Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Swatches & Review: Dior Poudrier Dentelle 002 Peach Lace

I have reviewed the beautiful and exquisite Dior 5 Couleurs Edition Dentelle 059 Pearl Glow eyeshadow palette late last month and the review on the Poudrier Dentelle was supposed to follow soon after, so that I could post up my CNY EOTDs/FOTDs which were made using the combo (eyeshadow palette and Poudrier Dentelle). But things just cropped up (that required me to be out and about and away from my computer....GRRRRRRR!!!!!!) and I am perpetually having a backlog of posts.....

Poudrier Dentelle is the star product in the Dior Spring 2010 Dentelle collection, which comes in 2 shades: 001 Pink Lace, and 002 Peach Lace which I am going to show you the swatches and review.

This product, like all Dior palettes, comes housed in a black velvet pouch.

The casing is made of metal, with a reflective mirror surface and 3D-looking lace prints on both sides. But it has the highest affinity for fingerprints! And it feels quite heavy.

Close-up of the lace prints on the casing (above and below)

Dior Poudrier Dentelle 002 Peach Lace

Close-up of the lace imprints on the powder (above and below)
(click on the image to enlarge and have a better view of the delicate lace design)

OK, ladies, have you caught your breath again after viewing such an exquisite of art? After many hours of squinting and examining the intricate details of the design, I now know why this is the star product from this collection and not the eyeshadow palette(s). The lace designs on the Poudrier Dentelle is far more intricate and complicated than the lace designs found on the eyeshadow palettes.

Now, time for swatches........

Do take note that this is actually an illuminating powder for face, though I also apply them on my cheeks as a blush. It didn't show much color as a blush (even on my fair skin) but a subtle hint of radiance and glow, especially when using the non-lace part. I would describe the color as nude-beige with 'pearl finish'. The lace part has shimmer in it but not over the top kind of shimmer. And it's the more shimmery but sheerer version of the non-lace part.

The non-lace part was swatched with just a swipe of my finger, while for the lace part, I just pressed my finger gently but firmly onto it, hence you can also see some of the lace pattern.

Swatches from my fingers applied to my forearm

The brush picks up the product on the lace part easily, by just lightly touching the brush to the lace pattern. You can that much product (shimmer) on your brush with just 1 touch. (above)

Below: Applied from the brush to my forearm
You get a bright pearly sheen, good as a highlighter.

The non-lace part is slightly powdery, but its texture is smooth and soft. You need a few swipes on the product to get the amount shown on the brush. (above)

Below: Applied from the brush to my forearm
You get a glowing radiance. But it can be layered to get a subtle hint of color.

After several times of usage, the lace pattern is still very much visible. The area enclosed by the yellow line is where I always dip my brush into. To get the shimmer from lace part, I just touch my brush to it to pick up the color. So I can preserve the lace pattern for as long as I can.

The Poudrier Dentelle is still available at some Dior counters, retailing for RM186 (12gram). Also available in 001 Pink Lace.

Disclaimer: This product was provided by Dior for review purpose only.


Sherry said...

wow.. the price so much

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

The price is a bit steep, but definitely a collector's item! And the lace pattern is quite sturdy, hence I believe can stay on quite a while before the pattern starts to fade.

Anonymous said...

Hi, was surfing the net on Dior products and came here. I know this post is old, but just want to say it's a great and detailed review.


Vonvon said...

Thank you for visiting and the comment, Olivia.