Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let's Go To The Beach With Vonvon...... And A FOTD!

What a bright Sunday morning!

With clear blue skies and the sun shining brightly........

Wouldn't it be a nice day to spend at the beach? ;)


Come on.....

Let Vonvon take you To The Beach with her dear MAC (tote)! :D

Let me say again.....this tote is huge and very roomy!
It's made of a sturdy cream-colored thick cotton material with prints of coral on one side (pic above) and a seashell on the other (pic below) in orangey-coral color. The bottom of the bag is strengthened with a vinyl-like material in similar orangey-coral color.
It has 2 carry-on handles which are made of a thick twisted cord, and it has a flap wrapped around the cord on top to make it easier for our hands to carry.

Look at the space inside the tote which is not zippered. But hey, it's beach tote after all!

But there is a small zippered pocket inside the bag.

And a cute little surprise which comes with this tote is the little round green wristlet pouch that is hung around one of the handles.

On one side has a print of a starfish (pic above) while the other is printed with the word MAC (pic below)

The cute little round green wristlet pouch
Hang it around your wrist with MAC Thrills lipstick stored inside (perhaps?) while you take a stroll along the beach...... ;)

To show you how huge and deep this tote is.....
Look how it dwarfed my Dell Purple Passion netbook!!!

The bottom of the tote strengthened with a orangey-coral colored vinyl-like material

I took my beloved MAC (tote) out yesterday on its inaugural the mall, duhh!!! But not To The Beach! ;)

Photo taken, none other than by my little princess!
Well, she still needs some training in photography! ;)

Despite the grey gloomy and rainy weather yesterday (Saturday) morning, I decided to do a MAC To The Beach 'inspired' look using stuff from my stash which may be (or may be not) close dupes of items from the original MAC To The Beach collection. But the main theme of the FOTD is green and orange/coral!
I did green eyes (inspired by Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow; substituted with Rated "R" eyeshadow) with coral blush and orange lips (trying to find a close dupe to Thrills lipstick, but nothing decided on orange). Detailed description of this look in the next post.

Face Of The Day


Lavender said...

I like this green look. very fresh.

Vonvon said...

Thank you, Lavender. :)

Lilian said...

Make-up look is so refreshing and sweet!

PuiSee said...

OMG, I luv them!! (^_^) This MAC's beach edition is so tempting lahh.. Sinfull ;P BTW, ur princess is in process of learning.. She's get it N B good enough 2 B a babe photographer ;)

Vonvon said...

Thank you, Lilian. Guess green is in now :)

Vonvon said...

Awwww...sweetie, pls don't remind me of the sinful (and indulgent) part....I still have a long list.... ;)

You and princess.....guess as the Mommy, I am more critical of her than all the che-che's and aunties who sayang her so much. Thanks Pui See.

gio said...

I love the makeup, greens looks great on you!

Vonvon said...

Thank you, gio! Somehow my basic of keeping shadows light and more on the natural side has not left me. No matter how I tried piling on colors, it would end up quite light. But I am loving greens.....