Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back In Town!

Hello, everyone!!

I just got back to town a few hours ago. Well, was supposed to be back on Thursday but decided to make a detour and stayed a night in a super-huge deluxe suite at a resort in Senai on the way back from Singapore. Yep, I had a little vacation in Singapore with Hubby and my little girl. It was quite a last-minute decision. Anyways, in case you are wondering about my retail therapy from there.....I am afraid you'll be a tad disappointed as I didn't haul too much......'twas more of a relaxing vacay than one with the sole intention of shopping! We were also there to meet up with my aunt and also friends of ours who just came to Singapore from France.

Well, of course I did make some small hauls, and mostly stuffs not available in Malaysia!

But that'll have to wait, as I have tonnes of laundry to wash, home to be cleaned, a little girl to be settled back to her normal routine at home, and of course, I need to snap photos of my little haul!

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