Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New Skin Concern - Emerging Spots!

All this while, my main skin concerns are open pores in the T-zone area, decrease in firmness and dark undereye circles. While I seem to have found the products to address these problems, though I wouldn't say fixing them, more like improving what that need to be improved, a new problem emerged quite suddenly in the past month - SPOTS!!!!

At the end of January, a Lancome Skin Diagnostic test showed my spots (melanin pigment under the skin) level to be lower than the standard. But last week, during the 1st week of March when Lancome had its 75th Anniversary roadshow in KLCC, I did another Skin Diagnostic test. While hydration level was very good and pores were not detectable, my skin firmness declined slightly and spots level showed a significant increase! And I was like WHAT??? In a little over 1 month, my spots level experienced a 2-fold increase?? And I have been using an additional sunscreen besides my usual foundation with SPF for quite some time now. I also notice some visible spots on the skin surface on my left cheek.

Anyways, there's no point in wasting time whining over it. Time to get into action to combat the emerging spots and prevention of more spots from appearing.

So at the Clinique Derma White workshop last week, I redeemed the Clinical Brightening Essence and with it, I received as part of the GWP a set of intensive 1-week C10 Brightening Anti-age Serum.

So I started the 1-week intensive serum yesterday (since it's the 1st day of the week and shall finish it on Sunday), in addition to my usual skincare regime.

The set consists of 2 parts - a small bottle of serum and a vial of Vitamin C powder (see photos below). I added the powder to the serum and mixed it till the powder dissolved. I applied about 3 drops to my face and neck, with special attention to the spots on my left cheek after toner, morning and night.

The Serum

The Vitamin C powder in a vial

Mixing the Vitamin C powder into the serum

We shall wait and see how the intensive treatment serum work by next week. I will write a more detailed review next week with the result.

FYI, this serum is available in a 6-week treatment set consisting of 6 sets (1 set per week) and costs RM330 for the complete treatment. Available at all Clinique counters.

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