Monday, June 21, 2010

Swatches & Reviews Of Some Lancome Palettes

I have wanted to post this for a while, but somehow just kept putting it off for other posts. Since I started Vonvon's Palettes series last Monday, I thought of featuring at least a palette from my collection every week. That, of course, would be dependent on how hardworking or lazy I am to come up with looks from the palettes and in editing the photos. ;)

Today, the palettes I am featuring do not belong to me. So, not calling the post Vonvon's Palettes. These palettes are actually quite new when my beauty buddy stumbled upon them, but as I have procrastinated, as always, so they have been around for quite some time.

Nevertheless, I decided to write about them as these palettes are simply gorgeous, though the shades take on a more neutral yet classy tones. And the quality of the shadows in terms of its texture and pigmentation, is very good. They are far more superior than the Lancome eyeshadow palettes from the Spring 2010 O My Rose Collection.

Lancome D'Or Et D'Exces (G20) Eyeshadow Quad

This was the palette which I had requested the Lancome makeup artist to use for my makeover, as I am so in love with the yellow-gold shade. I just have something for yellow and gold tone eyeshadows. :)
The shadows are soft and smooth, applied with minimal fall-out. They have very fine glitters in them but do not give the gritty feel. The pigmentation is good, and also buildable for more intensity. The silvery white shade is good for highlighting and inner corners of the eyes. The black with tiny glitters can be used as a liner too.

Lancome Roses Des Sables (F30) Eyeshadow Quad

A neutral earthy tone palette. The shadow qualities are similar to that of the G20 palette (above).

Lancome Intemporel Smoky (G10) Eyeshadow Quad

This grey tone palette is, as the name has suggested, good for smoky look. The textures of the shadows is soft and smooth, imparting a slightly 'wet' feel.

Lancome Neo Chic (F25) Eyeshadow Quad

This is my second favorite palette after G20, as the pink shade is just so lovely - a rather neutral shade of pink, that can be used for highlighting, to brighten the inner corners of the eyes and/or even as a shadow on its own. Well, at least, for me, that's how I would multi-task with it if I own this palette. But the light brown shade (lower left) is slightly hard in texture and feels a bit chalky, and it's almost a matte finish. The rest of the 3 shadows are on the lighter sheerer side, but they are smooth and easy to apply, and also buildable.

Overall, all of them are very good and versatile palettes to have. And at RM140 per palette, though a bit steep, is still quite worth it, in my opinion, as all the shades in every quad are so wearable on its own or pair them with one another or you can easily mix and match them with existing shadows you already have. Even if you are a newbie to makeup, these palettes, especially Roses Des Sables (F30) and/or Neo Chic (F25), are good to start with, as these are the so-called 'safe' colors, easy to apply, blend and match with other shades....and it's difficult to go wrong with such shades.

If you would like me to make EOTDs with any of the palettes above, please do let me know. I don't own any of these at the moment, but I can always try to borrow from my beauty buddies (if they happen to have them). ;)

By the way, these palettes are permanent, as I was told. So, I am in no hurry to get them. But MAC In The Groove Collection will be out soon....and again, I am saving up for my beloved dear MAC. My love for MAC conquers all.........despite that I like the Lancome palettes so much too! :D


☆Anastacia☆ said...

OMG!!! What a nice shades! All the colors looks very nice and neutral and wearable! Love those light shimmer to them!

gio said...

These palettes are really lovely. The colors are so safe and wearable for any occasion. My favourite is the first one, that yellow/gold shade is stunning!

Pop Champagne said...

that's cool, the pink shade is quite lovely. The colors all look like something you can wear everyday :)

Vonvon said...

Anastacia, yes, the shades are very classic and suitable for any occasion, just as gio said. :)

Vonvon said...

Gio, I like the golden yellow too! Wish they would come out with a single of that shade.

Vonvon said...

Pop Champagne, yep, love shades like these that can be worn on their own or mix and match them.

Vonvon said...
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