Friday, July 23, 2010

The Intrepid Beauty Shares Her Favorite MAC Cosmetics Lipglasses

My guest writers who are both die-hard MAC Addicts, just as Your Truly, have fallen heads over heels with MAC lippies, and have been so for the longest time I could imagine. The Intrepid Beauty will share 2 of her favorite MAC Lipglasses with you today. (Yours Truly is more crazy over MAC Eyeshadows more than anything else! :D )


My very first MAC Cosmetics purchase was almost half a decade ago which was also when I "discovered" the joys of MAC's products. I purchased 2 MAC Tinted Lipglasses, i.e. Lust & Lovechild. Both colours are very neutral yet nicely pigmented and are great for people like me who stay away from red and pinks. I'm more inclined towards plum, copper, rose and coral tones for lip colours. On, Lust is described as a "soft muted pink" (it looks more a really nude shade to me) and Lovechild is described as a "coppered plum" which is very appropriate.

MAC Lipglass in LUST and swatch

MAC Lipglass in LOVECHILD and swatch

*See swatches of both Lipglasses on Vonvon's lips below

In the past few years, I have repurchased these colours as they suit me well and "Lust" is for those days when I just want a very natural look. "Lovechild" is for days when I want a stronger yet still natural look. I love MAC's lipglasses as they are affordable (before the price increase on 1st July, they were RM63, now it's still affordable at RM65), have a huge variety of colours and they last for a minimum of 3 months with daily usage. Some people may find MAC's lipglasses too sticky and some may be averse to the vanilla scent but because I've used the lipglasses for so many years, I've become accustomed to the texture and scent.

Both "Lust" and "Lovechild" are very flattering on my fair skin tone but I believe these are shades that will also suit those with darker skin. As for lasting power, MAC's lipglasses don't disappoint me. Of course I have to reapply after a meal but at least they don't fade on me after a few hours unlike some other brands' lip glosses which fade after just one hour and that's without me having taken a sip of water or a bite of anything. I'm not talking about drugstore brands either, which is why I've always gone back to MAC's lipglasses.

Thanks to MAC's lipglasses containing Jojoba Oil, my lips always feel moisturized and soft. Applying the lipglasses is like giving my lips a boost of hydration, another reason I am addicted to these lipglasses over other brands' lip glosses. I've also purchased lipglasses which are limited edition and wished they were in the permanent collection.

Few things in life are for certain but one thing I know for sure is that I can't live without at least one MAC lipglass in my possession!!

The Intrepid Beauty

Swatches on Vonvon's lips

MAC Lipglass in LUST


Vonvon's bare lips for comparison


gio said...

Those are really nice shades, very natural and wearable.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Awe! The Lovechild looks very adorable!

Vonvon said...

Thanks, gio!

Vonvon said...

Anastacia, Lovechild is also my favorite of the 2 shades. It gave a lovely subtle berry tone to my lips. Can't really capture it under yellow lighting though.