Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Favorite L'oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Quad: Magic Amber - By The Intrepid Beauty

The Intrepid Beauty is not quite a drugstore brand person when it comes to cosmetics. But L'oreal Paris with its new Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Eyeshadow Palettes had her going crazy and the craziness spread to me, that's why you have Vonvon starting her EOTD Marathon with all the 4 palettes from this range! :D

The palette that caught her eyes from this range is the MAGIC AMBER!


When it comes to cosmetics, I've never been that much into drugstore brands. The last eyeshadow palette from a drugstore I purchased was the Revlon "Not Just Nudes" creme eyeshadows and that was many years ago. Thus, it came as a surprise to me that L'oreal's Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Quads stopped me in my tracks when I was browsing in Watson's recently. For starters, the packaging itself wasn't flimsy and felt heavy, like a really good quality palette. The only thing that could have made it better was the inclusion of a proper mirror instead of the small mirror where the dual ended sponge applicator was placed. However, that could bump up the price by quite a bit.

I swatched all 4 of the Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Quads and was smitten by Magic Amber. It had the best color pay-off and the warm colors of Magic Amber and Addictive Yellow (refer to the photo of the palette below) were the deciding factor, they are just such cheerful colors. I usually stay away from yellow eyeshadows as I'm not fond of yellow as a color. The Addictive Yellow color was a color I could live with, so it's very rare that I could like a yellow eyeshadow that much. This is a yellow shade for people who don't like yellow in anything! I could tell how well Magic Amber and Addictive Yellow complemented each other. The colors in this quad are perfect for creating daytime looks and each of the colors can be paired with any eyeshadows of similar colors.

From left to right: Open Highlighter, Magic Amber, Addictive Yellow, Open Deep Brown

I am less enthusiastic about the Open Deep Brown color since I didn't think I'd have much use for it. I know it can be used as an eyeliner or to apply at the outermost corner of the eyes but even so, it's a color I can do without. The Open Highlighter shade is very useful and I do like this highlighter a lot as it can be used together with any other eyeshadow in my collection. One can never have too many highlighter shades, in my opinion.

For a drugstore eyeshadow brand, I'm impressed with the pigments in the eyeshadows. I feel that they are on par with some famous counter brands and that was a selling point too for me. The eyeshadows apply smoothly enough and blend easily, so well in fact that they are quite intense even without the need for an eyeshadow primer/base. Of course the texture of these eyeshadows isn't as smooth as some counter brands but considering that these quads are from a drugstore brand, I have to say it's already very good. I purchased my Magic Amber Quad at Guardian Pharmacy for RM37.90 which is a bargain considering the original price is RM45.90.

The Intrepid Beauty


☆Anastacia☆ said...

So nice quad! All those colors looks very great! Especially the Addictive Yellow is so gorgeous! It's gonna looks very pretty on your eyes!

gio said...

The palette looks very pretty. The colors are nice and pigmented and it looks like a great palette to create natural and safe everyday looks.

Vonvon said...

Thanks Anastacia. I did a look with it in one of the EOTD Marathons. Will definitely play more with it. :)

And I like Addictive Yellow too.

Vonvon said...

Yes, gio, they are bright and colorful yet slightly different from the normal neutrals and earth tones we usually see, IMO. And definitely great for everyday look.