Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review & EOTD: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Eye Pencil #04 Black Plum

As much as I am so crazy over beauty products from so many brands, one brand always remains close to my heart because that's the brand I have been using for the longest time, and I may divert to try out different brands, yet I will always go back to use their products. And that's ESTEE LAUDER. Yes, I am an Estee Lauder loyalist! :)

Recently, after trying out and finishing my Lancome Renergie Morpholift Eye Serum and Eye Cream, I am back to using the Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex. Anyways, I will talk about that in another post.

So, by now, some of my dear readers would have known that I am really crazy over eye makeup, eyeshadows, and colored eyeliners, and one of my all-time fav colors for the eye is PURPLE and similar shades from the Purple family.

I purchased the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Eye Pencil in #04 Black Plum last year when it first came out. They came in quite a number of shades like green, blue, besides the usual black and brown. Because of my affinity for purple, naturally I would purchase a shade from this color family.

Some words on the Double Wear Stay-In-Place's a range by Estee Lauder that offers long-wearing makeup for up to 12 hours. I know they have foundations, powders, lipsticks, lip pencils, concealer with SPF10, Shadowcremes in this range.

Alright, back to this Black Plum eye pencil......

This eye pencil is dual-ended, with one end is the pencil, while the other is a smudger.

The color looked a bit light in the swatches because I had swatched it after I apply my hand cream..... *airhead sometimes ;)

It is a dark purple shade with a slight metallic sheen to it. It's not exactly shimmer, but appears slightly metallic when swatched. It glides on smoothly on the lids and the color is buildable to make it darker. Once on the lids, it actually sets quickly and stays on for hours without any smudging nor fading! I tried it on my slightly oily lids, and it lasted on me from morning till night time, without any eye base.

Because it sets rather quickly, it is advisable that should you decide to 'play' with the liner a little like smudging it to get the smoky effect, it is best to do so immediately after you draw it on your lids. And to do one eye at a time.

When I first started using it way back, I wasn't quite apt at using it, especially when it comes to the smudging part, as it sets so fast, and I had trouble smudging it afterwards. So I left it as it was. And it actually looked quite good just with the liner on my lids. It sort of defined my eyes.

Eye Of The Day

I have used this just on its own (as you can see in the EOTD), as a base for eyeshadow to create the simple smoky look using one of the NEW Beauty Gossip technique (will do another post on it), and of course, as a liner over eyeshadows.

This is indeed a very versatile eye pencil. Except for the fact that it sets rather quickly and any manouveur you want to do with it has to be done fast. Nevertheless, its staying power is almost 12 hours, for me at least (as it lasted on my lids from morning till night).

I would recommend those with oily lids to check this out.

When I bought this last year, it was retailing at RM68. But I am not sure with the recent Estee Lauder price increase whether this eye pencil has also increased in price or not.
I will check and update the price later.
And it still is retailing for RM68.


Mamapumpkin said...

I find that EL eye liner doesn't last though. I have been wearing my blue EL eyeliner everyday this week and after half day, the colour is gone!!! Somehow my MAC and Shiseido pencil liner seems to stay on longer.

Vonvon said...

Mamapumpkin, is your blue EL eyeliner from the Double Wear range? The older ones didn't last on me either. But I find their Double Wear line of makeup stays put on me for a long time.

We'll share more makeup notes when we meet up, yea....:)

sami said...

that colour looks amazing! argh seriously wanting to pick one of these up. thanks for the review

Vonvon said...

Hi Sami,

Thanks for dropping by and the comment.

You are welcome. They have other pretty shades too. But I was so attracted to the purplish plum shade.