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The Beauty Apprentice Speaks Of Some Clinique Products!

This is Part II of the CLINIQUE skincare post, where my other guest writer, The Beauty Apprentice, will speak of some Clinique products she had tried, of which some are also Clinique's bestsellers!


As part of the feature about the Clinique brand, I have been requested to render my assistance to The Intrepid Beauty by writing about the Clinique products which I have used throughout the years gone by. As far as Clinique’s skincare products are concerned, I have actually not used that many products. Most of the time, the reason why I had the opportunity to use the product was because it was one of the items in a Gift With Purchase (GWP) set. In fact, incorporating a particular product into a GWP set is an excellent way of promoting the product to their customers and the cosmetic brands out there know it!
(Vonvon: Kudos to Clinique! But unfortunately, not every brand takes that initiative.)

My favourite Clinique product is Clinique’s Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer (RM190 for 30ml; RM250 for 50ml).

This product contains an advanced cocktail of exfoliants which continuously resurfaces the skin for a brighter and more even appearance. It unveils the skin’s optimal radiance via a multi-level skin renewal process. I actually turn to it whenever I find a pimple on my face. Believe it or not, although Clinique has a proper range for acne (the anti-blemish solutions), I find this product more useful than the products from their acne range itself as it somehow works to reduce the redness and the swelling, and eventually dries out the pimple itself. This is the one product that I can never do without, not even if I were stranded on a deserted island! Well, you never know where and when you are going to get a pimple, now do you? I have also frequently used this product as instructed according to the instructions on the bottle but nowadays I also keep it on standby for my “pimple emergencies”, just in case!

Another useful product which is a recent addition to the Clinique’s Turnaround family is Clinique’s Turnaround Instant Facial Masque (RM190 for 75ml).

This product delivers a high-performance facial with the radiance and smoothness of microdermabrasion but with significantly less irritation and stress to the skin in just 5 minutes. This is another product which also promotes surface cell turnover on multiple levels to instantly unveil skin that is fresher, more vibrant and even-toned. The very fine sand-like particles contained in this product is very effective indeed as an exfoliator. This product is particularly useful for those who lead busy lifestyles. A useful tip would be to apply it to the skin just before bathing, let it dry and then add water, rub gently and then rinse it off with water as part of your bathing process. And you will surely notice the difference! The result is baby soft and smooth skin! And all in just 5 minutes!!

A Clinique product which recently came in a set together with my purchase of the Turnaround Concentrate is the Clinique’s Superdefense SPF25/PA+++ Age Defense Moisturizer (RM180 for 50ml).

This product comes in 3 versions - for very dry skin; for dry combination skin; and for combination oily to oily skin; and is part of Clinique’s De-Aging Solutions range. It is an age defence moisturiser and because it comes in several versions, there should be one that is suitable for any skin type out there. The version that came in my set was the dry-combination version. I used the cream as a base for my makeup and found it to be quite effective both as a makeup base and as an anti-aging moisturiser. My only complaint is that they ought to make a version of it with higher SPF, perhaps SPF50/PA+++, just for the tropical climates. Now that would be what is really needed as a super defence shield against the heat and the harmful rays of the blazing sun!

Another Clinique product which I have tried is the Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel (RM150 for 125ml).

The original version of it is known as the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion or “DDML”. This yellow-coloured lotion is one of Clinique’s classics. It is one of the brand’s signature products and is a global bestseller. However, since I have oily skin, the lotion version of it is just way too rich for me. For those who have dry skin or those who live in the colder climates, this would be an ideal product because it is very moisturising indeed. But for me, I find the gel version, which was only launched a few years ago, is the product more suited to me as a moisturiser for oily skin.

Another moisturiser which is popular is Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (RM160 for 50ml).

This product provides a full 24 hours of soothing moisture and contains advanced hydration boosters which holds the skin's moisture in balance. It is also suitable for those with oily skins as it comes in the form of a very light gel and is a good choice for those who prefer their moisturisers to be lightweight in texture. It can also be used as a quick 5 minute moisturising mask if necessary.

Another popular Clinique product which I would like to mention is Clinique’s All About Eyes (RM130 for 15ml).

Clinique All About Eyes (left) with lighter cream-gel texture, and All About Eyes Rich (right) with richer creamy texture.

This product diminishes the appearance of eye puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Furthermore, the lightweight cream-gel formula is suitable for those with oily skin. Often I have difficulty finding the right eye cream for oily skin as most of them are just too rich for me and end up causing oilseeds to form around my eye area, but not this one. This product also comes in a moisture-rich version, known as All About Eyes Rich, which would be suitable for those with dry skin or those who prefer a more hydrating eye cream.

Do check out some of these products, as you never know when you will find a gem or even your HG in skincare!

The Beauty Apprentice


Vonvon: There will be a Clinique Derma White Skincare Workshop this coming Sunday, 7th March 2010, at The Gardens Hotel. More details here.

And I'll be attending this workshop! So see you girls there, if you are also attending! :)


Lavender said...

This is a great review. Thanks to the guest reviewer. Good job!

Sherry said...

looking for suitable moisturiser now current one make my grow tiny pimples alot

Vonvon said...

Hi Lavender,

Thank you.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Perhaps your current moisturiser is too rich for your skin, hence contributing to the development of 'milia' (oil seeds). Do try a gel-type moisturiser. I wouldn't recommend any to you like this, without knowing more on your skin type, etc. Perhaps, email me or we could gchat, and I may be able to make you some recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lavender,

Thank you very much! I'm really glad that you liked my review!

The Beauty Apprentice

Sherry said...

oh got like that one..ah.. I don't know there is too rich moisturiser, yeah I think other brand I used for cleanser also too rich as too creamy for me. me combination skin

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

When it comes to creamy cleanser, it's a different issue.

Since you have combination skin, using moisturiser which is too rich (for example, those meant for dry skin) may be a bit too much for your skin.

While creamy cleanser would be good to clean if you have oily skin (oily T-zone). And some creamy cleanser would not give you the tight after-cleansing feel.

Sherry said...

yeah its not tight after cleansing feel. funny creamy cleanser used already my face like oily.

yea I got oily t zone. if compare estee lauder and clinique u think clinique is cheaper?

Vonvon said...

Sherry: May be the oily feel is actually like moisturised feel...Creamy cleanser can be moisturising for the skin.

Estee Lauder just increased their prices starting yesterday, March 1st. My TIME ZONE now costs RM250!!! Before was RM235 only.

Indeed I have to say Clinique prices are definitely more competitive (read: more affordable).

juli1202 said...

Hi Yvonne... Great review by The Beauty Apprentice. But, I gonna to miss the Clinique Workshop which I hope I could make it :<

Vonvon said...

Hi Juli,


Well, it's OK. There are plenty other workshops after your confinement, though I did hope you could make it to the Clinique one on Sunday. We could meet up and hang out again. But your princess decided to come early. :) Congrats again dear.

mineral foundation said...

You are absolutely right...the tropical climates heat up much more and so need a higher SPF...I would love that moisturizer which could also be used as a makeup base.