Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review: Lancome Renergie Morpholift R.A.R.E(TM) Lifting Mask - By The Intrepid Beauty

As promised this morning, The Intrepid Beauty is going to review another of Vonvon's favorite masks from Lancome, the Renergie Morpholift R.A.R.E(TM) Lifting Mask.


I am a self-confessed mask-aholic, can't live without masks in my skincare regimen. We are spoilt for choice these days as masks come in a variety of forms and prices to suit anyone's budget. Just go into any Watson's or Guardian and the selection of masks can make a beauty novice's head spin. Today, I am reviewing the Lancome Renergie Morpholift Masque R.A.R.E(TM) which is essentially a mask for those with firming concerns. It is described as a lifting mask with immediate tightening effect.

Being a bit of a beauty skeptic as I've tried quite a few products which have let me down, I didn't quite believe the claims (printed on the back of the box) of "immediate tightening effect" or that the product would "help to firm the skin, smooth out fine lines". However, I was willing to give it a go particularly since the Lancome SA serving me was really friendly and nice, hence good customer service really does make a difference when it comes to customers sitting-on-the-fence about a product.

This product is contained in a purple plastic tube (okay, I admit that I also have a weakness for the colour purple) which feels quite light so it's easy to chuck it into a cosmetics bag for travelling. The mask has a gel-like texture and there is a light purple tinge to it (another plus point for me, of course). There is a barely discernible scent which I like very much. The big question remained: "does it live up to its promise"?

The formula is said to be enriched with organic peptides which give the tightening effect, thereby making the skin look lifted and recover radiance and freshness. The mask is described as an "icy gel", I was wondering how "icy" it would feel. Well, upon first application, I wondered no more. The mask was the iciest I've tried, not super cold but definitely cool enough to calm and soothe my skin.

Then, wonder of wonders, I felt a tightening feeling all over my face. They weren't kidding when they described it as giving an immediate tightening effect. The method of application is to apply a very thin layer to the face and neck, leave it on for 5 minutes and wipe off surplus product with a cotton pad soaked in lotion. When I wiped off the mask with toner, I noticed that my nasolabial lines were less pronounced and my skin felt tauter and firmer. It was quite remarkable as I'd never tried a mask which gave such immediate firming results.

I have to wipe my face very thoroughly with the cotton pad though as there were times when I only wiped casually but that wasn't enough because when I touched my face, I could feel the mask residue coming off in little lumps. Other than that, I would say that this firming mask is a keeper simply because it lives up to its claims, doesn't disappoint and certainly makes me want to rush to the Lancome counter when it's finally used up. At RM140 for 100ml worth of product, it's reasonable and I find that it'll last for a few more months to come despite having used it once (and sometimes twice) a week for the past 4 months.

The Intrepid Beauty


Jess said...

Thanks for recommending me this mask! Wanna try it out now after reading your review! :)

Vonvon said...

You are welcome, Jess. Do try it out. It's really quite effective.

Jess said...

Vonvon, is the effectiveness just for the time I used it (and the next day), or does the effect last - I mean does it make a long-term effect?

Vonvon said...

Jess, you can see immediate lifting effect and last a few days. Initially, I used twice a week for about 2 months, and now only once a week. But I have been using it for almost 1 year and I can say yes, I do notice my nasolabial folds are less deep, and overall skin, especially around the cheeks and jaw is firmer.