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Tell Us What Kind Of Beauty Workshops Would You Like To Attend In 2010!

The Beauty Apprentice writes on behalf of myself at Vonvon's Interests...................


With Christmas over and as the year draws to a close, as the topic of the final post of the year, I have been requested to gauge our readers’ views about beauty(makeup and skincare) workshops organised by the leading beauty brands here in Malaysia.

In the past few months there has been a flurry of workshops being conducted by the leading beauty brands in Kuala Lumpur. The Klang Valley literally seems to be the epicentre of these workshops! Especially since the last quarter of this year, one workshop was lined up after another every few days in Kuala Lumpur! However, up north where I am based, it was the exact opposite. There was a dearth of workshops! This year, the recent workshops in the northern region which come to mind are the ones organised in Penang by MAC and Dior. In July this year, I had the opportunity to attend the MAC workshop which was held at the G Hotel in Penang, where I managed to pick up some very useful new makeup tips and skills. The MAC workshop was conducted by their internationally renowned makeup artist, Yokoe Chan and was very well organised indeed. In general, throughout this year in the northern region, there was a lot of the usual makeover-cum-photography sessions organised by the various major brands, but makeup or skincare workshops were very few and far between.

I did some research into makeup workshops and on Bobbi Brown’s website, I discovered that in the USA such workshops are held several times a year. Every season there are several workshops organised by the Bobbi Brown brand in different US towns and cities. I notice from their Fall Schedule that they cover diverse topics such as, Beauty Basics, Everything About Eyes, 40+ Beauty and Professional Beauty. These workshops last about 4 hours long on average and the classes are limited to 15 students per session. They are held at the local Bobbi Brown Studio and the cost is USD200.00. The cost includes the makeup and supplies required for the class. As you can see from the topics, the workshops cover various levels of knowledge, from novices to aspiring makeup artists and they are taught by top Bobbi Brown makeup artists. Each makeup workshop includes a makeup lesson, a Q & A session and a hands-on make-up application session. Wow, how I wish Bobbi Brown Malaysia would organise similar workshops here!!

Tell us here...........(in your comments below)

Would readers want to have more workshops organised in your area? We would love to hear from you, wherever you may be.

By which brands?

How much would readers be prepared to pay to attend these workshops?

Should the attendance tickets or vouchers be made fully redeemable or partially?

Where should the workshops be held? In the leading hotels or at the retailers’ office premises?

What topics ought to be covered in these workshops, e.g. do you prefer to learn more about skincare or makeup tips?

Would you expect door gifts as part of the workshop? If redemption of products was possible, would you rather purchase at the workshop or at the counters?

For those readers who have attended such workshops before, what was your experience? Was it good or bad? Was your experience mainly positive or negative? Did you find them useful at all? What did you learn from the workshops? Would you attend another workshop organised by the same brand? Would you mind paying more for the workshop if the person presenting the workshop was a makeup artist from abroad?

Do let us know your opinion and we shall gather all your feedback together and let the Powers that Be know, and maybe your special wish just might be granted next year!

Meanwhile, have a Very Happy, Beautiful & Bountiful New Year from all of us at Vonvon's Interests !

The Beauty Apprentice

-Edited by The Intrepid Beauty

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photos: My Princess' Pooh Bear Birthday Party

Since it's less than 48 hours to the New Year...........I am sure everyone is again in the celebratory mood............. and so am I!

So, till the end of the year, err....that's just a little over 40 hours from now...........I shall be doing more photo posts, instead of just rambling over nothings.....but perhaps, some resolution post might pop up on New Year's Eve....well, that will depend on my mood..... and I don't really believe in making New Year resolutions I hardly stick to them.... Look at my weight, for example.........sigh........... Perhaps, I should start using all the beauty stuffs that I have been collecting for the past year and do reviews on them......and STOP buying! Haha! As though it's going to work....I already had my eyes on quite a number of the Spring 2010 collections!

Anyways, I have finally edited some photos from my little girl's Pooh Bear Birthday Party.....yea, what a lazy Mommy I am.....huh....

Princess insisted that she wants a Pooh Bear Birthday Party and that all her 'babies' had to be present at the Party wearing hats....just like in her Pooh Bear books.
So Mommy, who dreaded Art class while in school, had to make those tiny little hats with Daddy for her 'babies'!

Princess with some of her birthday pressies.....
Opening birthday pressie from her favorite C che che.......a Pooh Bear study set, wrapped in Pooh Bear wrapper!

Lazy Mommy and her lack of imagination....;P
Just bought a whole bunch of 'Happy Birthday' and Pooh Bear banners and hung them in the room we booked at a restaurant for Princess' birthday party. Yea, and the Pooh Bear table runner....

Princess and her 'babies' and more pressies...
She was happily passing around Pooh Bear hats to everyone at her party including all the grands.....grandma, grandpa, granduncles and grandaunts.....who sportingly donned those kiddy hats!

Dinner time!!
Yum yum.....Princess likes sharks' fin soup....yea, shoot Mommy, for feeding Princess that......but it's her Birthday and she loves it!
And yes, Princess can use the chopsticks to eat her rice and pick up food without Mommy's help!

Princess and her Pooh Bear birthday cake!

With her favorite Elyna yiyi(aunt) young cousin sister!

Karaoke session with her 2 yiyi's (aunts)
And guess what song were they singing?
Nope, not some nursery rhymes or kindie song.......

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review & EOTD: Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette #408 Green Design

I have read and heard raves on Dior cosmetics and its superb quality, texture and colors. But personally, my experiences with Dior cosmetics have been limited to testing and swatching them at the counters and during makeovers whereby I was made up by Dior makeup artists.

Recently I received the Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette #408 Green Design for review purpose. There are 5 palettes in total from this collection, which was already launched early this year. Though I just received it recently, I'm happy to review it! And I had read that #408 Green Design is Asia Exclusive(?). At the Dior counters here, I saw 4 palettes - #208 Navy Design (dark blue/navy colors), #508 Nude Pink Design, #708 Amber Design and of course, the Green Design #408. On Dior website, there is another palette #008 Smoky Design.

From Dior website:
Dior has created 5 COULEURS DESIGNER, an ultra-professional and totally new version of the mythic 5 COULEURS palette. Five different textures have been brought together in a single case to create eyeshadow styles through layering.

1-BASE light, 2-COLOR iridescent, 3-SHADE satinity, 4-SHINE pearlescent, 5-LINER mat represent the 5 essential steps used by professional makeup artists to draw attention to the eyes and create ultra-graphic eye makeup looks.

Dior innovation: Pigments are blended into a liquid phase rich in emollient compounds. As a result, the powders are extraordinary soft, transparently drap the skin, perfectly bind and allow every layering.

Light yet intense, the four 5-shade palettes created by Tyen are truly sublime. Resolutely Couture, these four new harmonies have been designed to resemble the palettes of professional makeup artists: based on a central color, each palette lets you create customized makeup looks with absolute precision.

Review of the
Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette #408 Green Design

The palette has 5 different shades of green, ranging from the lightest as a base, a similar shade but in glitter form as a highlighter to a dark green shadow color to the darkest shade with creamy texture which is the liner. It comes with 2 brushes - a dual-ended sponge applicator and another with a sponge tip on one end and a hard-angled slant brush on the other end which is for the application of the liner. The dark blue casing of the palette has the word 'Dior' etched in the middle in silver, and is housed in a black velvet pouch.

On the back of the box was printed a label of the shades and also a simple guide on how to apply the colors.

Swatches of the
Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette #408 Green Design

1 - It's the base color(light) and I had to swipe 3 times before getting the color on my finger for the swatch. It is smooth and soft to touch. The color is slightly creamy white with some shimmer.

2 - It's the main color(iridescent) which is a light teal shade. This shade is quite pigmented and swatched easily. It has quite good color pay-off. This is my favorite shade of the lot. :)

3 - It's the shadow color(satinity) which is a dark forest green with metallic finish. It is also pigmented as you can see from the swatch. I had just swiped my finger over the color once and swatched it on my arm.

4 - It's the shine color(pearlescent). It's quite similar to the base color (1) but this has more glitter in it. Nevertheless, the 'glitter' did not give any fall out. In fact, the 1st 3 colors, though in powder form, had almost nil fall out. It feels smooth to the touch and has none of those coarse gritty feel usually associated with glitters. And I got complimented on this color which I applied on my upper outer eyelids (based on the guide).

5 - Liner(matte). A very dark green shade with a smooth creamy texture. Though initially I had trouble using the hard-angled slant brush provided to apply the liner, on 2nd try, I managed to draw a smooth line on my upper lash line and lower lash line as well.

Eye Of The Day

I used the Green Design palette with Diorshow Iconic Mascara for the EOTD.

I decided to do an EOTD based on the guide, but using different tools. On my right eye, I applied the colors using the sponge applicators that came with the palette. The sponge applicators provided were indeed very small that even my small fingers had problem handling them and I did notice some difficulties in depositing the colors on my lids (I didn't have good control of the small handle and couldn't apply the colors properly). Nevertheless, I did it. Though you will see the difference later with my left eye.

On my right eye, based on the guide, using the applicators which came with the palette.

While on my left eye, I used my own makeup brushes but still following the same guide. These are my normal makeup brushes which I use every time when I apply my eyeshadows. With the brushes, I felt that I had better control of the amount of colors I wanted to apply on my lids and I could do a better job with layering the colors to get higher intensity and also with blending.

On my left eye, also based on the guide, but using my own makeup brushes.

Eye Of The Day
Note the difference in the color intensity and distribution of colors on my lids.
On my right upper lash line, the liner smudged a little due to my 1st time clumsiness ;P
On my left upper lash line, I managed to draw a smooth line across! Yay!
On the lashes of both eyes, I used Diorshow Iconic Mascara and note the slightly longer and more volume lashes. And the mascara is waterproof and smudge-proof. Tried and tested as I was out in the sweltering heat in the afternoon, went with Hubby to his car workshop, then was caught in some slight drizzle at dinner time, and came home with my eye makeup almost intact!
Only the liner on my lower lash line smudged a little, but not enough to give me the panda eyes.
Oh yea, and I didn't use an eye base before applying the colors.

This is my 1st time, hands-on using a Dior product on my own, without any help or guide from Dior MA, and I'd say with just the illustration guide, I managed to create a look which I am quite satisfied with. And most importantly the quality of the shadows, its texture and finish, are superb. I dare to say, from my experiences of using eyeshadows from many different brands, the moment I laid my hands on Dior's, it's a totally different kind of feeling. I can't quite describe it in words, but the textures of the different shadows are definitely one-of-its-kind and now, I can justify and understand the high price tag of Dior's cosmetics.

This palette weighs 4.4g and retails for RM194 at all Dior counters and they are still available the last time I checked at my regular Dior counter.

I am looking forward to trying out more of Dior in the coming new year, and I have seen photos of the Spring 2010 collection in the blogosphere and am drooling over them, especially the Poudrier Dentelle and the 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow palette....... May I say it's the pretty dainty patterns on them that's really calling out to meeeeee............

Monday, December 28, 2009

Baskin Robbins Freebies & 31% Off On 30th-31st Dec!

Went to Baskin Robbins for some dessert after dinner just now. And they are giving out a free Baskin Robbins Oreo Explosion notebook with purchase of RM25 and above. While stocks last.

I got an extra Oreo cookie but it's also while stocks last, and I got the last one from that outlet I went to just now. Err.....I gave it to my sis anyways, since I don't really fancy Oreo! ;P

Also, for this month, the 31% off any pint and/or quart purchase starts on 30th December 2009 all through to 31st!!

Photos: My New Hairstyle & Color

Hello my dear readers!

How was your long weekend? For those who celebrated Christmas, how was the partying and food feasting?

For me, it was just a simple celebration with Hubby and my little girl at my parents' home. Exchanging gifts....and of course, my little girl was the one who ended up with the most terms of number and also sizes of the gifts!

And over the weekend, I had decided to take a little unplanned break from blogging just to relax and wind down a bit as the year 2009 comes to a a few days' time, of course!

So, let's start the week with a simple post........of my new hairstyle and hair color. Yep, I decided to cut my below-the-shoulder length hair to now at shoulder length and also dye it to 'camouflage' my ever-increasing number of gray hair.......

I had been wanting to dye my hair for a while but kept on postponing because of my little girl! I became pregnant, then breastfeeding and just the paranoia of the effects hair dye could have on my little girl made me put it off till now. But with the tremendous stress of caring for a super-active kid, triple or even quadruple it with endless household chores, my gray hair have become more visible lately. Hence, with Hubby's 'blessing', I decided to dye my hair last week, just in time for Christmas! And I chose an aubergine kind of color.

My hair, just freshly out of the salon!
The aubergine color wasn't quite visible under the lighting in the restaurant.

But now, after a few washes, the color had lightened with the aubergine color more visible!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

theBalm Makeover - Part 2, By Jenn & Josh

This was the 2nd makeover I had from theBalm makeup artists who were in town last month to launch the brand. For the 1st makeover, it was an impromptu one. While for this 2nd makeover, I purchased 2 sets of Autobalm (one for myself and the other for my sis) to entitle me to the free gift of a cute wrist-held mirror and a full makeover with hair-do and a free A4-sized photo.

I will let the photos speak to you.............

Jennifer Sullivan, theBalm "Celebrity Makeup Artist" from USA, applying foundation and powder on my face.

Josh working his magic touches on my eyes and he used Hot Mama blush on my cheeks.

VIP 'treatment' from Jenn and Josh!
I have been for so many makeovers but it's always by 1 artist at a time.
And this time, Jenn and Josh both worked wonders on my face simultaneously...
made me feel like some kind of model or celebrity ;P

Finishing touches by Jenn and Josh
Jenn is using Stainiac on my lips.

Me and my 2 celebrity makeup artists!

AND finally......

Face Of The Day
It's now the profile photo in my blog and also my Facebook! :-)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Announcing The Winners Of Vonvon's Interests Nature In A Box Christmas Giveaway

Ho Ho Ho........

Merry early Christmas.....

And to those who are celebrating Winter Solstice (guo tung) today, Happy tong yuen eating... yea...(if there is such greeting) ;P

I know everyone has been very excited last night over the announcement of the winners of Vonvon's Interests Nature In A Box Christmas Giveaway, but my BAD BAD Internet connection, no, not the LOUZZY(Izzi)net this time for I had abandoned it for Streamyx which is just as bad, if not worse!

So.......also a little extra good news......since it was such tough decision to choose the winners, Nature In A Box has decided to award 2 consolation prizes which are 10% discount voucher each to 2 more winners, where they could buy the product of their choice with a 10% discount! Sounds GRRRREEEAAAATTTT!

OK......Nature In A Box has made a decision.......

The WINNER of the 1st prize (or I like to call it the Grand Prize) roll)

CHIN (yekchin)

--->Congratulations, Yek Chin! In her humble entry, she stated that she would love to give her skin Botani Olive Cleansing Bar for Christmas!

The 2nd prize goes to.................she will receive a 20% discount voucher to purchase the product of her choice which is the Botani Olive Repair Cream...................


The 3rd prize goes to.............also a 20% discount voucher to purchase product of her choice..............good bye, puffy eyes........Hello, Botani Rescue Eye Treatment!!


And the 2 consolation prize winners are............they will each receive a 10% discount voucher to purchase the product of their choice as well......

ZOE.............who chose Pot Of Gold Skin Balm to help with her scars.......

and last, but not least...........

JULI............the beautiful mama-to-be who chose Pot Of Gold Baby Balm
to help with her stretch marks.

Congratulations to all the winners!

I will be sending out notification emails to all the winners shortly with details on how to collect your prizes/vouchers.

For those who did not win, there will be more Giveaways coming up next stay tuned!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Yea
to all my dear readers and blog followers!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Workshops I've Attended: Laneige Power Of 4 Workshop - Part 2 - Snow Crystal Makeup

This is Part 2 of the Laneige Power Of 4 Workshop which was on Snow Crystal Makeup. The makeup part was quite a short session as we were only shown the basic steps. (You can read about Part 1 here.)

For the demo, I volunteered to be the model and Penny did the basic makeup on half of my face for comparison.

I didn't take too many photos of the cosmetics used.

Basically, Step 1 was applying Primer, and Penny used Makeup Primer Sebum Control for half of my face.

Then, it was followed by the application of Base - Laneige Skin Veil Base SPF 26 PA+. The makeup base had color-control function and came in different shades for different purposes. The green-colored one was to cover redness/blotchiness on the skin. The purple-colored one was to cover yellowness and sallow skin tone. The peach-colored for uneven skin tone. Penny went on to explain that the peach-colored skin veil base could be used even if one had almost flawless skin and nothing much to hide/cover, for a brighter complexion.

For the half of my face, Penny applied the green-colored base on the redness on my cheeks beside my nose, a bit of the purple base on my forehead and peach base on my chin.

Then, it's time to apply foundation. My shade was #21, and Laneige has a product with foundation at the bottom and corresponding shade of concealer on the top, yep, a 2-in-1 product. But alas, I didn't get to snap a photo of it. Sorry....

Penny said I could also use #22 foundation (couldn't really remember how the shade was like, but may be just a tad darker?) especially for dinner/functions with very bright lighting (spotlights).

After foundation, Penny used the Snow Crystal Sliding Pact_EX (compact powder) to set it.

Can you tell which side of my face did Penny put the makeup on?

Then, I did the other half of my face on my own.

Some words on the Laneige Sliding Pact_EX......

There are 4 types of Laneige Sliding Pact_EX. (Refer to the photo below).

The 1st row is the Snow Crystal Sliding Pact_EX for a natural finish. On me was No.3.
The 2nd row is Snow UV Crystal for oil control.
The 3rd row is Snow Moisture Crystal for dry skin.
The 4th row is White Plus Renew for whitening and to control pigmentation.

Face Of The Day
Did the other half of my face, added some blush and a dash of lipgloss, and DONE!

And throughout the whole afternoon after the workshop, me and my 2 beauty buddies 'roamed' Midvalley Mall and The Gardens....and I received some compliments on how flawless and much fairer my complexion was from my favorite SAs from Estee Lauder and other brands too.
And I thought to myself....must be the effect from the Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel and the Strawberry Yogurt Pack, and also the Snow Crystal Makeup!! :D

Results Of The Christmas Giveaway Will Be Announced Tonight

First of all, let me say a big THANK YOU to all who have participated in Vonvon's Interests Nature In A box Christmas Giveaway.

I have received some news from the Organiser, that is Nature In A Box. It's really a tough job selecting the winners as every entry is a winner in their own right! :-) Hence they need a little bit more time to select the winners.

I hope to announce the winners, the latest by tonight....k?

Have a nice day, everyone..... :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Final 6 Hours To Submit Your Entries For Vonvon's Interests Nature In A Box Christmas Giveaway! Hurry up!!

Christmas is just a few days away.....but Vonvon's Christmas Giveaway is just a few hours away from closing!!!

Prizes worth more than RM180 could be yours!!!!

Have you submitted your entries?? If not, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, Giveaway closes at 11.59PM tonight, Malaysian time!

Click here.

Review: A.H.C. Heating Mask - Wine & Overview Of Masks From This Range - By The Intrepid Beauty

The Intrepid Beauty will speak about a range of masks from Korea this week, and review one of them which she had tried.


There seems to be a proliferation of masks in the market nowadays which are manufactured in Korea, whether they be in the form of the convenient sheet masks or contained in tubes or jars. The Wine Mask I am reviewing today is from a brand called A.H.C. and is available in SASA outlets, claims to have "effective nutrition ingredients (which) improve dark and dry skin due to various internal and external factors, and further helps to smooth and fresh skin".

The product description and its effects as printed on the box are as follows:

Intensive moisture and nourishment supply
Effective polyphenol included in wine ingredients increases the efficiency of moisture and nutrition supply, and then helps for dewy fresh skin.

Brightening Care
It takes care of dark and dull skin caused by various factors irrespective of skin type and helps keep the even and bright skin texture.

Shaping Care
Various ingredients which help for dull and drooping skin by age are helpful for shaping care and make elastic skin.

Detoxifying Care
It cares various impurities including sebum in pores and dead skin cell on skin surface and keeps the pure and silky skin texture.

The different types of mask from this brand are available in SASA and your choice would depend on your skin concerns. As I wanted something to enhance skin firmness, the SA recommended that I take the Wine Mask. All the masks are priced at RM78.90 and are 100ml except for the wine mask which is only 70ml. However, at the time I purchased this mask, they were having a 50% discount on this range with a minimum RM50 SASA purchase so I got mine for RM39.45.

Product Review:

This is a thick, deep red mask which when applied will give you an instant heating sensation but the heat doesn't last long, merely a few seconds. I'd recommend that it be applied in the privacy of your room and you remain in your room for the entire 10-15 minutes while the mask takes effect as a red countenance may appear either comical or scary to your spouse/partner and/or kids. It is essentially a mud mask as it contains kaolin clay and a mineral called zeolite. Its ingredients also include shea butter, wine extract (of course), grapeseed oil, macadamia seed oil , rosa centifolia flower water, rosemary leaf and orange extracts. It has a slight scent which is fine with me.

Unfortunately, after rinsing off the mask, I could not see or feel that my face had received any of the effects as claimed. There was neither brightening/increased clarity or firmness. Had I taken a "before" photo, the "after" shot would have been no different. As I have only used this product less than five times, I can't speak for any long term effects. I wouldn't repurchase as there are definitely better masks out there.

The other masks in the A.H.C. range are:

Nutrient Repair Mask

Product Description*:
It targets fine lines and repairwear and helps accelerate the removal of waste deposits and promotes the regeneration of healthy new cells. Formulated Tocopheryl Acetate produces resilient look by providing nourishment and moisture.

Phyto Clay Pack

Product Description*:
Detoxifying Pack for lifeless, tired and dull skin absorbs impurities, controls excess oil, detoxifies and renews your skin. Soothes and refines the appearance of pores.

Absorbs unnecessarily secreted sebum and oil. Helps in balancing moisture and oil and in retrieving even skin tone through sufficient moist and nourishment supply. Also activates the declining skin function due to unsmooth discharging of toxin which is accumulated by stress and relaxes skin.

Sensitive Pack

Instant calming for sensitive and irritated skin. It is a mask created to soothe hyper sensitive and irritated skin, helps to stimulate micro-circulation by improving the elasticity of the skin and strengthening the skin tissue. Cares for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Lemon Brightening Pack

Provides excellent treatment for moisturising, sedative and relaxant effects and mainly contains the natural brightening aroma such as lemon, orange and other beauty ingredients that helps to maintain skin brighter and more resilient.

Mild gel type pack contains rich essence extract, immediately penetrates deep inside of skin, contains lemon extract, helps in lightening the dark and dull complexion and skin friendly natural botanical substances work on the skin by softly adhering.

Natural moisturiser, hyaluronic acid and hyaluronate delivers soothing care and enough moisture to dry skin, light aroma of lemon for relaxation.

*Sourced from the various masks' boxes.

The Intrepid Beauty

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sample Review: Botani Olive Hand Cream

I received a sample of Botani Olive Hand Cream (3ml) from Nature In A Box some time back. And one of my guest writers had reviewed them earlier.

This small jar of sample lasted me quite a while as I just needed to use very little each time.

Product description......
Nourishing and repairing hand cream. Suitable for all skin types, especially ultra sensitive skin. Non-greasy.

Some interesting features of this product include:
- Treatment for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
- Treats, protects and soothes
- Softens skin and strengthens cuticle

Vonvon says....
This hand cream is quite light in its texture and absorbs quickly once applied. It has a mildly sweet scent which reminds me a bit of the lychee scent.

As a Mom, I washed my hands for I don't know how many times a day......before preparing my little girl's food, milk, etc; bathing her, washing her after using the bathroom; loads of dishes and hand-washing of laundry to do, etc, etc..... Hence at the end of the day, my hands always feel dry and coarse, literally like a washerwoman's hands!

And just a dab of this hand cream, and immediately I could feel it absorbs into my skin and softens it. I normally apply it at night before bedtime but sometimes, also during the day, when I felt the skin on the back of my hands a bit dry.

I do notice that after using this hand cream, even though with frequent hand-washing, the skin of my hands doesn't feel so dry.

And the fact that it's organic, makes me feel less of a paranoia, about washing my hands thoroughly before preparing my little girl's food! And I can apply them more frequently
throughout the day to treat and protect my hands!

The full-sized tube of this hand cream (100g) retails for RM88.50 from Nature In A Box website.

Or you can stand a chance to win a full-sized tube of this hand cream and other gifts as part of the Grand Prize for
Vonvon's Interests Nature In A Box Christmas Giveaway.
Hurry up, the Giveaway closes tomorrow, yes, Sunday night, 11.59PM (Malaysian time).
Click here.

Last 2 Days For Vonvon's Christmas Giveaway!

Hello peeps.......... it's another long weekend here again in Malaysia and how has your weekend been?? Continuing with your endless Christmas shopping? Or just like me....lazing around at home, glued to my AOD channels?? ;P

Anyways, here's a gentle little reminder to all my dear readers and blog followers.........Vonvon's Interests Nature In A Box Christmas Giveaway will be closing tomorrow night, yes, Sunday night, at 11.59PM (GMT +8). So hurry up, submit your entries now!!

Click here!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photos: Bobbi Brown Mini Shimmerbrick - Nectar & Other BB Haul

I had been controlling my shopping quite a bit lately. Hence from the Bobbi Brown Holiday 2009 collection, I only got the Mini Shimmerbrick in Nectar, and some other stuff from their permanent line during my shopping trip to BB recently.

Bobbi Brown Mini Shimmerbrick in Nectar

Bobbi Brown Mini Shimmerbrick in Nectar
Comes in a small suede pouch

Really mini in size, but feels pretty heavy because of the metal chrome casing


Other haul...........

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil and Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Burnished
Just to top up to get the GWP

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Burnished