Friday, April 23, 2010

Bobbi Brown Color Strips, Swatches, Overview & 20 More Eyeshadows To My Collection

A couple weeks ago, I was at Bobbi Brown to check out their new Color Strips for Spring 2010. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from these palettes or strips as they called it this time. But when I started playing with them, swatching them, I was literally in for a surprise!

The Bobbi Brown store was colorfully decorated with lots of fresh flowers giving the Spring feel and also colored sand and stones.
Love the slightly different decor as normally, the store has mostly neutral, earthy color.

In the previous Bobbi Brown palettes I have swatched such as the one from Cabana Coral and the Holiday collection, only certain eyeshadow colors really showed up though I like some of the shades from the previous collections too.

And some of the shades which I like are included in the NEW Color Strips and more shades with good color pay-off too!

The display of the Color Strips

Anyways, I made swatches of the 4 eyeshadow strips and 2 pot rouge strips.

Eyeshadow Strips (RM120 each)
L to R: Bonfire, Petal, Aquamarine and Orchid eyeshadow strips

Pot Rouge Strips (RM110 each)
Fresh Pink (left) and Fresh Coral (right)

Petal Eyeshadow Strip and its swatches

Bonfire Eyeshadow Strip and its swatches

Aquamarine Eyeshadow Strip and its swatches

Orchid Eyeshadow Strip and its swatches

I would say almost all the shades in the 4 Strips swatched very well, and have good color pay-off, some better than the others. There are some shades which are mainly sparkles but they are so fine, not chunks of glitters. Even the matte shades in the Strips appear to swatch well which speaks a lot for its pigmentation. Normally, I had trouble trying to get the matte shades to show up in swatches. Bonfire and Petal lean more towards warm tone, while Aquamarine and Orchid more towards the cool side.

I will speak about each Strip in detail when I use them for my EOTDs.

Fresh Pink Pot Rouge Strip and its swatches

Fresh Coral Pot Rouge Strip and its swatches

And yes, I hauled quite a bit from this collection.....actually, I got all the 4 Eyeshadow Strips! At that time, they had some special offer and GWPs: Buy any 2 Strips, and get a free palette that can fit in any 2 Strips. And with purchase of RM480 and above, receive a Natural Beauty Kit.

My haul

Gift with purchase

Door gift


Anonymous said...

Great...IS all nice color!

i like their lip coloue very much will check this Sunday at Pavillion counter


Marina (Makeup4all) said...

Coral Pot Rouge Strip and its swatches look amazing! Love such colours. Thank you for swarches :)

J said...

Wow the eyeshadow strips look really nice!

Vonvon said...

Junemoon, this time, all their palettes have very nice shades with good color pay-off. Do check it out and let me know what you get. :)

Vonvon said...

You are most welcome, Marina.

And I prefer the Fresh Pink Pot Rouge Strip, especially the Pale Pink shade. I am just a pink person, though I didn't buy any of the Pot Rouge Strips. :)

Vonvon said...

Thanks J. And the best thing about it is it has its own individual plastic cover. So should you put the eyeshadow strip and pot rouge strip into the same palette, the plastic covers will prevent any eyeshadow from getting into the pot rouge.

P.s. Btw, visited your blog. Love you day-to-day accounts of med school, and life as a med student. :)

Camie said...

I bumped into von von darling that day.. She was gorgeous.. it was pretty happening. too bad couldn't catch up with ya long enough..


Sherry said...

wahaha... jaw drop hehe.. wipe my saliva

Vonvon said...

Hi Camie,

Thanks. Was really glad to see you that day at the preview. One of these days, must meet up again to catch up.

Vonvon said...

Sherry, I almost did that too. ;P