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Review: L'Oreal Paris True Match(TM) Super-Blendable Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid

This post on L'oreal's True Match(TM) Super-Blendable Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid will be divided into 2 parts. Part I will be review of the product and sharing of my thoughts with you, while Part II will be a little guide on how to determine your True Match and Vonvon's True Match as well.

I have received several different shades of the True Match(TM) foundations for review purpose a while ago but because I had, and still have some breakout problem on my skin, I have delayed the review till now. You know....the vainpot Vonvon didn't want to photograph herself trying and testing out foundies with zits on her face, on the jawline to be exact! ;P (that's where we would test out foundation shades, right?)

L'OREAL PARIS True Match(TM) Super-Blendable Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid

This NEW foundation is the revamp of the existing formula with the addition of Ultra-Fine Enhancing Pigments to precisely match one's skin tone for a natural, even finish and luminous complexion. It is formulated with the various shades of Asian skin tone in mind and consists of 3 different groups of shades for Cool(R), Warm(G) and Neutral(N) skin tones. This new formula has included SPF17/PA++ as well as Vitamin C to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays and free radicals.

Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful moisturizer for the skin and also is found naturally in abundance in the connective tissue of our skin. It has high water-retaining property hence is able to provide hydration for the skin up to 24 hours. Besides, it also has anti-free radical action and helps in cell repair by stimulating collagen synthesis.

So, I received 3 different shades of the True Match(TM) foundations in R2, G1 and N1. And I actually have to admit that I had a bit of a problem determining my True Match. So, I'll leave it to Part II to talk about it.

Anyways, on the product itself, it has a light, non-greasy texture and quite liquid in consistency, dispensed via a pump from an elegantly-designed slim glass bottle. It spreads and blends easily without any streaking to some sort of powder finish, giving me a smooth semi-matte finish, and the coverage, I would say, it's above average - managed to 'hide' the pores on my nose, some blotchiness on my face, and to a small extent, my dark undereye circles. And it doesn't clog my pores.....provide just enough coverage for it.

Though I dare to say that it has a somewhat liquid-to-powder kind of finish, the foundation forms a layer on top of the skin, instead of blending and 'absorbing' into the skin. That's because after applying the foundation and lightly setting it with some loose powder, I still could get some 'smear marks' of foundation on the tissue paper when I attempt to wipe some sweat off my face(in our sweltering hot weather). This doesn't really bother me, though you might want to bear in mind when you are wearing light-colored clothing, just in case, you might get some accidental 'smear marks' on your clothes. Despite that, I don't see the need to touch-up on my foundation throughout the day, not that I do that often to start with, as usually, my foundation can last me through the whole time I am outside the house (between 3 to 6 hours).

As the foundation is dispensed via a pump, the amount which comes out with 1 pump is actually quite a lot for my face, in fact, there is more than enough product for my face, as I don't need a lot to cover my face. I would pump it out onto the back of my hand and apply the foundation with my finger. On the areas where I need extra coverage, I would just dab on additional product lightly. And the excess, I just tissue it off, and wash my hands. I notice that washing with water only does not get rid of the product from my hand easily, perhaps it's also somewhat water-resistant to a certain extent?

Because of the hyaluronic acid content which provide moisturization and retain moisture, my skin feels cool after applying the foundation, not sticky and the hydration level of my skin also improves, especially on my cheeks which tend to become quite dry by afternoon. With this foundation, I don't experience any dryness on my cheeks and the rest of my face throughout the day.

As much as I like the elegant slim glass bottle design, that is also my grouse on this product. Having had a prior experience of breaking a brand new bottle of foundation housed in a glass bottle (by my little girl), I am very careful this time especially when she is playing around my dresser. But sometimes, you just tend to overlook certain safety issue. Needless to say...yes, I broke a bottle by accidentally knocking it off my ultra-cluttered tiny dresser. Sigh, perhaps I need a dresser the size of a CEO's table? ;P
The bottle I broke is R2, which I think was probably my True Match....sob sob..... but the one good thing was when it fell onto the floor, it didn't shatter into pieces and splatter the foundation everywhere. It broke at the base and at the neck of the bottle. Hence not so much mess to clean up.
I think a glass bottle is also not quite travel-friendly.

That said, I like this foundation a lot, and I would repurchase it but the only reservation I have is what if I break another bottle? Any chance L'oreal can revamp the glass bottle??

It retails for RM52.90 for a 30ml bottle. And it is available in 9 shades including a new shade G4.

P.s. I spotted a promotion in SASA Sunway Pyramid, till 28th February, a bottle of this foundation is going for RM39.90, though not many shades are available at SASA Sunway Pyramid. If you are interested, you might want to check out your nearest SASA outlet and grab a bottle or 2. :)

Next: Vonvon needs your help and opinion in determining her True Match :)

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