Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sample Review: MAC DELIGHTFUL Lightful Cleanser - By The Intrepid Beauty

I think by now, most of you would have known how crazy Vonvon is over MAC! And I don't purchase MAC cosmetics by 1 or 2 items.....but purchase them in multiples, especially when a collection features many eyeshadows and makeup products for the eyes. Yes, I am really an eyeshadow person. I have been asked many times to photograph my huge collection of eyeshadows and I haven't done so till today...partly because I am lazy, but the main reason is there are just too many lying around, hidden in my dresser drawers, stored in my many makeup storage containers and vanity cases that I just simply don't know where to start picking them up and display them for photos.

Anyways, that aside, I have been featuring a lot on MAC cosmetics - my hauls, reviews and EOTDs/FOTDs from MAC but have not written anything on skincare from MAC.

So, today, my guest writer, The Intrepid Beauty, will be reviewing the MAC Lightful Cleanser. It is a sample which we received during the MAC Magic, Mirth & Mischief event in October last year.


When I first started using MAC Cosmetics, I wasn’t aware that they had a range of good quality skincare but over the past few years, I’ve tried some of their skincare products. One of the products which I’ve liked is their excellent Cleanse Off Oil/Tranquil. Another equally good cleanser is from their Lightful range, which is a range formulated to instantly brighten & protect the skin. This range is said to help repair, condition and add radiance to the skin with continuous use.

The Lightful Cleanser (photo above) is a foaming cleanser which like all good foaming cleansers I’ve tried before, requires just a little to produce a rich foam. I add some water to the cleanser and rub my palms together to create enough foam to cover my face. Massaging the foam over my face for a few seconds, I then wash it off. There is an instant soft sensation once the foam has been washed off and no tight feeling at all.

I don’t need double cleansing when I use this cleanser as it does a very good job of removing all traces of make-up. However, I can’t say that it makes my face look brighter. I like the scent very much as it perks me up, makes the cleansing process all the more enjoyable. Overall, it is one of the best foaming cleansers I’ve used as I judge a cleanser by how well it removes make-up.

It comes in a 100ml tube and retails for RM95.

The Intrepid Beauty


norahs said...

Waiting for your eyeshadows

Vonvon said...

Noted! Another request from Norahs! ;D