Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photos: Hauls & Pressies; And A Little Update On Myself

A very good morning, my dear readers!

Updates been late, and scarce since the past few days............. well, just been busy........

Was helping Hubby these few days run some errands as he is embarking on some big project this weekend.

And yesterday I just didn't have the time to post anything as my sis was flying off, so had a quick lunch with her before she flew off.....managed to battle through the crazy KL traffic and got her to KL Sentral on time to catch her bus to the airport. Actually I was thinking of sending her to the airport, but with my little girl whining in the car, I thought it's better not to drive such a long way to the airport and back with a whining child. Huh.....

Then last night, since my girl had been cranky and whiny the whole day, Hubby and I decided to take her prawn-fishing! Yes, you heard me right, we went fishing for prawns! And boy, did her eyes light up and from a cranky child, she transformed into a laughing squealing and even squirming child, each time we caught a prawn! :D

OK, enough of some updates on my life......:)

Just a quick photo post as in 10 minutes, I'll have to take her to her music lesson............

Not been hauling much lately, but here's my little haul from the Dior warehouse sale last month, and my long-awaited Guerlain Meteorites Miniatures Collection which I have been longing and dying to get. Now I have all the 3 Meteorites, albeit in miniature form.

Then, I have also received some gifts as belated birthday pressies.......

Here you are..............

Dior warehouse sale haul


Finally, I have the Guerlain Meteorites in all 3 shades
Edit (June 3, 2010 at 10:34PM): Actually Hubby got this from duty-free at Beijing airport and it cost around RMB459 (about RM220). Just want to clarify as a reader has thought I bought this at the sale. Sorry for creating some confusion earlier.


Speaking of good customer service and gaining customer loyalty, here are some gifts I received from different brands for my birthday month...............

As a Sephora Beauty Insider, I received an email from Sephora to collect my birthday gift which Hubby helped me collect.

Closer to home, Clinique sent me a birthday card with a makeover voucher inside and also a letter to redeem this manicure set.

This was a cute & sweet little totally-unexpected surprise from Nature In A Box.

And last but not least, clothes and accessories.....belated birthday pressies from my dear sis.
I also got myself some dresses.
They are from The MOD House and Phenomenal. It's my first time trying clothes from The MOD House but my dear sis loves their clothes and insisted on getting me some. Thanks so much, sis! :) Indeed they are quite good-looking clothes, one of them was the peach/coral-colored one I wore with the MAC To The Beach look. The rest of the clothes.....I will post them up here as I wear them.
And I also like Phenomenal clothes. Suits me and my style a lot. Have quite a number of pieces from them.

Meanwhile, have a nice day, everyone!!!


PiNk pRiNcEss said...

wow love the guerlain meteorites!!! how much is it??? would really love to buy it :)

Chris said...

u are so lucky von!
just curious, you are so blessed with so many cosmetics products, and each with 3-5 lifespan, what do you do with so much of them?

Happy belated birthday again!
My bday this month and learning fr you, i am gonna to pamper myself a lil after my MBA final papers next week:)

Vonvon said...

Hi Pink Princess,

If I am not mistaken, it's RMB459 (Chinese Yuan), about RM220, as it's from the Beijing airport duty-free. It should be available at airport duty-free.

This one does not come with the Meteorite brush, but I read from Make4All, that the European/US version comes with the brush.

Vonvon said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks. I use them as much as I can, and I share some with my aunt and sis.

Happy Birthday in advance. Yes, you really deserve to pamper yourself, taking care of your 2 girls and studying for your MBA is really lots of hard work. Go ahead, spa, facial...etc.

T.H said...

good haul, I ban myself shopping cosmetics. haha.. don't wear that much and some more I have other not finished.better shop for my kid and his fees!!

dont understand why JB, Malacca kindy fees cheap but here $$$$$

Witoxicity said...

Happy belated birthday! So many lovely goodies and pressies! That's so much fun. And that manicure set from Clinique looks soooo classy, especially in the white case.

Have a good weekend! :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

You can finish your current makeup first, then splurge on new ones.

Yes, I agree that kindie and childcare fees are very expensive in KL and PJ. May be the cost of living in other states are lower, hence cheaper fees?? I am not too sure.

Vonvon said...

Hi Witoxicity,

Thank you for your comment and following my blog. Following yours now.

And thanks for the belated birthday wishes too. :)

Yes, I was a bit shocked when I saw the manicure set. But happy, of course.

Had a great weekend. How was yours?