Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anna Sui Limited Edition Eye Color Accent F, Swatches & NEW Lip Rouge

The Intrepid Beauty strikes again! This time, she spotted some new and interesting color makeup from Anna Sui.

The NEW Anna Sui Limited Edition Eye Color Accent F comes in 3 combinations of shades - 01, 02 and 03. I swatched all 3 of them and OMG!!!!!! The colors are gorgeous - bright and so summer-y, and pay-off is simply excellent. And the texture of the shadows is soft and smooth. And the best thing (may be on....) is that it has 4 shades each in 1 'palette'. OK, I don't mean a huge palette, but it's the usual Anna Sui Eye Color Accent, and 4 shades are placed into that. How's that? 4-in-1? Sounds interesting and economical indeed. But 1 little gripe of mine is 2 of the shades came in only small parts, and when I tried using my finger to swatch them, it was a tad difficult even when I used my pinky to swatch it.

Let's look at the photos of the products....

Anna Sui Limited Edition Eye Color Accent F (RM77 each)

As you can see, 2 of the considerably 'lighter' shades come in bigger proportion than the other 2. Aren't all 3 of them so cute and the shades so pretty?
I wish I could get all 3 of them! ;)

Here are their swatches!
Beware.....some of you may be ooh-ing and ahh-ing when you see the colors!

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent F in 01
The colors in the photo may be a bit light (swatched without a base) as it's taken under the indoor lighting of the Beauty Hall. The texture of all 4 shades are equally good, all swiped only once. Had a bit of trouble with the green and black, as I had to use my pinky to swipe those colors so as not to get the neighboring colors onto the swatch. The pink is really sweet and I think it won't make the eyes look puffy and/or swollen.

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent F in 02
In the photo of the product, the top right shade appears to be creamy beige (again due to the yellow lighting of the Beauty Hall la) but it's actually a white color perfect for highlighting as it's not shimmery. The bronzy brown is really pigmented. And of course, the ultramarine blue and sky blue-teal are one of my favorites!

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent F in 03
03 is the most colorful and bright of the lot! Again, the swatches are much brighter and more intense than in the photos. The yellow gold is gorgeous (the kind of bright gold which I always like) and the orangey coral looks pretty too.

So, any favorites? Which one would you get?
And there's also a GWP offer going on at the Anna Sui counters in Isetan at The Gardens and KLCC. Purchase RM300, and you'll get a gift set(samples) including a small Anna Sui evening bag. And top up to RM350 or 360, get additional gift. Sorry, was rushing and didn't take photos of the GWPs, so don't remember much details.
But the SA told me that they are very sale-able and they don't have much stocks left.
Hurry! If you want to get your hands on them! :D

NEW Lip Rouge
Yes, this is quite a huge display of the NEW Anna Sui Lip Rouge.
Some are lipsticks while the others are gloss.
What caught my attention was the design of the lippies, which is not the usual slim packaging but it's rather bulky plastic packaging with engraved patterns typical of Anna Sui. Of course, when you whip any one out in public to touch up your lips, it would definitely make a few heads turn. But I am not too sure if I would get it....may be 1, just for collection sake. ;)
(RM88 each)


Sherry said...

nice AS and others :D hehe.. saw your blog already. I think if you want get a collection of AS go ahead so pretty.

Sherry said...

so irresistible hehe...

gio said...

Those are so pretty! It's too bad Anna Sui is not available here or I'd get them all!

Vonvon said...

Thank Sherry for your support to try make me buy more stuff. ;P I am trying hard to restrain myself from getting even a single one. But they are just too pretty!

Vonvon said...

Very very pretty, Gio! I would want to get them all too. ;) I know what you mean by their cute packaging and all, many times I made the decision to purchase Anna Sui just because of the packaging and design. But overall, their products are of very good quality, so it's really worth buying them for usage or simply just for collection sake.

Anonymous said...

Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..