Friday, February 5, 2010

Swatches, Overview, An EOTD & FOTD: Lancome O My Rose Spring 2010 Collection

Exactly one week ago, I was dragged, yea, 'dragged' ;) by one of my beauty buddies to the Lancome counter as she had spotted their new Spring 2010 O My Rose Collection on display. Sigh....why must I always be 'dragged'? ;) How come they never 'drag' me to MAC?? Is it because they know that MAC is literally my 2nd home by now? :P

Anyways, the 2 eyeshadow quads and rose blusher are what attracted me to the collection in the first place. So, of course, I did swatches of them and the MA at the counter also offered to try the new collection on me.

Before that, let's take a look at the collection and the swatches I made........

Lancome O My Rose Spring 2010 Collection by Aaron De Mey
As I have said earlier, the 2 eyeshadow quads and the rose blush are my targets to check out. The lippies are some neutral shades which don't quite attract me.


POP 'N' PETROL Eyeshadow quad is OK. While the colors in the pan may appear to be quite attractive, the swatches on the back of my hand looked quite plain, even a bit dull, except for #1 (see swatch pix above). I didn't try this on my eyes, as I was more interested in the other quad, where the colors looked much brighter and more cheerful. Besides, the colors are more matte/semi-matte.
Perhaps, the colors in this quad would be good to create some smokey eye look.


This eyeshadow quad has earthy rather neutral shades, but overall looks much brighter than POP 'N' PETROL. And my favorite shade of the lot is #4 (see pix above and below).
This palette has more shimmer colors though not too shimmery. Colors #1 and #2 still look a tad semi-matte.

This is a copper-y bronzy brown and my fav! It's a bright color which would instantly light up the eyes, that is. But alas, they don't have this color in singles....well, of course not, it's part of a limited edition quad...;)
But fret not, as I recall seeing a similar shade somewhere else, and it's sold in single. So, wonder which is the dupe for this shade???
Will let you know soon........

I would like to call the design of this blusher a geometric 'abstract' rose. Indeed it's a rose!
Very pretty! But be warned that the shimmery sparkles are just sprayed on. I had managed to snap the photo when it was still in its 'virgin' state, hence capturing the sparkles.
There's a slight hint of peachy pink when swiped with a brush onto my forearm, and also on my cheeks. (see FOTD below) But it imparts more glow than color with some specks of sparkle.

Time for some EOTD and FOTD.....
Done by the MA at Lancome counter using POP 'N' COPPER QUAD

Eye Of The Day

POP 'N' CHEEKS BLUSHER on my cheeks

Face Of The Day
Not a really glamorous look for any occasion, but I think would suffice for a day look on a lazy day! ;P

Hence I would say that the eyeshadow quads are quite versatile and can be used for day and night look. Even the bling-bling blusher can be used for day, especially after the bling-bling is gone.

So what do you think of O My Rose? Is it O My Love???


Shilka said...

Thanks for the thorough swatches, because I would have been still believing this is a nice collection. To be hones, I can't understand why so many pieces are dull and ashy :| It's spring! They should be lovely and bright ;D

Vonvon said...

Hi Shilka,

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment.

You are welcome. Well, looks can be deceiving. ;) You are right, it's spring!! But the colors look more Autumn-ish.

And thanks for following my blog. :)

gio said...

Thanks for the swatches. I love green shadows but that quad doesn't appeal to me. You're right, the colors look so dull! The other quad is much prettier.

And nice FOTD. You look beautiful!

Vonvon said...

Hi gio,

You are welcome. The green is OK for simple day look, but perhaps my expectation was a bit high from the first impression of the palette. And I wouldn't pay full price for a palette with such colors.

Thank you for the compliments, gio. :)