Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good Saturday Morning!

How are you today? It's 1 more week to Valentine's Day, which also means for the Chinese, 1 more week to Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger!

How's the spring cleaning coming along?

How's the New Year shopping?

And what about cookies-baking?

As for me, I am cleaning here and there whenever and wherever I feel like in my home! Have lotsa New Year clothes already....and baking??? Not my cup of tea! Taking the easy way out by ordering a whole lot of cookies from a dear friend of mine who is the expert cook/baker.

Anyways, if you are taking a breather this weekend and decide not to head to the crowded shopping malls (that's always the case, esp 1 week before Chinese New Year...think of last minute Christmas shopping....), you are welcome to enter Vonvon's Interests Skin MD Natural Giveaway in conjunction with my blog turning 1 last month! It's to celebrate my blog turning 1, Valentine's Day and also The Year of the Tiger! Rooooaarrrr!! So it's like a triple celebration Giveaway from Vonvon to you, my wonderful dear readers! Big thank you to Skin MD Natural! :)

The Giveaway closes on 14th February 2010 (11.59PM) and it's an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. So everyone who follows and reads my blog is eligible to enter, wherever you are, even if you are in the South Pole! Yes, you have to be a follower to enter. And blog about my Giveaway and you stand another chance of winning!

For more details of this Triple Celebration Giveaway from Vonvon to you, please click here.

Have a good weekend!! of another Giveaway coming soon........

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