face after application and then touch-up your foundation and powder again.

-As I am wearing glasses, the extended lashes tend to touch the lenses of my spectacles and transfer some fibers onto them. So you might want to consider how long would you like to extend your lashes if you are planning to put on your glasses after.

-I do wear contact lenses for certain occasions, but I haven't tested this while wearing my contact lenses. However, 1 thing to note is that some of the fibers might go into your eyes. It's claimed to be safe, but if you are used to wearing contact lenses, you would understand how it feels like when there is even a speck of dust fell on your contact lens. Hence, I would advise contact lens wearer using this to be extra careful while using the fibers to prevent fibers from getting into your eyes. Just as a precautionary measure.

Angel Eye Set: White Fiber + Black Fiber + Mascara - NP: RM217

For more information, visit Tsuya-Tsuya website.