Friday, July 2, 2010

Back In KL & Some Updates

Good morning, my dear readers! Another weekend is here.....

I came back to KL late last night with the rest of my family after doing everything that was needed to be done for my grandma. There was a lot of sadness, of course, but at the same time, we also celebrated her long life and that she lived till she saw her great-grand-child. In our moments of sorrow, many relatives pointed that out to us and yes, grandma is survived by many children, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, grandson-in-law and her beloved lovely great-grand-daughter.

And after her funeral yesterday, it rained and quickly followed by bright sunshine and then rainbows, not one rainbow, but we all saw double rainbows. Many people told us that it's really auspicious. And it's really the most beautiful rainbow I have ever I can see each and every color of the rainbow so clearly....not overlapping of the colors, just exact RED-ORANGE-YELLOW-GREEN-BLUE-INDIGO-VIOLET. Never have I seen such rainbow with all the 7 colors present. :)

So back in town....had a good night's rest. Just taking things easy today. Didn't prepare any post for today. So I guess I'll present my guest writer for a few days to you.....and hopefully I will come up with some posts soon. Actually I have so many things to write about and share with you, my dear readers. :D

Have a nice day and good weekend ahead!

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