Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Photos: Eastin Hotel Penang, Malaysia - Duplex Room

A very good evening, and happy mid-week to you! It's Wednesday already? Weekend is fast approaching. Posts have been quite infrequent this week, and I was and still am up to my neck with a thousand and one stuff to do! Managed to get a little breather and edit some photos from my stay at Eastin Hotel Penang, Malaysia.

Didn't put on too much makeup these few days as I am still 'nursing' my break-outs.... by the way, they are getting better with a twice daily application of the Pot Of Gold Skin Balm. Will talk about that later....... But I do have some EOTDs waiting to be shared with you all.

The first night we were there, we checked into a Duplex, thinking it would be spacious enough and sufficient for 3 of us - Hubby, our little girl and myself. Though it's a 2-storey (sort of), but the layout is quite cramped, and our little girl wasn't too happy for the lack of space to run and hop and all her antics, including space for her imaginary friends to play...yes, she brought along her Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to Penang. Somehow, after obtaining Mickey and Minnie, her Pooh Bear and friends have taken a backseat! *shakes head.... kiddos....
Also, Princess couldn't really sleep well in the Duplex. She would normally sleep through the night wherever she sleeps, in her own baby cot, or any hotel baby cot, or bed. Somehow, she woke up several times during the night..... *kinda spooky ;P

So, we stayed one night in the Duplex and for the next 3 nights, we moved into the Family Suite which was much bigger and immediately, Princess' face lit up, and exclaimed, "this is much better! The bed is so nice (referring to the king-sized bed in the master bedroom of the Suite)!" The bed in the Duplex was rather small and cramped.

Anyways, enough of are some photos of the Duplex. Still need to edit photos taken of the Suite, but later, yea? ;)

The lower floor of the Duplex which consists of a living room with a sofa, work desk and a wall-mounted flat screen TV.
You can see how Princess is trying to make herself comfortable by insisting that we lay down some sheet on the sofa while she sits there watching Disney channel. Yea, they have quite a few main Astro channels, Travel & Living, Sports channels for Hubby to watch World Cup, Wah Lai Toi, etc.

The staircase leading up to the upper floor, where the bedroom is.

View of the upper floor and bed taken from the lower floor.

Bedroom and on the far end is the teeny weeny cramped bathroom with a shower stall. There was another bathroom on the lower floor which was way bigger than the one on upper floor.

Upper floor
No need to guess who is rolled and bundled up in the duvet on the right hand side of the photo! ;P

All the 2-storey rooms are located on the 3rd floor, the same floor as the hotel's function rooms and ballroom. I guess they need the high ceiling to make the upper floor of the rooms. There was a balcony-cum-garden which span the whole 3rd floor but unfortunately, we couldn't go out there. I can only take some photos from the window of our room.

And yes, the hotel has free wi-fi in every room but it was such a pain to use, as each time I turned on my netbook, I'd have to key-in the access code. I mean, if you are already providing wi-fi to all the guest rooms, why would you need the guests to key-in access code every time? Can't they just set it that once the guest key-ed in the code then let the code be valid for the duration of stay. And after the guest checks out, disable the code and create a new one for the next guest.
OK, I am no techie, so I am not too sure how these things work, but I just find it rather troublesome.

Anyways, bet most of you are already off work or about to go off work, so have a good evening and drive safely! :)


☆Anastacia☆ said...

The room looks so sweet!
awe! my son can't sleep on other places too :(

Vonvon said...

The room is quite nice.

I understand....I think when kids grow up, they become more choosy and fussy over lots of things, including where to sleep, what to wear, etc. :)

Foxy Frangipani said...

Thanks for the post Von! :)
Wah din expect Eastin to have duplex unit le..

Vonvon said...

You are welcome, Foxy. I was quite surprised too when I checked out their website before making reservation, that's why decided to try it. And their Suite is also a duplex, actually, the size of 2 Duplexes.

Sherry said...

this can be your dream home :D

Vonvon said...

Sherry, may be dream holiday home. :) But I prefer the family suite as it's more spacious. :D