Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Concerning Recent Matters

Hi all, some of my readers have been e-mailing me concerning malicious comments about me on another blog. Just wanted to say I appreciate your concern and let you know that yes, I am aware of the hateful remarks, lies and distortions this individual and her followers have been slinging at me over the past months. Now normally I don't waste my time worrying about it or dignifying any of their increasingly crude remarks with a response. But the most recent one has crossed the line by mentioning my little girl. In fact, when I told my husband about it, my little girl overheard and asked in a hurt and angry tone, "Who said bad things about me?" Can you imagine? A three-year-old girl asking why people are saying nasty things about her on the internet...those people must be very proud of themselves indeed. I'm sure any mother or just any decent human being can share my disgust.

Responding in kind however, would just be childish and stooping to their level. People can believe what they want, but I think a person's true character will inevitably show through in what they write and how they conduct themselves. And I know that you, my dear readers, are here to read about and discuss beauty, shopping and other pleasant subjects, so I'll happily leave the bullying, mean-spirited attacks and petty jealousies to those who specialize in them.

Thanks everyone for all your messages and calls of support!



Anonymous said...

despite knowing that you will not post this comment, i do hope you read this. I understand how hurt is it to be ostracized by so many. Stay calm ok? Remember you still have your family and frens around you

I serious hate the way this Yjia so heartless bitching about you when she herself is so young and not even a mother. That is why i posted the comment against her. Your dispute with the almighty queen is none of my biz but to see how she plays up the sympathy card really proves she is a one hell of a drama queen. Stay strong...

Anonymous said...

perhaps there's been a misunderstanding ? i strongly suggest you to clear the air with her. its a pity that ur friendship with her is ruin this way. i believe two matured adults shld always talk & work out things, dont u think so ? make peace, not war.

2espresso said...

I guess I'm much too new to your blog to know what exactly is going on. But I am sorry you have to deal with such things in your freetime, blogging is a hobby, no one is here to deal with nastiness and argue, actually!
It's just sad when such things are going on. Hopefully you'll get to a solution so the blog can be a nicer place again.

Anonymous said...

i read those comment on the other blog and find them really vicious & mean. i really have to commend u for respond with so much dignity & maturity. :)

Anonymous said...

I write both blog everytime i hv extra spare time to surt throught net.

At 1st i nvr throught it was u. But i do hope both of u can hv a nice talk and not blog each other badly.

Good Friend are hard to find, peace to all, calm throught mind.

electronicfly said...

Wah, when I read your post I thought "uhoh, don't tell me it's Miu vs VonVon? Cannot be!"

Thankfully it's not, can't have two of my fave beauty bloggers fighting kan?

I've no clue what happened, but I agree with you that no matter what other innocent parties should not have been brought into the picture.


Anonymous said...

I read local and foreign beauty blogs on a daily basis and never have I read such vitriol until now. I seriously doubt this relationship can be mended after all the venomous words allowed to be posted. Anyway, even if what was alleged about you is true, 2 wrongs don't make a right (at the risk of sounding cliched). I find it rather ironic that some of the people who criticised you remain your followers (I can see from their pics).

Anonymous said...

surely someone and many so-called frens are out there to make both of you to pit against each other.
it's a pity the situation turned out to be that bad.

electronicfly said...

oh gosh I just read the rest of the comments on the other blog.

T.T Why oh why must it be btwn both of you T.T

Anyhoo, I'm not siding with anyone as I don't know the whole story, but I still stick with my previous statement that bringing in innocent others is too much (though I read through all of M's replies and that comment did NOT come from her).

I hope that both of you could clear the air though, I would hate having my two sifus quarreling :(

CY said...

No relationship is that bad it can't be mended. of course, i am writing from a christian point of view.

I've been through bad relationships, but nothing is so bad that nothing can't be mended. Where profit is to be made, everything can be mended. And of course, writing from a salesperson point of view.

Why can't someone who critisize a blog remain their "follower?" I follow a lot of blogs. That doesn't mean I have to agree with what they write.

Stop being such a pedantic.

Anonymous said...

Von, from what I see, things are really getting out of hand. Have you considered getting a lawyer?


gio said...

I don't follow this other blog, so I have no idea what is going on but I'm truly sorry that you have to deal with this. People can be really mean sometimes and bringing an innocent child into this is just disgusting. I admire you for daling with the problem with such dignity. Stay strong hun *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Dun let the people affect you.

You are right. Dun keep in heart.

They are so free nothing to do and write nosense!!!! And their leader is really making them hate you more. got such people? So what if your husband buy a lot presents for you?? I actually hapy for you. May be they don't have, and jelous, that why always chase after samples here there.

Still got so many thigns....dun wan to repeat here.

she say she is victim, but the way she write to her readers, i dun believe lor. I think she want to make other people hate you. dun understand why....may be jelous

-I always read your blog, but English no good, dun comment.

You can call me Yee.

Anonymous said...

CY: P'haps you shd be the mediator since you are convinced it can be mended. Don't just assume other people's business is so easy to fix if you don't know all the facts. I don't think you would like it if others did the same to you.

Why call people "a pedantic" if you don't know what it means or even how to write it correctly? Stop trying to impress people and go look it up in the dictionary. Or if you're too lazy, you can just re-read your post for an example.

Not agreeing with someone is one thing but from the tone of the criticisms levelled, one would naturally have thought that those people would have been so disgusted that they'd have stopped being "followers".

beedee said...

Really sickening lah those comments by those b*tches. Obvious their mentality never moved on from secondary school, so sad. Dun pay them any mind. They act tough when in gang and behind their keyboard, none of them got the guts to say one word in person. Hope u can update soon with happier stuffs xxLovexx bd

PuiSee4 said...

Some ppl R SO immature.... If they wanna compete, be brave ENOUGH to compete fairly and cleanly.. I support U & ur princess :)

Vonvon said...

Thank you all for your comments, support and all the emails which you have sent me. Appreciate them very much.

To those who want to remain anonymous here and instead send me personal emails, sms's and even calls, I understand your situation and I will keep them confidential.