Friday, January 15, 2010

Review: Tsuya-Tsuya BB Cream With Vitamin C & Deep Sea Minerals

I have been given the Tsuya-Tsuya BB Cream to test and review. And I had started using it since the beginning of the year, literally. So, it's been 2 weeks of trying and testing, and during my trip to Singapore, this BB Cream was what I brought along with a compact powder (as a substitute for makeup base and foundation) plus other skincare and cosmetics, of course.

OK, briefly, BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm, and after reading different reviews and literature in BB Cream, I understand that basically, it's an all-in-one product which has overlapping functions as a skincare and makeup. It has mainly the function of moisturizer, makeup base, foundation (some also acts as concealer) and sunblock, all in one product. Some brands even add in anti-aging ingredients, hence the BB Cream would have another function of anti-aging.

Well, sounds like a multi-functional product to me. Errr.....the lazy side of me is actually jumping for need for applying moisturizer, then makeup base, then foundation, concealer....bla bla bla....then, at last sunblock. Huh!! That's a lot of steps even before starting to apply color makeup!

Alright, let's get on with Tsuya-Tsuya BB Cream With Vitamin C and Deep Sea Minerals for Light & Fair Skin Color No.19.

From the box.........

Product Description:
Whitening. Moisturizing. Nourishing. Sun Protection UVA & SPF 30. Natural coverage, all skin types.

Tsuya-Tsuya BB Cream is skin care that repairs and defends your skin against increasingly harsh environmental factors. Enriched with Vitamin C and Deep Sea minerals, it whitens, moisturises and nourishes your skin while providing natural coverage to hide blemishes. Broad spectrum sun protection also shields skin from UVA & UVB rays (SPF 30). Use alone or under makeup. Suitable for both men and women. Gentle on delicate Asian skin.

Application/Direction of usage:
Use after basic skin care, apply cream throughout face, and blend evenly. Apply more to touch-up areas such as dark circles, blemishes, freckles, and age spots, if desired.

Vonvon's Review:

Tsuya-Tsuya BB Cream With Vitamin C and Deep Sea Minerals (pic above) is usually applied with a brush, and there is a special Tsuya-Tsuya BB Cream Applicator Brush Type (retractable and the bristle length can be varied at 2 length-see pic below) that is used to apply the BB Cream. I tried 2 ways of applying the BB Cream, that is with the brush (the recommended way by Tsuya-Tsuya) and also with my fingers due to my own curious experimental nature ;-) (on separate occasions, of course). Applying with the brush requires me to use more of the product as some of it got trapped between the bristles(though they are made of synthetic material) and needs more blending, as it got slightly streaky at times. While applying with my fingers uses less of the product but needs a bit of an effort.

When the brush is extended to Point 2 (refer to the photos above), it's used for applying the BB Cream on the face (in general). While at Point 1, as the bristles are shorter, it's used for spot application for touching up areas like dark undereye circles, blemish and/or spots (more like a concealer function).

Now, let's look at the product swatch!

Please refer to the photos above:

Photo 1: This BB Cream is beige color with yellow undertone (No. 19). There is another for Medium skin (No. 23). It complements my skintone quite well, though at times, on my face, it did look a little too fair. My skintone is quite fair, and I like it the way it is, and do not wish to be fairer than I already am. I don't want to look pale. Imagine looking like some porcelain doll with a pale (white) masked face?? ;)

Photo 2: It has a light texture and spreads easily when applied to my skin. And it does feel a bit cool on the skin for a few seconds after applying, which I think is due to the deep sea minerals contained in the cream.'s slightly scented with a floral hint, I would say. But the scent is not too strong for me, and I always like the products I use to be lightly scented anyways!

Photo 3: After applying and blending, my skin feels a bit cool and moist (hence the moisturizing function of the cream, I supposed). But it definitely needs quite a bit of work to blend the cream into my skin using the brush. I find that using fingers makes blending easier and faster.
On the skin of my inner forearm, you can see that the area applied with the cream appears to be more radiant compared to the surrounding are.

Photo 4: The asterisks (*) mark the boundary between the areas applied with the cream (to the left) and without the cream (to the right).

Time to put the product to test on my face!

Left photo: The skin on my cheeks after applying my normal skincare (toner, serum and moisturiser without SPF). Note some fine pores, redness and a post-zit spot! Skintone slightly dull.

Right photo: After applying the BB Cream with the brush and blending it. Skintone more radiant, pores (still there) but almost invisible (what do you think?), redness lessened. The post-zit spot less red. To the touch, my skin felt moist and smooth.

Next, let's see a bigger overall picture.......

Pay attention to the right side of my face (with BB Cream) and left side (without BB Cream).
Excuse my undereye bags, as I took these photos while in Singapore last week. Traveling always gives me this, due to lack of sleep, and no amount of concealer of any sort can 'camouflage' them.

Why don't you enlarge the photo and make comparisons for yourself? :) And tell me what differences do you see in your comments below.

Face Of The Day - BB Cream only!
No color makeup yet.
Can you see any result from the usage of the BB Cream?
I want to hear from you..........

(After applying the BB Cream, I set it with compact powder.)

Tsuya-Tsuya BB Cream comes in a 50ml tube sealed with a foil, like all Tsuya-Tsuya products, hence you can be assured of its freshness. It's priced at RM59, and during certain promotions, you'll get a free brush with purchase of 2 tubes of the BB Cream.

You can find Tsuya-Tsuya products at their booth #2H09 in Hall 2 of
Mid Valley Exhibition Center, during Truly Beaute 2010 from 15th-17th January 2010.


Jean said...

I tried it during the last workshop.
Love the applicator.^^

Sherry said...

wow nice too bad out of money to buy

Vonvon said...

Hi Jean,

Yea, the brush feels very soft yet firm. And I like that it's retractable too.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

I understand. I haven't purchased too many things this year either.

Agnes Sim said...

RM 59 is quite ok wo...the brand i use one is rm70+

Vonvon said...

Hi Agnes,

Which brand are you using? This is my 1st BB Cream, but I like it a lot. The quality is very good, gives good coverage too.