Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Small Haul From The Body Shop Sale 2010 & Some Great Discounts Too

OK, so last year I reported that The Body Shop annual sale was rather disappointing though I scored some really good deals in the form of some gift sets at 70% off plus another 10% for Love Your Body members - The Body Shop membership.

This year, I tried not to give in to temptations when I received the SMS informing me of the sale. On the 1st day of the sale, I saw the outlet in KLCC was literally swarmed by people with basketfuls of goodies and the queue was so long that it stretched out almost into the Concourse area. Curious, I went in to have a look with my little girl but it was just too crowded and super packed that we just left. But not before I managed to have a bird's eyes' view of the discount. ;D

Didn't take down in detail the discounts, but suffice to say that there were many items on 50% and 70% off, including selected products from Raspberry, Wild Cherry, Pomegranate and Peach ranges. Oceanus range has between 30-50% discount and there were also some sets such as the shower gel and EDT. Cassis Rose shower gel twin pack 50% off, so it's like buy 1, get 1 free, but even better for Love your Body members, on top of the 50%, plus another 10% off. The other shower gels' prices have been lowered from RM24.90 to RM19.90 recently, and those also have a 5% off (but not sure if the additional 10% applies or not). Some X'mas gift sets were on 50% off (+10%). Moroccan Rose range from 20-30% off. Even some Aromatherapy and Spa Wisdom ranges of products had 50% off, particularly the travel-sized versions. The full-sized products had discounts between 10-30% off.

That's so much I could remember........
By the way, this coming weekend would be the Maybankard holders (credit and debit cards) special whereby those with any form of Maybankard can get an additional 10% off on top of the discounts stated on the products.

And on last Sunday night after dinner, my little girl and I were strolling in the mall and she, yes, my little girl, decided to pop into a TBS outlet. It wasn't as jam packed as on Friday but it's a different outlet. So we could browse through the stuff. Think TBS should pay my little girl for bringing me into their outlet! ;) Once inside, the temptations just increased.......since I have been wanting to try their Aromatherapy and new (well, not so new by now) Spa Wisdom Japan ranges for a while, but resisted every time as I am in the process of finishing up my existing bath and body products, I decided to get those travel-sized products from these ranges which were on 50% off. Just wanted to try and also trying to justify my spending again :S

So, my little haul..................

There's another gift set which I had bought for my sis' birthday......so I won't be posting up the pic here.....Oppsss....she would know that her birthday gift this year is from TBS. :P
Nay, sis, I got some other stuff for you as well! :)

I had tried the Quiet Night Soothing Shower Cream and Peaceful Body Moisturiser...... scent-wise is OK, the moisturiser had stronger scent than the shower cream (but not the overpowering nor unpleasant kind of scent). The scent is quite mild and soothing, does help in promoting deeper sleep.

If you are a TBS user or would love to try out some stuffs that you haven't previously tried, then I would recommend that you drop by and take a look. This time round, I think their discounts are much better than last year's. Oh yea, their Roseflower eyeshadows and blushes were on 50% off too. And remember, this coming weekend is additional 10% off for for Maybankard holders!

Happy Shopping!!!

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