Friday, May 14, 2010

Shopping Morning & Now Time For My Little Girl's Spa

Busy, busy morning! My little girl woke up with a tantrum because I have forgotten to wash her favorite dress that she had planned to wear today to her spa session with her girlfriends later. Got to get Daddy to pacify her and send her to Grandma's while Mommy went to do some retail therapy.

Was at the Dior sale (Coronade Hotel, 2nd floor).......grabbed some stuff....really good bargain, though by the time I went in mid-morning, quite a number of stuff were sold out already, especially skincare.

Dior quints (eyeshadows): 1 for RM70, 2 for RM130
Lippies: 1 for RM40, 3 for RM100
Some limited edition palettes: don't remember the prices
Eyeliners (Taupe and Graphite only): 1 for RM30, 2 for RM50

Diorsnow Whitening Sheet Masks (box of 6): 1 for RM80, 2 for RM150

Perfume: Fahrenheit, J'Adore EDP limited edition packaging, but I didn't check the price as I wasn't planning on getting.

Just a quick one.......

Then, hopped over to Isetan Lot 10 to grab my early birthday present for myself! Wanna guess what is it?? ;)

Alright, gotta run now.......need to go get my little girl for her spa session with her girlfriends!
I will take photos and upload them later.....


Kat said...

wah...sylvia went for spa? so nice :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Kat,

Yea, she went for nail spa and also hair 'highlight'! Gotta blog about things I indulge her in from time to time.....tell you more when you come back la....