Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Beauty Apprentice Reviews MAC To The Beach Thrills Lipstick, And Speaks On Some Of MAC's Bestselling Lipsticks!

My guest writer, The Beauty Apprentice, has been on a long hiatus and now, the greatest MAC Addict who is also a good friend of mine, is back! Well, The Beauty Apprentice's foray into MAC started way back in 1995!!! Yes, you read me right! Her love affair with MAC dates back to 15 years ago!

Hmmm.......let's see.....where was Yours Truly, 15 years ago? Just a nerdy-looking schoolgirl who spent most of her time dissecting frogs and white mice in the lab, peering through the microscope.....whose knowledge of makeup was limited to only applying lipgloss and sunblock (that's not even makeup!).

Anyways, I'll let The Beauty Apprentice tell you about the wide range of MAC lipsticks' finishes and her review of Thrills lipstick from MAC To The Beach Collection.


I have been requested to write a review of Thrills which is a limited edition (LE) lipstick from MAC’s very popular Summer 2010 To the Beach Collection. (pic below)

Let's speak a bit about MAC lipsticks in general.....

I am sure all you MAC devotees out there will know that MAC has one of the largest range of lipsticks' finishes available in the market. The types of lipstick finishes available from MAC are Frost, Lustre, Satin, Amplified, Amplified Creme, Glaze and Matte.

Personally, my choice of colours of MAC lipsticks have somehow "evolved" throughout the years. When I started using MAC, I used to like Mocha (Finish: Satin), and then I moved on to one of MAC’s all time best sellers and a global favourite, Twig (Finish: Satin). At that time, MAC’s range of colours and finishes, although not as large as what is available today, was considered "revolutionary" in the beauty industry as no other brand had such a wide range of colours and finishes. Believe it or not, Twig is still a bestselling global favourite, even after all these years! For awhile after that, it used to be Chic (Finish: Frost) and then it was Cosmo (Finish: Amplified).

After that, it was a toss-up between Mari-sheeno (Finish: Lustre) and Ramblin’ Rose (Finish: Frost) for a long time until Marisheeno got discontinued. Marisheeno is my personal MAC all time favourite lipstick. It was an Asia exclusive colour which I believe was launched some time in 2004. Nevertheless, I hope that MAC will bring it back and repromote it in one of their collections someday! Since then I have also tried two Cremesheen lipsticks from MAC, namely Fanfare and On Hold.

*You can see the hand and lip swatches of all the lipsticks mentioned above (in Bold letters) on Vonvon's hand and lips below, except Mari-Sheeno, which I have linked to Temptalia Gallery for the photo.

Review on THRILLS.......

The finish of the MAC Thrills lipstick is Frost. Its colour is described on the MAC website as a "rosy copper with gold pearl". To me, the Thrills lipstick looks very orangy-golden cum reddish-brown in colour, which, I believe, is a colour which suitable for all types of skin tones,
from fair to medium to dark. As to be expected from a MAC lipstick, it is highly pigmented and the colour pay-off is very good indeed. When applied, it goes on very smoothly. It is somewhat similar to my current favourite from MAC’s permanent collection, Ramblin’ Rose, which is also a Frost.

On the MAC website, Ramblin’ Rose is described as a "pinky coral rose". Ramblin’ Rose is less orangy-brown when compared with Thrills.

Since Thrills lipstick is a limited edition (LE) lipstick, do grab it whilst you can before it is all sold out.

Price: RM65.00 Weight: 3g
Available at all MAC Free Standing Stores and MAC Counters (provided that the collection is not entirely sold out!!)

To save money and also do your bit to save the environment, under the Back to MAC recycling programme, you can also save six (6) of your MAC empty containers and swap them for any MAC lipstick from the permanent collection. By the way, all the MAC Viva Glam lipsticks are excluded from this recycling programme.

What is your favourite MAC lipstick?
Has any of your favourite MAC lipstick colours been discontinued?
Do you wish that MAC would bring those colours back or even make them permanent?
Do let us know.

The Beauty Apprentice

Swatches of the lipsticks mentioned above on hand and lips made by Vonvon:

Vonvon's bare lips for comparison

MAC Lipstick in MOCHA (Satin)

MAC Lipstick in TWIG (Satin)

MAC Lipstick in CHIC (Frost)

MAC Lipstick in COSMO (Amplified)

MAC Lipstick in RAMBLIN' ROSE (Frost)

MAC Lipstick in FANFARE (Cremesheen)

MAC Lipstick in ON HOLD (Cremesheen)


☆Anastacia☆ said...

What a great review! you amaze me with each your post! Very interesting and informative!

Vonvon said...

Thank you, Anastacia!

This post is by my guest writer who is very knowledgeable about all things MAC. :)

Blair said...

I didn't use skincare (except for facial cleanser) 15 years ago, so makeup is completely out of the question! LOL

I own Ramblin’ Rose, and I feel like using it tomorrow after reading The Beauty Apprentice's thoughts on it =]

gio said...

Thanks for the great reviews and swatches. I think the lipsticks are one of the best products MAC makes. You really tempted to buy more but they're so pricey here.

Vonvon said...

Hi Blair,

LOL....luckily, back then, I managed to 'steal' some of my mom's lippies to use. ;)

So, did you use Ramblin' Rose after reading TBA's thoughts?

Vonvon said...

You're most welcome, gio! It's our pleasure.

I am tempted myself too after swatching so many of eyeing Chic and On Hold! Already had Thrills and loving it.