Monday, January 25, 2010

Vonvon's "Week Of Organics & The Naturals" (W.O.N.)

Since I have been stumbling upon quite a number of organic and natural skincare and body care products and making some purchases, I decided to dedicate this week to using them one-by-one and then sharing with you my thoughts. I wouldn't say I would review them as most of them are in sample sachets and trial sizes. But I would write in as detailed as possible on them, I assure you.

And today, when I went to purchase Lavera Kinder Tooth Gel for my little girl at an organic product shop, I also chanced upon more organic beauty brands and also a small number of i.d. Bare Minerals eyeshadows, blushes and foundations. There was also some cosmetics from Mineral Essence.
Organic toothpaste for my little girl

That aside, here's a list of the organic and natural products that I will start using this week:

1) Lavera Organic Wild Rose Skincare trial set;
2) Different samples of Lavera moisturizers:
3) ILCSI cleanser samples;
4) Korres Watermelon body scrub;
5) Korres skincare samples; and..........

Lavera Organic Wild Rose Skincare Trial Set
(Wild Rose Hydrating Mask not in the photo)


......this reminds me of some mineral eyeshadows which I purchased from LovingMinerals last year which have since been long-neglected and forgotten.....time to give them some attention and tender loving care ;)

6) Loving Minerals eyeshadows and powder.

Loving Minerals

So stay tuned to hear my thoughts on them, and perhaps some EOTDs! ;)


Anonymous said...

hi.. can i know where u bought the ilcsi and lavera products?

Vonvon said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment. I bought the Lavera products during the Truly Beaute Expo (from their booth) in January 2010. And the ILCSI samples were given to me when I made the Lavera purchase.

Please email me if you are interested to get these products: vonbeautyexpress (at) gmail (dot) com

gingerSnap said...

hello Von,
Just found your blog. I'm using lavera faces also. And it works very good. Is it available now in your place?

Vonvon said...

Hi gingerSnap,

Glad you found my blog. :) Thank you for following.

Yes, it's now available but only in selected places.