Sunday, April 18, 2010

SPOTTED! New Japanese Skincare In Watsons

This week, instead of giving us a guest review, The Intrepid Beauty has intrepidly found something new in Watsons and as usual, I was dragged (again! ;P) to Watsons to check them out and what else? To be the photographer!!! ;)

Anyways, on the brochure, it was stated Japanese Skincare Sensations! And the whole shelf display consisted of skincare products with mostly Japanese words on them, and almost all the products were made in Japan. Quite impressive, as nowadays, many drugstore brands are mainly made in China.

Vonvon's Highlights

There were many types of facial sheet masks and nose strips. One particular type of masks that caught our attention was the Daily Care Masks which was packed like a box of wet wipes, consisting of 22 pieces of sheet masks (though not individually wrapped) retailing for RM58. That's about RM2.63 per sheet - not a bad deal for daily usage. They came in 3 varieties: Orange with Co-enzyme Q10 for firming, Dark pink with hyaluronic acid and royal jelly for moisturising, and Blue with collagen.

There were also facial scrubs with Peach, Walnut and Charcoal extracts. Probably some of you already known that for skincare, Vonvon likes masks and scrubs/exfoliators very much.

We saw some really colorful all-in-one cleansers which were designed to remove makeup and cleanse the skin at the same time.

And some whitening creams/packs which according to the instruction, can be used as a makeup base and light coverage foundation.

So there's more interesting stuff for you to check out again today if you are going out! By the way, I have seen them in Watsons Pavilion and Watsons Midvalley Megamall, but not too sure
if other Watsons outlet already have them or not. Do share if you stumble upon this in other Watsons outlets, yea.....

Enjoy your Sunday! Vonvon will be having Italian food buffet for my Sunday brunch! Yummy!


nIcO xie said...

i notice there's new japanese brand product started to selling in watsons.. hehe.. maybe next time i will try some..

Vonvon said...

Hi nico,

This could be it...yea, do check it out and share your thoughts yea...:)

norahs said...

i noticed tht too! i am tempted to try the Daily masks....but i have too many mask to finish before i can do another purchase. Really have to control....if not i forever cannot finish my masks.

Vonvon said...

Norahs, I hear you there! I was eyeing the Daily Masks too, but my sheet masks and cream/gel masks are piling up.....looks like we like masks a lot! :)