Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After 1-Week Course Of Clinique C10 Brightening Anti-Age Serum....... (Updated With Product Description & Short Review)

Last week, I posted about my new skin concern which is emerging spots on my cheeks. And I started on a 1-week intensive treatment with Clinique C10 Brightening Anti-Age Serum which I received as part of a GWP. The actual treatment course should be of 6-week duration.

Let's speak a bit on the product..... (Updated on March 25, 2010 at 9.30AM**)

**From the brochure in the box: What's so different about this anti-aging serum?
With a fresh burst of Vitamin C, this high-potency treatment brings new brightness to time-tarnished skin. Helps boost natural collagen production for a firmer, smoother tone. skin looks lifted lines and wrinkles seem to fade. Intensified Black-Out Yeast Complex along with skin-fortifying ingredients goes beyond brightening to strengthen skin's resistance to future darkening. Skin enjoys greater clarity, more even texture and tone with a softer, smoother feel.

Lightweight, oil-free formula is appropriate for all Skin Types. Delivers light hydration.

**Vonvon's Review

I tried this serum mainly for its brightening and spot treatment effect, and for only 1 week.

The serum is white, slightly lucent in color and its consistency is slightly thick, dispensed via a dropper. As with Clinique products, it's fragrance-free but I did detect a slight hint of scent, somewhat herbal, which could be from the Black-Out Yeast Complex, nothing unpleasant, just a scent. And you know I am not too bothered by scent.

For such a short duration of usage, I can't gauge for the effects of firming and fading wrinkles. Though I can say that my skin did appear brighter, but my skin has so far been quite OK, except for some occasional break-out which, without early treatment with my 'HG 24-hour zit cure' can become quite pesky and takes a long time to heal and fade. That'll be another post.
I do have my dull skin days, of course. And I noticed overall, my complexion has definitely improved in its clarity.**

So, the result after 1 week...........
Let's see if there is any effect on my spots......

Anyways, that 1 small bottle of serum was supposed to be used for 7 days and should be discarded after the 7th day from the first day of usage. Just a short summary of how I used it: I poured the powder, which is actually 10% Ascorbyl Glucoside (Vitamin C, in layman's term) into the serum, and mixed it till the powder dissolved. I applied about 3-4 drops from the dropper onto my palm, and spread it onto my face, paying particular attention to my cheeks where the visible spots and most of the intra-dermal melanin(from skin diagnostic test) are found. I used it twice a day after toner.

After 1 week of usage, I have to say that the spots are still there, but I don't know if it's my fantasy or what......the intensity kind of reduced slightly, and the edges of the spots seem to have faded a little.

Here's a before and after photo of my spots. Please note that I tried my best to take the photos in similar conditions, under similar natural lighting, but as I took the photos by myself with only a mirror as a guide, I may not be able to take the photos from the same exact angle. Besides, the natural lighting also varied from the 1st time I took the 'before' pix and the 'after' pix.

Before starting the serum
3 small visible brown spots marked by black asterisks....let's call it
Vonvon's Spots Triangle (if you join the 3 asterisks, you'll get a triangle, right?)

After 1-week of using the serum
The lower spot seems to have faded, but the 2 upper spots are still there, though I thought the edges of the 2 upper spots seem to have become a bit irregular. Could it be that the serum is breaking up the melanin on the surface?

OK, so now, you have seen the objective result by comparing my 'before' and 'after' photos. But I have no intention to continue this intensive treatment. I will follow up this intensive treatment with the NEW Clinique Derma White CLINICAL Brightening Essence for a duration of 4 weeks, and I shall report the result at the end of April.

Meanwhile, don't forget your sunblock, ladies!

I shall be doing reviews on some sunblocks in the coming days, hopefully, I'll find the time....

P.s. First blogged and published on March 24, 2010 at 9.58PM.


Nania Collection said...


Hope ur spot can be reduce with 4week. Mine also appear alrdy near under eye area as beside using whitening product, i also eat some collagen product for brightening which i hope can fade my spot.


Vonvon said...

Hi Heron,

Thank you. I hope so too, as I have seen the clinical findings of the Clinique CLINICAL Essence and seems to be quite promising. But I am also hoping no more new spots will appear any time soon.

Do share if the collagen supplement you are taking now helps to brighten your skin.