Friday, June 4, 2010

Review: Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions(TM) Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50/PA+++ - The Sunscreen Of My Dream!

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PABA-Free, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Colour-Free

I am almost finishing the first tube of my beloved Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions(TM) Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50/PA+++ (from now on, will be referred to as UV50 in this post).

Initially, I was using it quite generously for about 2 weeks, squeezing out a sizable amount (equivalent to about the size of a cluster of 3-4 peas) which was more than enough to cover my face, neck and ears.

Anyways, after 2 weeks of generous usage, I realized that the tube is getting lighter and lighter and I was like....."Oh NO!!....So fast finishing??" Well, it wasn't a lot to begin with. It's only a 30ml tube (1.0 fl. oz.).

So what's the big deal in finishing a sunscreen? Well, this is not your ordinary sunscreen, OK?

Vonvon says.........

It's everything that I could ask for in a sunscreen...........

- Ultra lightweight fluid texture vs. the usual thick-ish milky creamy texture of some sunblock;
- Once applied, it's translucent vs. some sunblocks which leave a layer of opaque film or those white cast associated with sunscreen application;
- Non-greasy giving a matte finish vs. some which leave you looking like oil-slick;
- Because it absorbs quickly after application, it does not interfere with my makeup application vs. some which make my foundation appears streaky and does not last.

- Does not clog my pores;
- No break out from it (well, at least for me);
- Broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays with high level of photostable sun filters, Mexoryl SX(TM) and Mexoryl XL(TM). And because these 2 sun filters are photostable, it means that duration of sun protection offered is more long-lasting, with less frequent repeated application needed;
- High level of anti-oxidant, Vitamin E;
- No typical sunscreen scent, but a hint of fresh scent;
- Contains glycerin for moisturizing effect. Glycerin is a humectant which draws moisture from the air to moisturize the skin. Moisturized skin appears brighter too!

I have used this sunscreen on top of my moisturizer; and also just on its own without prior application of a moisturizer. Either way, my skin feels just as moisturized. Perhaps, with a moisturizer, and when I was outdoor and sweating quite a bit, my skin turned slightly oily but my skin especially on the T-zone turned oily when I am out and about, anyways. So this doesn't really bother me. But without a moisturizer underneath, I noticed that my skin appeared less oily.

And because of its glycerin content and humectant effect, my skin experienced a cooling sensation when applying the UV50. It absorbed into the skin fast, leaving my skin smooth and also brighter (as you can see in the comparison photos below).

After using UV50 diligently for 2 weeks initially, I noticed that my skin did appear to be less dull. While the existing sun spots on my face did not fade away, I did not notice any new emerging spots. Also, 2 weeks is a considerably short time to observe such changes.

And while I don't get sunburn easily, due to the fact that I shun the Sun like a plague especially during the peak times from 10AM to 3-4PM, the areas around my cheeks tend to become red when exposed to the sun. With UV50, this problem seems to have lessened, which I think is from the sun protection offered by UV50!

Oh, you must be wondering what happened to the tube of UV50 after Week 2? Well, I use it more sparingly, of course. On days when I am in a hurry, I'd skip my moisturizer and proceed to just use UV50 and it's good to keep my skin moisturized. BUT PLEASE do NOT do this on purpose every time. I'd say use your own judgment as you know your skin the best! :)

I also reserve the use of UV50 for days when I know I will be spending more time outdoor under the hot blazing sun, which thankfully, these days aren't too many. ;) I am more of an indoor kind of person.

Even then, the content in my 30ml tube is fast depleting.........*sob and sniffles....... Why is Vonvon sad?? Because it costs a whopping RM140 for a little 30ml tube!!! That's why!

My 4LOVE for UV50:
  • LOVE Texture
  • LOVE Moisturizing
  • LOVE No white cast
  • LOVE Scentless

Just a little extra.......

Speaking of Kiehl's, I was at KLCC earlier and saw a shoplot on the Lower Ground floor under renovation. And it's a Kiehl's stand-alone store opening soon! On the poster, it says Opening June 2010. Hmmm.....looking forward to it!

Have a good weekend!


Sherry said...

used alone Sunscreen.. x try before.

happy weekend to you & family.

Sherry said...

me using the clinique still got half tube I used 30spf as 50spf SA says too strong for me.

gio said...

Thanks for the review. It sounds pretty amazing. I will have to try once my current sunscreen runs out.

Vonvon said...

Hi Sherry,

Thank you. How was your weekend?

Sunscreen with SPF 50 may be a bit thick or too rich for some people, but a lot depends on one's skin type too.

Vonvon said...

You are most welcome, gio! Would love to hear your thoughts on it after you try it out. :)

Jacqueline said...

I've been wanting to try this sunscreen, thanks for the review dear.

Vonvon said...

You are welcome, Jacqueline.

Thanks for dropping by and your comment. :)