Thursday, January 28, 2010

Horrible Shopping Day At Robinsons!

**First blogged on 27 Jan 2010.

Yes, it's a horror shopping at Robinsons today (27 Jan 2010)!!! So much chaos, so disorganised, not giving proper information to the customers, not displaying their adverts of promotions properly, no coordination between different departments of Robinsons, hence, different staff gave different information, or worse, not giving the correct information to the customers. Long Q at the cashier, despite the place was not crowded at all!!

But thank God, I managed to speak to one of their senior managers, who helped me to solve the problems which I encountered. Or else, my rants would be longer!!!!

It's simply outrageous and unbelievable that such appalling service was encountered at a supposedly high-end department store!!!! I have been to so many Isetan, Metrojaya and even Jusco preview sales, and I haven't encountered any major problem like I did today at the so-called high-end Robinsons!

And if you think I am exaggerating, let me tell you that I wasn't the only one complaining! At every cashier, at the customer service counter on 2nd floor, and at the redemption counter, I could hear customers complaining on different issues!!! Young and old, women and men, can be heard complaining and grumbling away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Update: 28 Jan 2010

Just to let you know what to expect if you go to Robinsons today, so as not to have to go through the same merry-go-round (not the fun one at the theme park, of course!) that myself and many other customers went through yesterday!

To qualify for the lucky dip which will enable 6 lucky families to win a New Year dinner at Westin Hotel, PLEASE note that you have to purchase a NETT of RM288 a single receipt to qualify, not RM280 or RM350.
What happened to me was, I was told by someone from their customer service the day before the sale that RM280 purchase in a single receipt can qualify to enter the lucky dip. And on the day itself (that was yesterday), I was running around trying to fill up my 'basket' to the RM280 amount. I had made a purchase of RM255 at a beauty counter where one of the items was still on KIV because no new stock arrived for the sale! Ridiculous! (btw, I didn't see any poster offering the info on this promotion, which I later found out, it was placed on the back side of a stand facing the wall!! Yep, part of their promotional poster was facing the wall!!! So how are customers supposed to verify or get info on the offers of the day????)
Had I not been at the customer service counter the day before and was informed by the customer service staff, I wouldn't have known such a contest (dinner) existed. But I was told the amount was RM280, not RM288!
Well, it was supposed to be in the Star paper yesterday, but come on, let's face it!!! As a SAHM, who would have the time to browse through the papers in the morning when I help my little girl wash up, make her milk, prepare her breakfast, prepare hubby's breakfast, a whole lot of other things to do. What about those who are rushing to work in the mornings, or those who need to go to work, and then with kids to be sent to school??? I can just go on and on all the possible scenarios....
Why can't the Department Stores put up ads of whatever offers they will be having a day or 2 before the sale day, just so that we the consumers, potential customers would know what's going, plan our day, take a day off for those who are working, and decide on what to purchase, etc etc....
And worse, when I wanted to enter the lucky dip for the dinner, I received different answers from different Robinsons staff from different ranks! Firstly, I had been told that the amount to qualify was RM280, then my friend went to re-confirm the amount as she couldn't find the info on this contest, was told the amount to qualify was RM350!!! Then the girl at the redemption counter insisted that it was RM288, and told me that it was written on the poster. And where was the poster??? That's the poster which was facing the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, I wasn't satisfied, as i had managed to fill up my shopping cart to RM280 exact!!! If I had known the actual amount was RM288, then I would have gladly find something to fill up to that amount or so happened I found something which cost RM25 and just perfect to add up to my RM255 purchase.
At the same time, I heard another lady complaining to a senior manager of similar situation of misleading information on their promo posters, and that she had gone from the kids' department, to the household, etc etc just to tally up her receipt to qualify for various offers available! Then I got hold of him (the manager), and told him about my situation for a full 5-minute non-stop!!! And smart of him, to offer me an exception and took me to the customer service counter on the 2nd floor to fill up the contest form. Hahaha!! Guess who I saw again complaining at the CS counter on the 2nd floor??? The same lady whom I saw complaining to the Senior manager on the Ground floor earlier!!!!
While at the CS counter on the 2nd floor, I met another lady who was also huffing and puffing away, fuming from the disorganisation of the day. But I didn't ask her what her problem exactly was, except that she kept on saying....."terrible, so bad service, dunno what these people are doing......bla bla bla...." I got my entry done, and I left the over-crowded CS counter.

Then I went to check out their shoes section, planning to buy my new year shoes................huh!!!! What's wrong with Robinsons?? There's a wide variety of shoes but more than half of the shoes on display are just soooo meehhhhhh :(
But my aunt managed to find a pair of Zang Toi heels going for 30% off (don't even remember the price as I was in a hurry to get things done, and get out of there! My little girl was already crying from her hunger as it was way past lunch time after all the nonsense that her Mommy had to go through. Will check later.) Anyways, there was some sort of coupon for RM10 off when you purchase RM50/80 from different departments. There was a coupon which states RM10 off with minimum purchase of RM50 and above for Ladieswear and Menswear! Tell me, what do you understand from the words, Ladieswear and Menswear??? Clothes!!!! Wouldn't you have thought so?? And it wasn't specified that the coupon was also applied to footwear or shoes! Then when I was paying for my shoes and another 2 pairs of my aunt's...the cashier asked me whether I want to use my coupon or not? And I was like, what coupon?? Thinking she was referring to the coupon from the Beauty Hall or whatever was so bloody confusing and I said NO, as I was planning to use all my coupons at the Beauty Hall, even though I already felt and still feel SO SICK of the disorganisation and no stock of this, no stock of that....crap from the beauty counters which I wanted to purchase the items I had planned to buy!
To cut a long story short, I was later told by a passing-by customer that the RM10 off coupon for Ladieswear and Menswear was also eligible for FOOTWEAR/shoes purchase!!! MY FOOT!!!!!
Tell me again, what do you understand from the words, "LADIESWEAR" and "MENSWEAR"???? Can't they be more specific and even state something like..."including FOOTWEAR or shoes" or whatever!!! It's not the matter of paying an extra RM10 or less. But if you are already giving out coupons for such offers, can't these people be more specific, and at least, train their staff to be more specific in asking questions???

Another grouse is the counter staff didn't seem to know the offers and promotions of the day!!!! Some of the SA didn't even know that there was this lucky dip contest for the dinner thingy. Then how could they advise their customers how much and what to purchase for them to qualify for the so many unknown offers that Robinsons had organised for the 2-day Cardmembers' Preview Sale???? From what I can gather, there seemed to be some miscommunication and/or communication breakdown between the management and the staff. Why can't the Management brief their staff accordingly on the offers and promotions, or at least, place the posters of the promos and offers at every counter and strategic places so that's it's clearly and easily visible to the customers????

When Isetan during their Preview sale can have so many posters put up of their voucher offer, etc etc at every counter and almost everywhere, and Robinsons can't do that??? And the counter staff at Isetan, not all, but most of them, are always aware of the offers and promos going on....esp the Beauty Hall RM10 voucher for every RM100 purchase. While in Robinsons, there was not any signs at all at the beauty counters, and you wouldn't have known it had it not for the more intelligent SAs who would inform you before you make any purchase! Yes, somewhere was written the vouchers info, and in the newsletters (which was not received by every Cardmember!) but heck!!! Is it so difficult to put up more promo posters so that it makes it easier for the customers to see them???

Huh!!! And I still have some vouchers to be spent at Robinsons before they expire! But I am dreading to go back there to the counters where I would most probably be told..."this item OOS, bla bla bla........." CRAP!!!

Disclaimer: What I had related above happened yesterday on the 1st day of the preview sale. Perhaps, after so many complaints from angry and dissatisfied customer, today would be better. I wonder...............


Sherry said...

I will be unhappy if there is misleading info too.

Mei Ping said...

Hi Vonvon,

I understand how frustating it can get when faced with all these ignorant and inefficient SAs. I still feel Isetan has the best customer service. I bought some skincare from Isetan which caused some breakout. I emailed them enquiring whether any return/exchange policy. I received a reply the next day and 2 days later was offered an exchange of the same value of any other brand from the cosmetics dept.

jieyii said...

hi vonvon...
today (28/1) sales in robinson is not so good too.. the lucky draw for RM180 and the RM350 didnt be inform.. after i pay my bill just realized got this offer... really dame is the i can entitle to top up to RM350 if i know that RM350 can get the YU REN SHEN product... this time robinson had really organized poorly than before... really disappointed...

Corinne said...

Hi Von

No stock seems to be the order of the day at some beauty counters in Robinson's. Went with my friend today to use up our beauty vouchers, wanted to buy Estee Lauder lip gloss but only 1 colour in that range left, the SA said being discontinued but there are still plenty in that range at other EL counters, e.g. Metro MV. Then I asked whether they had any creme eyeshadows since I knew the colour I wanted but nope, same story, only 2 colours left which were not what I wanted so no choice, had to mosey on over to anor counter where I bought a lippie (it was the last one left!). Gasp! No restocking done at their beauty counters before the big sale? Wonder who is the person in charge of this crucial matter?

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Everything was just horribly wrong and most of their staff seemed to be clueless on what's going on-offers, where to redeem stuff, what to redeem!

Vonvon said...

Hi Mei Ping,

I have to agree with you that Isetan, to date, of the many department stores I always frequent, has very good customer service. At least, I was never sent on a wild goose chase at Isetan, nor Parkson, and not even Jusco! Yea, I remember reading about your experience at Isetan.

Vonvon said...

Hi jieyii,

Yea, there was still the Eu Yan Sang Pacific clams and another can of something to be redeemed but I didn't know of it until I managed to locate the elusive poster, but then even if I had wanted to top up more to RM350, there was just nothing left to buy anymore!!!! Not only everything seemed to be out of stock (OOS) at the beauty counters which I had planned to buy things from, OUT OF STOCK seems to be everywhere (as Corinne had commented above), from the beauty hall counters, to the kids department, where I bought 2 pairs of Disney sandals for my little girl and both were the last pairs! She wanted another pair, but no more size left for that pattern.

I wonder....don't the Sales and Purchasing Depts (or whatever is the correct term) of Robinsons do some kind of inventory check of every beauty counter and different depts before such a major sale??? And don't they make sure that there is at least adequate amount of stocks available to be purchased by customers?????

It's Robinsons, we are talking about here!!!

Vonvon said...

Hi Corinne,

It's kind of expected, isn't it? Really dreading to go back there to spend my vouchers as I don't know what else they have in stock which I might want to buy! Good thing I didn't go back today to spend my voucher or my blood pressure might shoot up again like yesterday!