Thursday, April 1, 2010

Follow-Up Review For Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion & A 20% Off Discount Code

It's April already! What??!!! Where did the past 3 months go?

But it means that Spring is coming fast to the Northern Hemisphere, and then the warmer Summer days will soon follow before you would even realize it.

OK, let's do something more serious today. Well, I don't think I have not been serious when it comes to my blogging, but I know for the past few days, I have just been posting photo posts. Hey, a little break from those lengthy review posts which Vonvon is always famous of can be such a respite, isn't it? ;)

Because looking back at the posts that I have written for the month of March, it's been pretty much reviews (long and short) and EOTDs/FOTDs with some shopping posts, etc.... Have not been shopping too much for the past month, except for MAC, of course! And hauls from the workshops I had attended.

Anyways, if you remember in January this year, I had organized a Giveaway sponsored by Skin MD Natural in conjunction with Vonvon's Interests turning 1, Valentine's Day and also the Lunar New Year of the Tiger.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

Its product description and direction of usage

Ingredients list

But I had only shared my thoughts on the Shielding Lotion with you. Now, I will share with you my experience of using the Shielding Lotion on myself and also on my little girl.

And again, Skin MD Natural has been so generous to offer a 20% off discount code on any purchase of their product (they ship internationally, and shipping and handling costs apply) for readers of Vonvon's Interests. To get this code, you will have to read till the end of this post. ;)

So what does Vonvon think after using the Shielding Lotion for more than 2 months?

As I have mentioned in my 1st post on the Shielding Lotion, I was feeling adventurous and tried the lotion on my face, body, hands (just as it is intended for), and also my dry feet.

On my face.........I used it on its own and also on top of my usual skincare on separate occasions, but I didn't notice any significant difference with either way of usage. I tried applying the lotion on its own at night after cleansing without any other moisturizer, etc. and I slept in air-conditioned room. In the morning, I woke up to a smooth and well-hydrated skin and also, my skin usually does get a bit oily overnight, especially on my T-zone, but after using this lotion, I don't feel any oiliness on my T-zone in the morning. During the day, I used it as a moisturizer, that is after toner and serum, and before applying my sunblock (I am using the version without SPF). The hydration which it provided was quite adequate throughout the day and again, I noticed that my T-zone felt less oily. Despite it forming an invisible barrier layer on top of the skin, my sunscreen applied smoothly and so did my makeup base and foundation. And most important of all, my skin remained almost matte throughout the day, especially on the T-zone area.

On my body..........I used it as an overall body lotion after my shower, including applying them on my dry feet which always felt like sandpaper! This lotion didn't have any distinct scent, perhaps a slightly fresh scent which just dissipated upon application. I didn't need a large amount for my whole body and feet, as its consistency was so fluid that it spread so easily on my skin. The skin on my feet felt less rough after using for a few days. As for my body, I think it's OK in terms of providing hydration, but I am more used to richer and thicker body lotion/butter and I prefer them scented. Perhaps, this would be better suited for those with sensitive skin as it's almost scentless, and so mild. Another thing I did note was my skin could become itchy after a shower especially if the weather was very hot, and applying this lotion would eliminate the itch and minor irritation.

On my hands..........well, I washed my hands so many times in a day, that I always have dry hands, and sometimes, the skin on my hands began to peel and become flaky. I always try to apply hand cream/lotion after every hand washing but I got a bit paranoid that the hand cream may unintentionally get into the food I am preparing or simply just ingested. Anyways, since this lotion claims to form an invisible barrier on my skin to protect it, I applied it less frequently, but to my surprise, my hands remain moisturized and even appeared smooth-looking at the end of the day. And because this lotion consists mostly of natural ingredients, I feel safer about using it more frequently on my skin.

OK, that was about me and the Shielding Lotion!

And what about my little girl and her Shielding Lotion story???

First of all, I must say SHE LOVES THIS LOTION! And because of its natural ingredients, I just let her use it as much as she wants and in whatever way she wants to. But most of all, she used it on the itch caused by mosquito bites, which offered her almost immediate relief from the itch and she would not scratch the wheal caused by the bite.

A little case study:
One very remarkable observation I did was when we were both using the lotion, she had this patch of very dry skin and scabs on her right shin as a result of post-mosquito bite scratching. The dry skin was caused by the application of antiseptic which I had applied on the bite area which had turned into an infected sore. The sore healed, but left that area with dry skin (see photos below). And we started applying the lotion on that area. After Day 1, I could notice the skin condition has improved slightly, and when she saw it, with a very touched and grateful look, she thanked me for giving her the lotion to apply. Let me tell you little girl is very vain and she would do anything to keep her skin in good condition. She diligently applied the lotion by herself, day after day, night after night, and after about 1 week, her skin almost healed completely. Let's look at the photos.........

That patch of dry skin on her right shin
You can see the remaining of the antiseptic I had applied on it (yellow stains)

Close-up look of the dry patch of skin before applying the lotion

She applied the lotion by herself to the area everyday without fail

1 day after starting to apply the lotion

After a week of application of the Shielding Lotion
No more dry skin, except for those little hyperpigmentation spots.

So, my dear readers, if you'd like to try out this lotion, you can purchase them at the Skin MD Natural website and by using the discount code, VON, at check-out, you will receive a 20% off discount of your total purchase, not including shipping and handling. This code is valid until April 30, 2010.

I do not receive any commission when you use the discount code above to purchase any item from Skin MD Natural website.


Sherry said...

can see the diff. :D

Vonvon said...

On my girl's leg, right? Now, every time she has something, or whatever on her skin, she would take the Lotion and apply it by herself! :D

Sherry said...

she so clever :D, yeah this can take go holiday :D hehe..

Vonvon said...

Thanks, Sherry! :) She is quite independent and mature for her age.

Yep, this is a very handy all-in-one product. They have a version with SPF too, which I have read in their website to be good in preventing sunburn, even though it's only SPF15.