Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lemmings!!! Addicted To Dior Summer Makeup Collection 2010

It's still Spring, and I am still very much in love with my Pearl Glow 059 eye palette from the Dior Spring Dentelle Collection and haven't gotten enough of it.

But my top 3 favorite beauty bloggers, have gotten me into the frenzy of yet another highly desirable Summer collection, from Dior! In the afternoon, I saw postings on MBB, then Temptalia and The Muse's blogs on the Addicted To Dior Summer Makeup Collection from Dior, scheduled to be out on April 21st (source is a Dutch-language beauty blog). And since Hubby lived in Holland for a while, he translated it for me, more accurately than google translate! :D

And April 21st is almost a month to my birthday....yippeee...... so does this mean we would be receiving this collection here by May??? This is really getting me very excited and still wide awake at 2AM in the morning!

I will not go into details of the collection as you can see them from the source, but my lemmings from this Collection would be........................

The Star Product from Addicted To Dior Collection
Addicted To Dior Gloss Duo in
Addicted To Coral 001

5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Crush Glow 659 (Limited Edition)

5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Ready To Glow 649

Vonvon will be going to bed now dreaming of Dior, oh Dior, my new and expensive addiction.............

I, hereby, proclaim myself a new official Dior Addict!

P.s. Photos are originally from the source, which I have seen and borrowed with permission from Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog. The appropriate links have been made to each individual blogs.


organic cosmetic brushes said...

yes Dior make up is addictive...the colors are so beautiful and the quality and the wide range of variety to choose from makes it the widely accepted make up brand.

Vonvon said...

Hi there,

I agree with you on the superb quality, esp of its eyeshadows and the wide variety of e/s quints! Love eyeshadows!