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Clinique Diagnostic Skin Test - By The Intrepid Beauty

This is a 2-part post on CLINIQUE by my guest writers, The Intrepid Beauty and The Beauty Apprentice, who are both long-time users of Clinique skincare. In Part I, The Intrepid Beauty will describe the Clinique Diagnostic Skin Test and share some of her favorite Clinique products with you. Part II by The Beauty Apprentice will follow in a few hours' time.


Thanks to Clinique's frequent advertorials in newspapers & magazines, I am sure that the majority of us in Malaysia have had the opportunity to try out some of their skincare products from time to time. I've received Clinique samples ranging from eye creams to moisturisers to sunscreens and it's partly due to this generosity as well as the good quality of their skincare that I've remained a Clinique customer for many years. Generally, their Consultants are helpful without being pushy and informative about their ever-expanding range of skincare. It's the ideal skincare brand for the budget-conscious and they do have the appropriate skincare to suit every type of skin condition.

Although I have gone for skin consultations before at their counters where the Consultants ask a set of questions to determine my skin type, I had never been given a diagnostic skin consultation until recently when I met a Clinique Clinical Consultant at the Clinique stand- alone store in Pavilion. Unlike some other skincare brands, Clinique doesn't use scanners to detect a customer's skin condition. What they have is pretty unique, a diagnostic mirror (see pix below) whereby the Consultant looks intensely and closely at the customer's face to find out the customer's skin problems, if any and to determine the customer's concerns. In this manner, Clinique goes in-depth to address what the customer is most concerned about her complexion.

Clinique Diagnostic Mirror
Vonvon: Well, allow the scientific side of Vonvon to explain briefly, in her own words, what is a diagnostic mirror. It's basically a lighted 2-way mirror whereby the Clinical Consultant can view the client's face/skin from one side with a certain level of magnification, and simultaneously from the other side, the client can view her own face/skin with similar magnification. In this way, it allows active interaction between the Clinical Consultant and the client in the process of assessing and diagnosing the client's skin type/condition.
Similar kind of diagnostic mirror is also used by dermatologists in practice to diagnose patients' skin condition/problem.

Personally, I prefer the Clinique method to the scanning I have endured at other counter brands as I've been led to believe many times (after my face has been scanned) that my skin problems are much worse than what I think and therefore I need to purchase a very expensive serum or hydrating/firming cream in order to halt the problem. The Clinique Consultant won't be telling you that your skin is so dehydrated that it's only 54% out of the 80% desired hydration level for your age nor will they glibly inform you that the scanner results show that the overall percentage of your pore size or firmness of skin is not good.

Through the diagnostic mirror, the Consultant can see the extent of fine lines on the face, e.g. sufficient hydration means there will be no fine lines. Each consultation is custom fit since every individual has different needs and skin concerns. Once the Consultant knows the customer's main concerns and the customer's responses to the following set of questions, the Consultant is able to prescribe products that suit the customer:

1) cosmetic reaction
2) response to sun without sun protection
3) natural skin colouring
4) pore size
5) perspiration on the face
6) tendency to break out
7) oiliness vs. dryness
8) surface facial lines

The table with factors to determine one's skin type

Altogether, Clinique classifies skin into 4 types, i.e. Type I - Dry, Type II - Dry-Combi, Type III - Oily
and Type IV - Oily-Combi. In my case, it was determined that I have Type II skin which is Dry-Combi. Since my main concern is firming, I was advised to use the Repairwear Contour Firming Formula which has a unique combination of retinol and peptides on contouring.

Having first used Clinique skincare products in my early 20s, I've remained a happy and satisfied Clinique customer. My 3 all-time favourites are the following (I won't go into a detailed review here but will summarise why they work for me):

1) Rinse-off foaming cleanser (cleanses makeup so well & makes my face squeaky clean);

2) Turnaround Concentrate (lives up to its claim of improving radiance & optimal exfoliation, banishes my pimples within 24 hours);

3) All About Eyes Rich (provides sufficient hydration to my dry eye area and most importantly, doesn't irritate my eyes like a lot of other eye cream I've tried).

What's there to love about Clinique skincare? Plenty, in my humble opinion.

The Intrepid Beauty

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